Data acquisition & measurement uncertainty training courses from HBM

Data acquisition & measurement uncertainty training courses from HBM

Following on from a successful series of training and workshops in 2014, HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – has announced the first dates for its 2015 training courses, which take place at the end of February.

The first of the training courses is on ‘Data Acquisition’ and takes place on the 24-25th February. This course is suitable for all personnel who would like to plan and conduct measurements with transducers and measurement data acquisition systems.


To increase metalcutting capacity in response to an upturn in orders for automotive pumps, the UK’s leading manufacturer, Concentric, has installed three Fanuc Robodrill machining centres at its manufacturing facility in Erdington, Birmingham. The company’s oil, water and fuel pumps are used mainly in diesel engines that power light to medium duty trucks and off-road plant.

Two engine manufacturers have recently awarded significant new contracts to Concentric for machining, assembling and testing of an oil pump and a transmission pump. Consequently, a new production cell has been set up at the Erdington factory based around three α-D21LiA5 Robodrills dedicated to machining the aluminium pressure die castings.

HepcoMotion acquires automation specialist Severn Automation

Hepcomotion, world leaders in linear motion, have acquired automation specialist Severn Automation.

The new operation will trade as HepcoAutomation, retaining Severn’s existing staff and premises in Telford, Shropshire. Severn have built up a fine reputation for innovative automation solutions and excellent customer service, not just in the Telford area but across the UK.

HepcoMotion have been working closely with Severn for over 18 months. In that time customers have experienced the benefits of the close integration between the two companies. With a flexible approach to solving customers’ problems manufacturing organisations will be able to obtain automation systems that provide real value for money.

Enhanced Resolution and Widescreen Options With PanelView Plus 7 Standard Operator Interface From Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation announces the release of the Allen‑Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Standard graphic terminal, giving machine builders new options in the size, functionality and connectivity of their graphic terminals. The terminals are available in five screen sizes, including widescreen options.

“As facilities work toward achieving a Connected Enterprise, machine operators are relying on graphic terminals more than ever to monitor and react in real time to a growing amount of critical data,” said Scott Oakley, global product manager, Rockwell Automation. “We’re introducing a wider range of terminal options and increasing screen resolution to help ensure data can be quickly and easily viewed in a manner that best fits each user’s application.”

How a £10 Wager Started a Business Relationship that Spans the Globe

Before A-SAFE, barriers came almost entirely from the ‘rigid lump’ school of engineering. Facility procurement managers with a pressing need to guide traffic, or protect equipment, or segregate pedestrians from workplace vehicles would more than likely take a trip to their local metal fabricators and ask them to ‘come up with something’ to address their problem.

NBC Group

NBC Group Limited is a leading UK bearing and power transmission components company based in Shropshire, England. As a key supplier to most major industries, including mining, construction, agriculture & offshore oil and gas, NBC has developed expertise over the decades a s a technical partner , providing integrated solutions to original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Thermocouple Wall Port: tackling the risk of Legionnaires’ disease

Help is on hand for engineers that are serious about tackling the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. TME presents the TC Wall Port: a low-cost wall accessory allowing discrete fine wire sensors to monitor temperature testing points up to 20m away.

Keeping Abreast of the Wiring Regulations 3rd Amendment

The 5th January 2015 publication of the latest version of BS7671 introduced the 3rd Amendment to the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations. The enforcement of the content within this latest edition will be required for the design, installation and commissioning of electrical installations, inspection and testing from the 1st July later this year, so electricians need to get up to speed with Amendment 3 advises Carole Jameson Training Centre Administration Manager at PASS Electrical Training Courses.

Accutool Advance in High Speed Machining

Irish engineering company Accutool has installed new machinery and innovations to best provide customers when producing quality parts. They have a dedicated medical cell with a fully validated production line, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking, bead blasting, hex shearing, and a Brown & Sharp CMM with a Renishaw 5 axis measuring head in a temperature controlled room.

Hone-All Orders Two Deep Hole Boring Machines

The relentless growth at Hone-All has now seen the deep hole boring and turning specialist invest over £650,000 in two new deep hole boring machines from TIBO Tiefbohrtechnik. The Leighton Buzzard subcontract machining company has purchased the German built TIBO B250 and B80 units to increase capacity and extend the maximum boring dimensions from its existing 200mm diameter up to 250mm with a length capacity of 3.2m.

Training Dates

13/04/2015         Introduction to Valves   £390 + vat      £260 + vat            More info

14/04/2015         Introduction to Valve Actuators            £390 + vat            £260 + vat            More info

Poundland seek Dexeco’s expertise to switch to LED for recent expansion

Leading single price UK retailer are quids in with Dexeco’s array of outstanding energy saving luminaries.

