Intelligent self Fire Supressing

Fire is always an unwelcome visitor , and when it does come it brings with it Pain and Heartache, and indelibly etched painful memories . You cannot totally eliminate these tregedies but with technologies we can reduce them happening. Number of incidents both in UAE and most recent Tragedy in London.

Help is on the way Dubai Based Eco FutureLab has set about to make it little more comfortable with the Development of ActiV8 Max-I cladding system that besides being fire Proof also incorporates Fire Suppressing ingredients that pop and release a specialy formulated additives to douse the flames and reduce and even stop the spread of the flames.

The system is made from already proven ingredients and gels for Fire Proofing, you can call it The Iphone of the building cladding technology.

The Activ8 Max-I cladding system is easier to install than the existing technologies saving almost 25% in installation time, and offer better and improved protection and eliminate the chimney effect you can get with existing systems , and comes in almost any colour and Comes with host of add on options such as integration into the building Management systems to warn of Fire or excess temperature for the building management /maintenance teams to investigate.

For Further Information about becoming local Distributor please email . Kate Delorier +971502364272

Activ8 Intelligent Glass Reduces the Temperature by upto 20Degree

Eco FutureLab Activ8 Smart Glass is a dynamically variable, instantly reactive glazing technology that changes from soft grey to a dark blue tint to give you the ability to “tune” the amount of light and No sunglare streaming through a window or skylight. The Visibility level is infinitely adjustable – and it has a very wide dynamic light transmission range (can block out over 98% of Light Transmission in its off state). This allows you to instantly control the heat gain and view quickly and effectively.

Eco FutureLab Fze

Tel +971522828950

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