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PanelPilotACE Display Capabilities Extended

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique software and hardware display platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and control monitoring displays – without writing code.


EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.  The EFK-F and EFG-F versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy.


Simply modernize your high-performance computing, enterprise, and cloud applications for faster, scalable, and portable parallel code

New whitepaper highlights ‘perfect storm’ holding back true potential of filtration efficiency

A lack of technological innovation and the overlooking of filtration’s importance within process development is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for inefficiency, according to BPE.

The company, a UK leader in chemical and biochemical engineering design, has published a new whitepaper looking into the subject. It argues that two key factors have come together to create a formula for inefficiency within manufacturing that uses filtration within its processes.

Author Noel Quigley, who was recently announced as BPE’s new managing director, says that addressing both elements could see huge benefits for manufacturers, including increased efficiency and process robustness.

BPE says that filtration is largely overlooked during the development of new processes, particularly in scale-up projects, and can become a major obstacle in scaling up new processes from the lab to commercial plant.

Noel says: “Across all industrial sectors, there is a requirement for some form of solid-liquid separation. Regardless of scale or whether the solids are a valuable product or an unwanted waste stream, precision separation of the solid and liquid streams is usually a critical step in the process. It is therefore curious that during development of new processes, this step is largely overlooked.”

The second factor that BPE’s whitepaper identifies is a lack of technology development to transcend sector and scale boundaries. Noel explains: “Development of filtration technology has also typically been driven by vendors responding to specific market opportunities. This results in technology that tends to be limited by scale, industry sector or process duty, with little/no research into application outside of these constraints.

“Consequently, the scale-up of filtration processes is typically limited to catalogue engineering reusing the same technology already prevalent within the sector, often creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies that could be removed through application of better technology.”

The whitepaper, entitled ‘Filtration – The Forgotten Process’ goes on to explore the challenges involved in pushing filtration to the next level, including flow prediction calculations and getting the right pressure and resistance for the batch size.

It also looks into continuous filtration, which provides a smaller footprint, lower costs and greater opportunities for process control as manufacturers scale up.

BPE is making the whitepaper available to anyone for free as part of its mission to share best practise with the industry. The company plans to issue several whitepapers throughout 2018 and is keen to hear feedback from other process engineers to help mould new approaches and move the industry forward.

To get hold of a copy visit

T: 01962 7170070

Zimmer Group : Automation Specialists

Zimmer Group Ltd was established in 1980 in Rheinau-Freistett by brothers, Martin and Günther Zimmer. With the company’s HQ based in Germany, Zimmer Group  specialise in the manufacturing of automation products. Their industry sector is quite expansive, as they provide services in automation, placing them in a bigger spectrum.  Zimmer Group Ltd offers bespoke and dedicated application engineering solutions; they merged and consolidated their company in 2013.

TGF600 Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Syngas

Syngas or ‘synthesis gas’ is a combination of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, small quantities of carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Syngas is the result of gasification of various carbon-containing fuels to produce a gaseous product with heating value. This is what we know as Syngas. Thermal mass flow meters are the most suitable flow meters for Syngas.


EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.  The EFK-F and EFG-F versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy.

Solving corrosion with science, together we can do it.

Your choice of hydraulic and Instrumentation tubing for your project may not seem critical, but it does make a major difference in eliminating unnecessary risks. No unscheduled downtime – No leaks- Zero accidents- and immediate support, if you need it- It’s what we call The Sandvik Peace of Mind Standard.

Over 30 years worth of experience to deliver the ultimate filtration solutions.

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 31 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors including the Food and Beverage industry.

Achieve a Masters and work towards Chartered Engineer status.

As well as demonstrating your expertise within the sector, Chartership may also increase your earning potential and career opportunities.

Rack Mount AC-DC UPS Series from Powersolve provides up to 300Watts DC output power

 Power supply specialist Powersolve announces the PFD Series, a “no break” power system designed to provide constant DC power without interruption. These are 1U, 19in rack mount units designed to provide 12, 24 or 48VDC from an input voltage of 180 to 264VAC (50/60Hz).

