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Hydrogen Measurement in Isomerization Unit

At a refinery in California, the thermal onductivity analyzer previously used for measuring recycle hydrogen on the isomerization unit was obsolete and had been out of service for over 15 years. The site engineers were tasked with finding the most efficient, state of the art means for hydrogen measurement to replace the outdated analyzer.

Introducing the ICE-LBG-SR Super Rotation Load Ring

RUD are proud to be the first manufacturer & supplier of offer this truly innovative lifting point solution

The ICE-LBG-SR maintains the design of RUD’s popular VLBG series. The VLBG offers numerous advantages; it can be turned 360° and is loadable in all directions.

Advantech Europe

60% off! A Complete Advantech-CODESYS Experience at an Incredible Price

New! The Fluke TiS Thermal Imaging Camera range simply solves more problems than ever before

The New Fluke TiS Thermal Imaging Camera Range simplifies thermography, they are so simple to use you just point and shoot!

They are great for quick, easy, and accurate problem identification and troubleshooting. These new products are most suitable for the following professions; Facility Manger, Building Inspector, Electrical Maintenance Engineers, HVAC Installers and even Research & Development Technicians. You can view the complete range here New! Fluke TiS Range and if you need support with your Thermal Imaging Camera selection then please contact our experts at the Test Tools Shop.

PowerContinuity Power Protecting the UK

PowerContinuity Ltd, the Midlands based power protection providers specialising in industrial diesel generators and uninterruptible power supplies are proud to announce that following new power continuity projects installed over the last 12 months, we are now protecting even more UK customers than ever before. The previous figure stood at over 16 million UK end users that have some part of their daily activities power protected by one of our bespoke installations. This is now over 20 million thanks to installations including a 4MW rotary UPS and diesel generator project for a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

Forgings Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with Azzure IT





A company which manufactures premium metal components for global markets including aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear power is improving efficiency across the business, thanks to innovative IT & new ERP Solutions.

RAM Universal Ltd

RAM Universal are proud to introduce the TWISTMax, the new series of innovated actuators which offer maximum power in a compact size. The unique design saves you as much space as possible! TWISTMax actuators are pneumatically operated, and their special structure guarantees increased life cycle and reliability.

CROFT Additive Manufacturing – Turning Your Design Into Reality

3d Metal Printing ‘Manufactured From the Mind’

Almost every industry sector uses research and development to either improve their existing components or invent new ones. Just how many innovative ideas get scrapped because of high costs or design constraints nobody knows.

“The preferred supplier of Vamac Hose Assemblies to the Rail Industry a Quality Product delivered on time every time”.

Shepherd Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, established back in 1983 is now one of the market leaders within the Hydraulics and Pneumatic Industry.

Shepherd Hydraulics provides solutions and products to an extensive and impressive client base including Rolls Royce, Bombardier and National Grid. Shepherd Hydraulics and Pneumatics has a deserved reputation for providing customers with efficient technical and economic solutions to their hydraulic and pneumatic requirements.

Ultrasonic multipurpose device SONAPHONE proves successful in maintenance of a power plant

The ultrasonic device SONAPHONE is a truly multifunctional device: With its help, the tester can not only detect compressed air leaks, but also check valves, test bearings and inspect electrical installations. This is especially useful for maintenance work in power plants – Fortum Service Germany GmbH can testify to that.

WEG motors drive efficiency in gas compressors for food processing and pharmaceuticals

Gas compression is commonly used across a range of industries where refrigeration is required, including food processing and pharmaceuticals. In such contexts, this technology can play a key role in enhancing productivity and energy efficiency. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ensuring the smooth running of gas compressors is top of the agenda for global manufacturers such as Mayekawa. The company turned to WEG technology to equip its latest packaging compressor units with reliable and highly efficient motors.

Need a powerful data logger that doesn’t require a PhD to set up?

The groundbreaking GP2 Data Logger offers huge power and flexibility, yet doesn’t require a software boot camp qualification or expensive consultant’s time to set up and operate. Complex models can be achieved without specialist programming skills. Powerful results can be achieved with just a reasonable knowledge of spreadsheet level algebraic expressions.

