From fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies to tailor-made ingredients

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik offers solutions for challenging or complex applications that require precisely defined shape or solubility characteristics, homogenous particle sizes or the functional protection of active ingredients.Glatt Ingenieurtechnik offers solutions for challenging or complex applications that require precisely defined shape or solubility characteristics, homogenous particle sizes or the functional protection of active ingredients.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik provides its pioneering fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies for sophisticated applications that require specific particle sizes or shapes, optimum solubility, compressibility or the functional protection of active ingredients. With APPtec, the plant manufacturer from Weimar, Germany, introduces a new method of powder synthesis by spray calcination to create high-performance powders – for applications such as effect pigments for the coating industry, cathode materials for fuel cells or optoceramics for lenses and detectors. Engineering expert Glatt offers capabilities in product and process development across the fields of food, beverage and instant products, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals as well as industrial salts, detergent components, pesticides and specialty fertilizers.

For supplement manufacturers working with ingredients or products that are supposed to feature particular properties can be demanding – whether it is a technological challenge during production, a specific protective role or a sensory or nutritional function. Glatt’s fluidized bed technology enables manufacturers to optimize product properties. With spray granulation, it is possible to dry liquid additives and precisely adjust their particle size. Additionally, particles can be covered with functional film coatings that provide better active ingredient release profiles.

Plant engineering is Glatt’s core business, therefore, its tailor-made ingredients are produced on state-of-the-art facilities.

The mobile ProCell LabSystem , Glatt’s most flexible laboratory plant, can be used for both fluidized bed and spouted bed trials. Equipped with different process inserts, the innovative facility suits all possible process variations and combinations. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated plant solutions, Glatt combines sustainable, hygienic and economical process and facilities planning with a wide range of engineering services – from initial product idea to start-up of turn-key production. Customers from around the world send their product engineers to Glatt in Weimar to develop new formulations. In close collaboration with the company’s experts, they create product samples and establish the process parameters for large capacity scale-up. Glatt works with its customers from the very beginning of the process and meet their needs by co-developing their products and their processes so that they are successful in the market.

APPtec – Advanced Pulse Powder Technology – is a new method of powder synthesis and Glatt’s answer to the ever-increasing demand for functional high-performance materials such as homogenous catalysts and high-performance pigments. Thanks to the technical development of spray calcination, particles with completely new properties can be synthesized for the first time. These not only provide a complex stoichiometry but can also be customized for specific applications – by including mixed oxide systems instead of expensive rare earths or precious metals, for example. Glatt is, thus, expanding its portfolio by a major milestone in the value chain for particle design and particle engineering. Up to now, customers have brought their powder with them in order to functionalize it by means of Glatt technology for further processing steps. Now they can develop their high-performance material individually together with Glatt.

At, Glatt offers a white paper about the guiding role of fluidized and spouted bed technologies in the particle building process including practical examples from spray granulation to coating, critical process parameters, and thought-provoking approaches to successful product and process development, as well as process and plant engineering.


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