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NEW – Critical Power Supplies Site Survey Guide 2015

Critical Power Supplies is a leading independent UK multi-brand supplier of critical power and energy solutions including uninterruptible power supplies and standby power generators to 6MVA. As a multi-brand supplier we are well placed to provide you with the right power solution for your application and we work with a range of clients including M&E consultants, quantity surveyors, electrical contractors, distributors, resellers, corporates and end-users.

Whether you want an off-the-shelf, bespoke or turn-key solution, come and talk to Critical Power Supplies and benefit from over fifty years within the power protection and energy management fields. No other supplier can boast the depth of manufacturer knowledge available when it comes to standby power systems, generators, ups batteries, static transfer switches and uninterruptible power supplies.

Terence Barker Tanks – Not Just For Storing Fuel

It might have escaped your notice (primarily because it wasn’t trumpeted very loudly here in the UK) but Dubai recently overtook London as the busiest international passenger airport in the world, with just over 70 million passenger transits.

Heathrow still outranks Dubai in total passenger volume (Including domestic flights, where Dubai’s score is, to all intents and purposes, zero!) This situation won’t last for very long however, because Dubai is expecting to increase passenger volumes by around 10% in 2015, while Heathrow is already running pretty much at full capacity – about which we will make no comment, political or otherwise.

3 Steps to Success – The Pristine Approach

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) remain one of the most frequent types of work-related injury across most industry sectors.

Yet, despite efforts to reduce this through legislation and better risk management, it can rarely be eliminated.

Even when the risk is significantly reduced, if an item has to be moved manually, a residual risk remains.

LCM Launch New ATEX Load Cell Range

LCM Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new range of ATEX/IECEx certified hazardous area load cells and enclosures. This ATEX/IECEx certification authenticates that LCM Systems’ load cells can be used in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas without danger of causing or contributing to an explosion when used in flammable gas and dust environments. These environments include offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills and any other industries where there is a possibility of a mixture of potentially explosive gases, vapours, mists or dusts being present in the air.

PROton Embedded Controllers

The new PROton Embedded System range of embedded controllers from Cambridge Microprocessor Systems are designed to be low in cost and extremely flexible to use.

The PROton PR25 is priced at just £45 for a one off industrial target controller. The PROton PR25 may be the ‘baby’ of the family measuring just 60 by 67mm but even this packs a serious punch.

Precise Motion Control Solutions

The Reliance catalogue provides a one-stop-shop, from components and assemblies for rotary and linear motion to intelligent control and actuation products.

Products can be readily modified to suit individual applications.

Krijn Verwijs Toughest shell in the shellfish line

Krijn Verwijs is one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of shellfish products including oysters, lobster and in particular fresh blue or common mussels. In its Yerseke – Netherlands based shellfish production centre, rapid drive corrosion due to the seawater-infused atmosphere has long been a major concern. NORD aluminum geared motors with a special surface conversion treatment now provides an economical solution to resolve this issue.

Fluke Thermography Seminars programme for 2015

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering a series of free Thermography Seminars as part of its programme of seminars for 2015 throughout the UK and Ireland. Designed to look at the benefits of thermal imaging techniques to improve maintenance practices, the seminars are one element of the Fluke Academy programme which can be seen at

Hart launches new Speedor variant

Hart Door Systems, the creator of the Speedor high-speed industrial door brand now found on over 6,000 sites across some 20 countries, has launched Speedor Storm which incorporates a unique guide system which delivers exceptional wind resistance up to Class 5, over 90 mph.

What’s next after the end-of-life for XenApp fundamentals?

end-of-Life Challenges & Opportunities

On Mar 03, 2015, Citrix reviewed the lifecycle for XenApp and Presentation Server, confirming that the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 will be on August 24 2016. For businesses, the subsequent mandatory migration has the potential to cause a disruptive wholesale change in their IT environment.

Zebra Worldwide Machinery

We are always interested in buying complete manufacturing plants, machine tools (including CNC) fabricating and sheet metal machinery, lasers, punch presses, presses (mechanical and hydraulic), all kindred equipment. We are also interested in purchasing complete manufacturing lines and generators and industrial machinery.

SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps for accurate product metering and control

Many industries need pumps to add small amounts of additives into process lines. These can include aggressive and corrosive chemicals in waste water treatment and in paper production, viscous products such as polymer for water treatment, abrasive lime slurries in sewage sludge treatment and valuable minor ingredients into beverage and food products.

Spillage Incident? – Your First Call is Crucial

Every year there are thousands of environmental pollution incidents caused by the spillage of materials such as oils, chemicals, trade effluents, sewage and some less obvious but highly polluting substances such milk, beer and yoghurt. Businesses handling, storing, transporting or using liquids as part of a production or manufacturing process all run the risk of experiencing spillage incidents and the consequences of this.

How selecting the right flowmeter can help you minimise your annual energy costs

The rate of fluid flow constitutes an important measurement in the processing industries. Selecting an appropriate technology for a flow measurement application can therefore be a daunting task. With such a wide variety of technologies on offer, it can be difficult to find the best one for a particular application. Les Slocombe, for ABB Measurement Products UK, explains how finding the flowmeter that can make the biggest contribution to minimising energy costs can help narrow the selection.

In-line filter devices designed to suite your needs……

Helapet offer a complete solution in the design, on site manufacture, and delivery of our inline disk filtration devices, allowing you peace of mind that your filters will come from a quality company.

Our services are available across our full range of custom designed filters, allowing for the right filter for your application to be produced. Our on-site clean area for filter production ensures products are free from many of the contaminants that would render them ineffective, especially media.

Rossi Gear Motor Ltd UK relocates with view of establishing a Value adding facility

For more than 60 years, Rossi has been developing its business in the most demanding applications, becoming one of the world’s leading gearbox specialist. Rossi Gear Motors Ltd. is an affiliated company of the Italian Rossi SpA situated in Modena Italy, one of the largest manufacturers of Gear Reducers and Gear Motors in Europe. With a significant product focus on medium to heavy industrial applications the new UK facility allows the company to keep pace with the focus and development taking place not only from the parent company, but within the UK market as well.

Arduino based DIO-CONTROLLER for 99.5 GBP

Szabo Software Engineering Ltd – Bringing your automation vision to life.


The controller board is designed for building compact applications using the standard Arduino tools and libraries. We supply in addition libraries for the on-board I/O’s.

Optional are RF libraries for 433 / 868 MHz modules

A negative safety culture could have potentially fatal consequences

Research findings from a YouGov survey1 conducted on behalf of Seton have shown that health and safety is not always prioritised in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and that a high proportion of accidents at work could have been avoided. In order to make health and safety a top priority for businesses, a fundamental shift in attitude towards safety is necessary.

TONE Scaffolding Services innovates by using Bradshaw…

TONE Scaffolding Services has recently taken delivery of two tow tractors and 4 bespoke industrial platform trailers from Bradshaw.

The vehicles have been put in to Paddington Station to tow large amounts of scaffolding around the site, to locations where the workers need it during the station’s restoration project, which includes refurbishing the platforms, repairing existing structures supporting London Street, building new bridges and walkways together with the installation of new mechanical and electrical systems.

greenTEG AG Switzerland High-Precision Thermal Sensors

greenTEG develops and markets solutions for increased energy efficiency and thermal measurements. greenTEG’s product portfolio consists of thermal sensors and laser power detectors.

Both product groups are based on a novel production process and offer the following advantages:

• Highly precise & fast thermal measurements
• Small dimensions & easy integration
• Customizable & cost effective for OEM integration

All chemicals labelled? Get our free CLP/GHS Guide!

After June 2015, all dangerous chemical substances and mixtures need to carry a predefined CLP-label.

Now is the time to act! Take your chance and get our free CLP/GHS Solutions Guide!

In June 2015, the transition period ends for mandatory CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) chemicals labelling in the European Union. Brady’s quality printing systems provide companies with compliant CLP label templates and symbols, creating a flexible and easy to use in-house CLP Label printing solution. Now is the time to act! Download our free CLP/GHS Solutions Guide!