Dexeco manufactured and delivered an impressive total of 776 high level LED products for Poundland’s new flagship depot in Harlow, Essex. The 31,000 m2 distribution centre is the retailer’s largest facility, serving its entire store network and driving their business expansion in the UK and across the Channel.

Techsil Launch New Range of Epoxy Adhesives which Cure within Seconds

Curing with UV-LED-light has helped to elevate light curable adhesive bonding to new levels of advancement. Until recently, UV-LED-hardening adhesives were limited to free-radical curing acrylates. With the recent development of new and innovative photoinitiators, cationic curing epoxy systems can now also be hardened in seconds.

CDR launches non-metallic self-priming pumps

CDR Pumps has launched a range of non-metallic self-priming pumps, designed for handling toxic, corrosive and aggressive chemicals in applications such as tanker unloading and bund emptying.

The units are suitable for priming up to 6m of suction lift, with capacities from 1m3/hr to 40m3/hr.

SEEPEX metering pumps with integrated flow control

SEEPEX have recently introduced a new generation of dosing pumps – a progressive cavity pump range that combines accuracy, reliable metering and the option for remote control.

Our dosing pumps are suitable for low and high viscosity products, they can handle aggressive chemicals and abrasive products and are suitable for high pressure applications.

Non-Invasive Continuous Liquid Level Detector

INTROTEK INTERNATIONAL, Edgewood, NY, a global leader in ultrasonic technology has announced the launch of their latest Non-Invasive CONTINUOUS LIQUID LEVEL DETECTOR (“CLM”). The CLM delivers the answer for challenging non-invasive liquid level monitoring for a variety of fixed tanks and vessels comprised of, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum,Teflon, Plastic and Fiberglass.

Avancer UK launches new range of world class instrumentation and sensors into the UK

Avancer UK is going from strength to strength, supplying through a nationwide network of technical distributors they offer full UK sales and support on every product they supply. In addition to supplying quality products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of instrumentation and sensors. Avancer also now manufacture more than a dozen specialist products here in the UK supporting UK manufacturing and jobs.

High Performance Alloys – a short history


J Ward CEO Corrortherm International Ltd

Almost 250 years ago in November 1751 nickel was discovered as an element. Monel*400, a nickel copper alloy was one of the first high nickel alloys introduced to industry in 1905 . Today almost 100 years later it is still widely used and will continue to be used due to its outstanding corrosion resistance in many industrial applications.

Innovative Glary DC:DC Converters available from IdealPower

Power conversion specialists Ideal Power are now offering a wide range of DC/DC converters from Glary Power Technology, one of the leading innovators of small footprint board mounted power conversion. Glary are renowned worldwide for producing extremely reliable power converters that exceed 90% efficiency, are thermally efficient and have an impressive power density to size ratio. These innovative DC/DC converters are Available in industry-standard encapsulated and “brick” form factors ranging from 40W to 2KW and are ready to be fully customised to meet individual project requirements.

The benefits of factory floor automated set-up and data collection to improve compliance and overall performance

“A wealth of data exists on the Factory Floor if only we could turn it into valuable information early enough to be of use to us” has often been said.

Well now you can.

A number of problems surround the automation of factory floor data, ie moving away from paper based systems.

Firstly, it has to be said that paper recording has served the food and drink industry well for many decades and this fact alone makes it more difficult to dump it in exchange for computer based data collection.

PROton Embedded Controllers

The PROton PR25 is priced at just £45 for a one off industrial target controller. The PROton PR25 may be the ‘baby’ of the family measuring just 60 by 67mm but even this packs a serious punch. Based around an ARM Cortex M0+ core with 256K flash and 32K RAM running at up to 48MHz is a USB port, numerous timer/counters, two channels of high speed I2C serial, two SPI ports, Real Time Clock, 16-bit Analogue to Digital converter, 12-bit Digital to Analogue converter, Touch Sensing Interface and up to 64 general purpose I/O channels.

There’s No Room For Slip-Ups On A Roof

The Brymore Group are a successful property and estate management company. One of the many properties they own is an office block in Guildford Business Park, Surrey. They had an issue with the roof, because workers needed to access the air conditioning units to service them.

A green alternative to air pistons

Sapa Profiles has worked closely with Direct Thrust Designs Ltd to provide the extrusions for a game-changing piston for the automation market. Powered by electricity rather than compressed air, ‘ElectroPiston’ greatly reduces energy consumption and running costs.

