Lower Cost Pressure Scanning Achieves a Stunning 0.04% Absolute

For over 40 years, Chell have supplied electronic pressure scanners developed in NASA wind tunnels and have packaged them for motorsport and flight data acquisition systems, providing the highest integrity aerodynamic data.

nanoDAQ was the 32 channel culmination of these developments, being smaller per channel and having higher performance than any commercially available equivalent. 3D printed in titanium, it is used in some of the highest integrity measurement scenarios in ground-based installations, in vehicles and in the air.

nanoDAQ – a 32 channel high accuracy pressure scanner.

In recent years, the availability of very stable low-cost pressure sensors has allowed us to develop pressure scanners at much lower cost, yet having very nearly the same performance.

nanoDAQ-LT is the result and, having been benchmarked by some of the leading F1 teams, is being developed further to provide convenient multi-channel packages for both model and on-board use.

The production 16 channel nanoDAQ-LT

The initial package provides16 channels with a configurable choice of absolute or differential measurement. Measurements are fully temperature compensated up to 90degC with no measureable thermal effects. Developments almost finished include side-entry tubulations and no tubulations, allowing quick-disconnect plates to be incorporated into the user’s features. Whilst on developments, wireless data output will soon be available.

The prototype side-entry 16channel nanoDAQ-LT

All models have been tested in an IP67 environment and pressure channels are very robust with a high proof-pressure of 345kPa (50psig). The low reference volume provides a very rapid reaction to static pressure changes.

nanoDAQ-LT is easily configured by the user through its embedded web server  with CAN and Ethernet outputs – the Ethernet can be configured with IEEE1588 time stamping and data may also be configured for on-board averaging to improve data quality still further.

In other words, Chell have used their considerable experience to produce an electronic pressure scanner that has very high performance for its cost and incorporates all the features aerodynamicists have requested.


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