Sharmic Engineering Ltd – For all your vibratory finishing equipment and materials

Sharmic For Fast, Friendly Service

From its early beginning in 1975, and incorporation in 1976 by the present owners, Sharmic has steadily grown from a small Midlands based company to a National and then to an International company. Due to increased growth the company moved to larger premises in Stourport-on-Severn in 1986 to facilitate under one roof its warehouse, manufacturing and Engineering facility.

TTI Group Ltd – Heat & Surface Treatments

TTI Group Limited provides a range of Heat & Surface Treatments to UK Engineering industry.

In addition to offering a full range of specialised heat & surface treatment processes, designed to overcome specific problems such as abrasion, corrosion and impact resistance, TTI are also able to provide customers access to extencive experience and excellent expert metallurgical knowledge.

OMEGA Introduces Handheld Wireless Bluetooth® Transmitter


The OMEGA UWBT Series of Bluetooth® transmitters combine the accuracy of an industrial sensor/transmitter with the convenience of smartphones and tablets. It measures different sensor inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, relative humidity, and pH and transmits the data to your smart phone or tablet via wireless Bluetooth communication from the free UWBT app running on an iOS or Android™ smart phone/tablet.

Order an environmental simulation chamber and get a BINDER Pure Aqua Service at no cost!


  • Homogeneous climate conditions thanks to APT.lineTM double-sided horizontal air inlet
  • Droopless, capacitive moisture sensor
  • Wide humidity range up to 98 % r.h.
  • Responsive vapor pressure humidification
  • Automatic water and waste water management
  • Control and documentation software APT-COM™

New Levels of Performance in Superphosphate Conveying

Guttridge Ltd has supplied Bradley Pulverizer Company, a leading provider of minerals processing plant, with a series of bucket elevators for single superphosphate powder (SSP) plant projects in the Middle East. The new plants incorporate the Bradley Broadfield process, the accepted global standard for SSP manufacture. The Guttridge HiLoad bucket elevators supplied have been engineered for high reliability for the abrasive, dusty process streams with high throughput specifications that reflect the growing scale of processing plants around the world.

LumaSense Introduces the World’s First Industrial Grade 2-Color Infrared Pyrometer with Thermal Imaging Capabilities

The ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer uses a built-in video camera with infrared filter to improve manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other heat-dependent manufacturing industries.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Frankfurt/M.; March, 2015 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc.® added the integrated ISR 6-TI Advanced to their IMPAC pyrometer and imaging portfolio for increased control and optimization of manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other materials industries. The ISR 6-TI Advanced is a true break-through by combining pyrometry with infrared imaging technology to produce “Relative” thermal images. “Relative” thermal images are produced by measuring the temperature of the center spot with a ratio pyrometer and using an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the highly accurate ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

In need of Penstock Valves? Pollution Containment? Drain Closure Devices? ASOV’s, or ROSOV’s?

Environmental Innovations Ltd is a UK designer and manufacturer of pollution and spill containment systems. Many of our customers seek to comply with the major spill, firewater risk and COMAH regulations. Can we help you?

Air Separation Unit – Hydrogen Measurement in Deoxo Skid

“The H2scan hydrogen analyzer has been integral in providing accurate, excess hydrogen measurement on our deoxo skid. The H2scan system was easy to set up and H2scan’s technical staff has provided excellent support.”

Based on the feedback from the site, H2scan analyzers have been selected to replace all thermal conductivity hydrogen analyzers on the company’s deoxo skids within the US.

Product to Pallet Labelling Solutions

Modern manufacturing requires an integrated approach across all aspects of the production process, to ensure not just productivity, but the quality and consistency demanded by the consumer. As demands and expectations have increased within the production processes themselves, so too has the need for concise and efficient marking and labelling.

Whether a label contains simple instructions, a use by date or traceability information within a bar code, 2D matrix code or an RFID smart label, it is essential that manufacturers have the confidence that each and every label will be produced and applied to a consistent standard, irrespective of where in the production process the operation takes place.