Empteezy is the home of quality engineered spill containment and spill control products

Our overriding aim is to help you comply with legislation and implement best practice in connection with your oil and chemical storage needs, spill response programmes (including spill kits, emergency safety shower and tank shower applications) and waste handling projects.

New Waste Water metering solution from Micronics

Micronics announce the launch of a new Waste Water meter solution to the issue of the challenge of non-return to sewer allowances! The new meter provides a cost effective and reliable solution for measuring the flow in waste water pipes to facilitate billing by metered as opposed to estimated or assumed waste water outflow.

EFACS E/8 adapts to the world of hazardous chemicals

Vickers Laboratories is a family-owned, UK-based company, making a wide range of chemicals for markets including primary and secondary education and pharmaceuticals, plus specialist niches like monitoring, measuring and contact lenses. Due to some products being classified as dangerous goods, the company has to work in a highly regulated environment and its IT system has to conform to this.

Programmable, modular, multifunctional and cost-saving.

Schmersal is not only a manufacturer of safety components, but also a system supplier. In developing the new PROTECT PSC1, we have taken a big step forward in the field of control technology.

Casting Without Tooling Supports Process Development

How can you source metal castings for new process development without first committing to costly tooling? For the past 20 years Digital Echo Ltd has been the UK’s lead specialist in 3D printing casting patterns and has the largest capacity in Europe for high definition pattern production – facilitating bespoke & prototype castings through to low volume production of complex forms all without the need for production tooling.

Advance conveyor investment benefits warehouse productivity at Andrew James

Investment in an automated pick and sortation solution from leading UK conveyor manufacturer, Advance Automated Systems, has helped online retailer, Andrew James UK, increase warehouse productivity by optimising the flow of goods at their new distribution centre.

cMT-HDMI provides built-in support for remote monitoring

One of the newest members of the Weintek cMT Series family is the cMT-HDMI, which inherits all the rich HMI functionality found throughout the series. Without a touchscreen and LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit can work with screens of any size & resolution, so screen size is no longer limited by HMI manufacturers. The cMT-HDMI can also allow touch control via USB connection, which can be, for example, an industrial touchscreen display with USB interface, or a USB mouse. The cMT-HDMI is compact and well suited to many applications taking up a small amount of space in your control panel.

Our refreshed website is now Live!

We’re delighted to announce that our totally refreshed website is now live!

We’ve given it a complete new lease of life to keep the information clean, concise and easy to navigate.



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Richard Chambers is internationally recognized for his products, which are either unique or the best in the world, covering most areas in industry and transport, and also private areas..

For friction reduction, SX-6000 is the only product in the world with high density PTFE, which, added to any oil system, produces a coating on the friction surfaces with 0.02 coefficient of friction. (Next best 0.04). Cost reduction comes from the reduced friction, and wear reduction is certified to be up to 88%, on the road and in the works. In vehicle engines an oil-saving of 50% is also normal.

Nova Lift Company Ltd are pleased to announce that we are the sole distributors of PEGA Products within the UK.

PEGA design, manufacture and supply globally, world class construction hoists and permanent industrial lifts to meet the needs of any project including the supply of super highspeed hoists for the construction of the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the highest building in the world.

Working in Confined Space and Local Exhaust Ventilation

The combination of dependable power and practical design makes the Miniveyor Air VAF series fans and ventilators from VAF Air Ltd the professional choice for portable dust and fume extraction.



Buying an ERP system used to be a major capital expense, potentially running to tens of thousands of pounds for an up and running system. The cost of the software purchase and associated consultancy made it a hugely considered financial outlay.

Endure™ Turbine Oil (6481-6482)

Formulated specifically for use in gas combustion turbines, Endure™ Turbine Oil features highly refined base oils and proprietary additive technology.