Commit to Process Safety – Identify and Control Risks – Learn from Experience

T.A. Cook Conferences are delighted to announce that ProSafe Europe 2015 will be arriving in London from 19-21 October, 2015. This 5th annual event is designed to bring together the wider process manufacturing community, including; chemicals and petrochemicals, oil and gas, steel and metals manufacturing, food and beverage, power generation and more.

Differential Pressure Transmitters manufactured by Halstrup Walcher Gmbh.

The measurement of differential pressure, and its precise regulation, has importance in many areas of air handling process technology. Halstrup Walcher have been providing solutions for applications found in Cleanrooms, Hospitals, Filling Machines, and Hygienic Plants for many years.

Hytek (GB) Ltd

Celebrating 30 Years in business . In celebration, Hytek are proud to announce the launch of the new Hytek Flow Meter Division. Traditionally known for handling Refined Fuels and Lubricants, Hytek now have the capability to Meter, Monitor, Batch and Blend many Industrial Liquids from Aggressive Chemicals to more Inert products.

Group HES – launches new website!

On Friday 28th August 2015, Group HES launches a brand new website with a new easy to use, attractive and customer friendly layout.

As the innovators of the hydraulic supply industry, we needed a website to match our reputation. We are really happy with the design and hope you are too.

Ultrasonic cleaning for best results

Ultrasound is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all kinds of hard surfaces. Its unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

Legislation Watch establishes Seton as an expert in health and safety law

Seton is well aware that customers rely on them for expertise. Legislation Watch is a free resource that provides regular, up-to-date, and easy to digest information on workplace legislation, and health and safety issues. Feedback from readers in a recent survey confirms that this is considered an invaluable resource that enhances the reputation of Seton as the expert in health and safety.

Trotec Presents A New Laser Engraver: The Speedy 360

Profitability by Design

Trotec is proud to unveil their newest addition to the Speedy line of laser engravers, the Speedy 360. Developed with productivity, flexibility and usability in mind, the innovative Speedy 360 has been designed to incorporate a brand new focus mode featuring Sonar TechnologyTM. Sonar TechnologyTM, based on ultrasonic sensors, provides the highest level of accuracy, ensuring precise engraving results.

ELAFLEX – Gummi Ehlers GmbH

Cam Locking Couplings, Conform 100%  to the EN Standard

Cam locking couplings are popular fittings for quick connection of hose assemblies. In recent years, there has been a trend towards inferior qualities appearing in the market. We confronted this by presenting a quality product line from our own production: Guaranteed to EN 14420-7 standard, reliable and operationally safe. The new ergonomically designed levers also ensure improved handling.


Whatever the application, Evatron’s range of ABS room sensor cases offer the perfect solution to house your data logging instrumentation/sensor. From the small, square, snap fit PP42 and PP73, to the EN30 and larger PP106 and PP77 supplied with screw fixings; our vented, sensor cases are available in white, ivory, grey and black The new EN30ST white solid top version is in stock now – call 01908 325100 for a free sample!

Thomson Industries – PC-Series

Thomson Industries’ PC Series is a new generation of precision, electric linear actuators for continuous duty applications. In linear motion applications they make motion more accurate, handle higher loads and are less energy consuming compared to designs with other alternatives.

Shopping Vacuum Technology Online

TURBOVAC i – The New Dimension in Turbomolecular Pump Engineering

The innovative turbomolecular pumps of the TURBOVAC i product line always deliver their max-imum performance even under widely differing requirements.
TURBOVAC (T)350 i, (T)450i and 350/450 i Multi-Inlet – The performance leap for your vacuum!

NSK – Linear guides

Twice as durable as previous generation models (LH/LS series), the new NH/NS linear guides have the same dimensions but feature a 30% higher basic dynamic load rating thanks to geometrically optimized ball grooves. They also support up to three times higher maximum speeds, from 150 to 300 m/min.

New Product launch from SEEPEX SCT’s Big Brother has arrived!

Increased Productivity and lower energy requirements, these 2 benefits complement each other in the latest development to SEEPEX’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), the innovative technology for progressive cavity pumps

In addition to the well-established 1-stage design for pressures up to 4 bar, SCT is now available in a 2-stage design for pressures up to 8 bar. The 2-stage design has the same features as 1-stage SCT: a stator split into two halves, which can be removed from the rotor without dismantling suction or discharge pipework, a quick release rotor, and an intelligent re-tensioning system.

