At last an answer to the problem of diesel emissions

US Company Magnetizer, the world’s leading magnet producer has just appointed Sustainable Flow Ltd as their sole UK distributor and EU distributor.

Magnetizer is a preferred US Government supplier for their patented, ISO 9000 rated hi-tech magnets, and Dave Richardson the Sales Director of Sustainable Flow told me ‘these mono polar magnets bring innovative solutions to long standing problems found in so many fluid related industries and diesel engine users are one sector to benefit’.

At a time when our air quality is suffering from ever increasing vehicle emission levels, these advanced magnets, backed with a life time guarantee, provide improved performance such as increased mpg 11- 15% creating lower running costs, improved engine efficiencies, reduced maintenance and reductions of carbon emissions 50-80% dependant on the type and age of vehicle.

In an effort to reassure UK motorists of these remarkable benefits, Hallam Energy at Sheffield Hallam University has been appointed to conduct controlled road tests, and results to date are encouraging.

Richardson said ‘at last we have an answer to these problems, and this shows there is no need to exchange motor vehicles or generators for new models, and any talk of scrappage schemes and increased parking charges are unhelpful and unnecessary’.

Magnetizer already operates in 44 countries but is largely unknown in the UK, but with Sustainable Flow’s help they believe they can change that. Richardson says ‘this is an opportunity for government, industry and motorists alike to recognize why large numbers of companies including top 500 companies worldwide are already investing in this smart way to resolve their problems and reduce costs.

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