Drive Productivity with real-time Attendance Recording

Autotime Solutions provides the latest cloud-based Time & Attendance for manufacturers of all sizes, with a low cost monthly fee.

Key features include real-time absence alerts, emergency muster reports, remote enrolment and automatic timesheet population for streamlined payroll.

“Early warnings of staff absences allows us to address shortfalls at the earliest opportunity at JVM Castings to reduce downtime on production lines”, says Oliver Page, Account Manager at Workforce Staffing.

“In the past, JVM could lose up to three hours production time by the time each absence was covered. Now we can identify no-shows instantly, chase up the individual to see why they haven’t arrived, and have a replacement worker on site within thirty minutes.”

JVM Castings is one of thousands of manufacturers of all sizes across the UK driving productivity by embracing a cloud-based Time & Attendance solution from Autotime Solutions to automate the timesheet process. Join them today!

With over 20 data capture options including fingerprint, face recognition, hand scanners, palm readers, mobile apps, card readers or even telephony to choose from, benefit from a system perfectly tailored to your working patterns and environment.

Centralise the management of multiple sites and account for your workforce at all times with access to an up to date and accurate roll call summary. Verify staff attendance and see their precise whereabouts anytime, anywhere.

Automated muster reports assist you in safeguarding your workforce in the event of an emergency.

Plan and manage complex working schedules and rotating shift patterns with ease while meeting compliance obligations. Maintain a complete production line at all times and maximise machine use by ensuring the right people with the right skills are working at the same time.

Trigger alerts can be configured based on time, clockings or location to highlight instances of unauthorised absences and lateness, allowing you to back-fill absences promptly before they impact production time.

Streamline the payroll process with automated employee timesheets. Maintain payroll accuracy and wave goodbye to errors and discrepancies associated with manual timesheets.

Remote enrolment functionality provides the convenience to add new workers into the system effortlessly, allowing you to scale up and down your system according to staff fluctuations and peaks and troughs in production.

Available as a standalone system or as part of an integrated Access Control, HR and Workforce Management solution.

Intuitive interface, simple configuration and low cost monthly fee means you can immediately achieve benefits and experience a rapid return on investment.

Start improving your productivity today with a free consultation.


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