ElectroPiston is the first purpose-made piston that is a viable and low cost alternative to air pistons for providing end-to-end forced linear motion. It uses electro-magnetism to create a smooth, continuous force for industrial applications requiring a push/pull motion.

January 2015 sees the launch of CTAC Associates LTD

CTAC Associates LTD is a network of practicing professional consultants and academic researchers in control theory and its applications, spanning a diverse range of industry sectors from automotive systems, industrial processes to biomedical engineering. CTAC provides consultancy, contract research, student placements, bespoke training courses and manpower access to well qualified engineering graduates.

Adelphi Process Equipment


Respected suppliers to the food, cosmetic, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries since 1947.

An extensive range of high quality transport, storage and mixing vessels, and other stainless steal containers.

West Special Fasteners: Boosts quality experience, by recruiting a Quality Consultant

West Special Fasteners, the Dronfield based manufacturer of high integrity fastening products to the oil , gas, pumps and valve industries has been gaining approvals during 2014 from Major companies and is looking to continue the trend, by recruiting a quality consultant.

‘Our BVAA membership is helping new oil and gas end users find our company,’ said Director James Hawkins ‘and so recruiting an additional quality consultant to help with the analysis of complex specifications is the next logical step to help our existing team.’


Unilever have enjoyed three years of eminently satisfactory service from Linkx Systems high-performance automatic collation and shrink wrapping machine. The machine has been complimented by excellent on-going support from Linkx, so much so that Unilever has now added a second Linkx machine to its PG tips production line at their Trafford Park plant. The existing machine will be retained, with the new machine providing extra capacity and flexibility.

Respol Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions

RESPOL’s have for over thirty years provided their customers with an outstanding service and innovative, technically advanced commercial and industrial flooring solutions, designed and guaranteed to perform to the highest standards and provide years of cost-effective service in the most diverse and demanding environments.

Murrelektronik’s New Online Shop – Ordering Made Easy

Murrelektronik presents a new online shop: very modern and incredibly easy to use. With only a few clicks you reach the right product and proceed to ordering.

Search and find, compare products, upload release lists, check availability in real time plus customer specific pricing. These are just some of the many features that make Murrelektronik’s new online shop a new and vital resource. A single source for electrical equipment in machine and system design, installation and maintenance.

Better Control of Plastic Lamination in Less Space with Heraeus Infra-Red

A fast response, medium wave infra-red system from Heraeus Noblelight of Neston, Wirral, has allowed Weatherfast Ltd of Great Barr to achieve better control over the PVC Membrane laminating of steel sheets/coil used in the gutter industry, while requiring much less space than the convection oven which was used previously. The controllability has also provided an improvement in quality.

Andrews celebrates 50 years as hire specialist

Andrews Sykes this year celebrates 50 years in sector that has seen them grow to become a dominant player in the hire of industrial equipment such as air-con, dehumidifiers, boilers and chillers, heaters and ventilation equipment. “Now firmly established as one of the UK’s leading specialist hire firms, we have much to celebrate as we look back on five decades of sustained growth,” says Paul Wood – Managing Director. 

Z-LASER launches the 3rd generation of ZM18 machine vision lasers

Freiburg, Germany.After having established the innovative lightning ZM18 machine vision lasers five years ago, Z-LASER now provides even more powerful versions of ZM18 – the ZM18S3, ZM18H3 and ZM18DM53. The new driver electronics will offer significantly improved power stability over the whole temperature range.

New Element Silicon Drift Detector from EDAX Delivers Power Performance in Compact Design

MAHWAH, NJ, December 11, 2014 – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has introduced the Element Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), a new product line focused on serving the needs of the industrial market segment.

Eliminating Costly Process Downtime During Maintenance Schedules

–  Test-Tel™ is a non-invasive tool to check the status of a rupture disc device in situ –

To ensure all plant processes remain safe and continue to be efficient, a regular maintenance schedule is a key part of every site’s operation. While rupture disc devices are essentially low maintenance, they still form part of this schedule.

How to handle products with poor flow characteristics

New dosing equipment for more efficiency and rationalization of workflow

Decanting and filling operations in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are day-to-day tasks and even though the handling of granules and powders is commonplace, operators are facing major challenges. Various factors such as containment, space, powder flow characteristics etc. need to be considered during the facility design.

Beakbane Covers Protect Water Jet Cutter

A bespoke cover from machine protection specialist Beakbane is helping a water jet cutting company reduce costs, prevent breakdowns and ensure quality. Cheshire-based Aquacut was established in the 1990s and pioneered the use of water jet cutting in the building sector.