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Accutool Ltd. is a company, offering precision engineering solutions to manufacturing companies. In 2015, Accutool celebrated its 30th anniversary and looks back on a long tradition of producing high quality engineering solutions. Today, there are two manufacturing sites of Accutool. The main 17,000 square feet manufacturing site and their precision engineering facility is located in Plato Business Park Dublin 15. In addition to the main location, Accutool also holds a 7,000 square feet welding and fabricating workshop in Unidare Industrial Estate in Dublin 11.  The central location in Ireland’s capitol gives Accutool the opportunity to make use of Dublin’s good infrastructure and therefore Accutool can offer quick lead times and competitive prices at the same time. Most of their customers, being located in England, Wales, central Europe and the USA, are serviced from Dublin, Cork and Newry. Accutool states its value proposition as following: “We at Accutool provide multi national manufacturing companies with the total engineering experience offering 3D design, assembly and test, tool making, CNC machining, fabricating, metal finishing, ultra sonic cleaning, laser marking and sourcing of chain supply parts.”

Sectors and products:                                                                                                            Accutool offers CAD design, CNC milling and turning, ultrasonic cleaning and finishing services and welding and fabricating. All processes enable Accutool to add value to the customer’s products. Over the years, millions of Accutool manufactured items have been used in orthopaedic joint replacements, aircraft engines, defence robots, electronic process equipment, test equipment, medical diagnostics equipment and in the renewable energy sector. Their main focus lies on producing engineering solutions for customers no matter what sector the client is in.

In the Bio Pharma, Accutool provides engineering solutions to clean rooms, sterilization departments, purification areas, laboratories and in general spaces that require welding to GMP due to hygienic reasons. These custom designed high-quality GMP welded products save Accutool’s customers potential losses of millions of Euros, preventing bacteria from spreading and contaminating sterile places. For example, Accutool manufactures product blending machines and workstations, process and packaging equipment, shadow boards and modification parts for clean rooms. Since these products need high standard materials, Accutool works with different types of stainless steel and plastics like Acetyl, PEEK and CPVC.

Manufacturing medical implants for more than 15 years, Accutool gained a lot of experience in this sector. To start with the materials, Accutool is supplied with fine raw materials like Titanium and Cobalt Chrome from approved international vendors. These materials require a segregated storage area. The difficult validation process has been overcome with the introduction of a suite of medical implant components in production. Accutool offers validated machines in their medical production cell and they can validate the materials with the following processes: CNC milling and turning, laser marking, heat treatment, grit blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, Computer Measuring Machine (CMM) and quality checking.


The work that Accutool does requires high standards within the manufacturing process. The high production standard has also been accredited by NSAI. Since 1994, Accutool produces within ISO 9000 standard and it has been updated to ISO 9001:2008 over the years. In addition, they constantly try to improve their production process by applying techniques for quality control such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), only to mention two techniques. Moreover, Accutool’s machines are validated and calibrated at regular intervals to guarantee their proper functioning. By applying the quality control techniques and by checking the machines, a continuous improvement process is monitored.

Future vision and statement:                                                                                                      

Talking about the future of Accutool and especially the opportunities and the challenges that Accutool will face, Accutool’s owner Frank stated: “We at Accutool have been constantly working on a very high level and we have been consistently improving our working methods to add value to our customer’s products. In the coming years, Accutool and the whole engineering world will face some big challenges including the advance of digitalisation and more competition through globalisation. However, our ambition to maintain and improve the recent standards through hard work, combined with our long experience and ability to adapt to new situations will enable us to master these challenges. In addition, we will soon make more capital investments in new machines and in our workers’ training. All in all, we see the coming years as a big chance for us to put more focus on subjects like the extension of our sustainability policy and to get further experience in emerging sector.

 “The special service that Accutool offers is to custom built clean line baskets.”

We at Accutool provide multi national manufacturing companies with the total engineering experience offering 3D design, assembly and test, tool making, CNC machining, fabricating, metal finishing, ultra sonic cleaning, laser marking and sourcing of chain supply parts.”



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