ESAB Launches New Range Of Gas Apparatus and Pressure Control Products

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the launch of a new range of gas equipment to expand its brand portfolio offering in the UK. The new product line combines leading Victor® and ESAB gas apparatus and pressure control products in the most complete selection offered from any manufacturer.

ESAB Launches Cutmaster® Series Of Handheld Plasma Cutters

Florence, SC – ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announced the launch of its ESAB Cutmaster® Series of portable air plasma cutting systems, which range in output from 20 to 120 amps and produce a recommended “quality” cut on material from 6 mm to 40 mm. ESAB Cutmaster plasma cutters are among the lightest and most compact in the industry, making them highly portable and easy to store.

Elfab improves the efficiency of its customers’ stock management to reduce long-term costs

Stock rationalisation reduces rupture disc variation and introduces the latest technology

Rupture disc specifications are often generated independently for new projects by different departments within an organization, or by external contractors. As a result, identical or very similar specifications are created without reference to existing records or stock. This can result is higher inventory and a larger rupture disc variety, which can be difficult to manage for even the most efficient of purchasing departments.

Omega – Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Ultrasonic sound (20 to 100 kHz) is generated by turbulence created by air or a gas forced through a small orifice. Ultrasonic sound is very directional in nature and can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the leak point. Leaking air or gas is generally considered to be viscous flow and as the flow velocity increases, the frequency of the ultrasonic sound emitted will become higher.

Advantage Equipment

Advantage Equipment has been at the forefront of providing solutions for customers who wish to measure, coil or unwind material including cable, steel wire, rope, plastic welding material, etc. We start at the bottom end with simple hand held and bench mounted measuring devices to small, medium and large coiling and unrolling machines.

New Digital Charge Amplifier from HBM Features Measuring Range Up To 500 Kn

Now available from the PACEline range of digital charge amplifiers from HBM – a leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new CDM2000 Industrial Charge Amplifier for piezoelectric force sensors.

Suitable for laboratory and production applications, the CMD2000 features a compact design which offers fast and reliable results. Covering a measuring range, from 200 to 2 million pC/g (pico-coulombs/g), the CMD2000 ensures guaranteed accuracy even in the partial load area.

GreenPeak’s new multi-channel chipset will simultaneously support ZigBee and Thread networks

The new GP712 for gateways and set-top boxes makes IoT solutions future-proof, at no additional cost

GreenPeak Technologies, the industry leading Smart Home semiconductor/system company, announced the GP712, the industry’s first single radio multi-protocol chipset with multi-channel receive capability for set-top boxes, gateways, and other advanced IoT devices.

Secure remote access made easy: Secomea

For truly secure and easy to set up remote access, X-STK|Applied Automation will be showcasing Secomea at this year’s Machine Building Show and launching the new integrated WiFi option. Visitors will be able to see the unique solution in action on stand C7. They can take control via the internet and remotely monitor a machine at the co-located PPMA Show.

Optical Level Sensor Finds Success in Refrigeration Industry

A combination of clever optics, modern electronics and innovative manufacturing has led to Product Innovation Ltd’s optical level sensor finding a niche market in the UK’s refrigeration industry. Since it was first trialled by Tesco several years ago more than 2000 units have been supplied. Most of these have been fitted in Tesco refrigeration plant and used to measure the level of liquid refrigerant.

Buyers Guide to Used Process Equipment

Buying used equipment can provide significant cost savings against new, but despite this many people are
deterred by the plethora of myths that surround the industry.

This guide takes some of the more common myths and exposes them, so that you, and your company, don’t miss out on the advantages of buying used process equipment.

Limescale Elimination… Us Government Tests Prove Efficacy of UK Manufactured Product For Elimination Of Limescale In Heating Systems

Every year the US Government under their green proving ground programme take a select number of products that they believe will have a beneficial environmental impact and test the claims made for them by the manufacturers.

In 2012 The General Services Administration installed a Fluid Dynamics Catalytic scale preventer in a pipe line feeding a boiler in a Courthouse in Salt Lake City Utah. The courthouse in question was suffering from severe scaling.