Increase your productivity by up to 30% with facility identification solutions

How can I further increase productivity and efficiency to compete on a worldwide scale? Brady’s Safety & Facility Identification Specialist, Dominique Roosen, explains how to maximise lean manufacturing in your production facilities.

Hydra-Cell® T80 Series Pumps meet API 674

The World’s First API 674 Triplex, Single Head Diaphragm Pump

After an in-depth evaluation of the Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps range, Wanner International is now able to offer three Hydra-Cell pump models that comply with API 674, 3rd Edition December 2010, the standard that covers the minimum requirements for reciprocating positive displacement pumps for use in service in the petroleum, chemical, and gas industries. 

Rise of a New Sensing Technology: Leddar™

When LeddarTech developed its patented Leddar™ (Light-Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) technology a few years ago, the primary goal was to create an alternative to expensive, complex, or fragile sensing solutions. It had to be different, yet effective, rugged, versatile and economical.

You can’t see all particulates…

Air Quality for 800i

Hose Assembly Configurator from Elaflex

As there are hundreds of milliouns of possible combinations for its products, refuelling equipment specialist recently introduced interactive tools to configure products. Here is the newest one, the ‘Hose Assembly Configurator’. Combine hose type, end fittings and accessories.

Miniveyor Air VAF fans

Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the Miniveyor Air VAF fans can move contaminated air out of a confined space or building. The VAF fans and blowers are the professional choice for portable dust and fume extraction.

JSP awarded first ever BSI Kitemark for its Respiratory Protection Products

JSP has become the first – and only – company in the world to be awarded BSI Kitemark Certification on its respiratory protective products.

The prestigious Kitemark, one of the most recognised global symbols of quality, integrity and safety, demonstrates beyond doubt that JSP’s RPE meets the applicable British, European, international and other recognised standards for quality, safety, performance and reliability.


Ron Schornstein, President and Founder of Acustrip today announced the formal introduction of the Acustrip Metals Test® which will easily identify the presence of metals associated with wear and corrosion; Copper, Iron and Nickel .


Cleansing Service Group (CSG,) a leading provider of emergency spill containment and land remediation services, has launched a range of its own brand spill products.

The range, which includes absorbent pads and cushions, spill kits, drain mats and containment products, is specifically designed to deal quickly and efficiently with oil or chemical spills in factories and other industrial locations.

Industry Experiences Surge in Demand in Combining Safety Valves with Bursting Discs

A global leading company providing fire, explosion and pressure relief solutions is alerting companies to the substantial benefits gained from complimenting Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) with bursting (rupture) discs to further guard and enhance pressure relief systems in the process industries.

Keithley Programmable Power Supplies Offer a Step Up in Precision, Speed, and Sensitivity

CLEVELAND, OH – August 5, 2014 – Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, today introduced the Series 2280S Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies. Unlike conventional power supplies, Series 2280S power supplies are also sensitive measurement instruments with the speed and dynamic range essential for measuring standby current loads and load current pulses that battery-powered wireless, medical, and industrial devices produce.

Gas Detection from Past to Present

Testing for gasses has come a long way since the days when Victorian miners would take a canary down a mineshaft as an early warning indicator of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane or carbon dioxide.

The 19th Century scientist John Scott Haldene investigated mine explosions, which spurred him on to experiments with animals. He demonstrated that canaries show signs of distress when breathing in carbon dioxide.

This led to the Coal Mines Act 1911 which made it mandatory to use canaries in mines and surprisingly, this practice continued in Britain until 1987 by which time more sophisticated methods and testing equipment had been developed.

Stand 7B280 TRANSWAVE Converters – Where were you in 1984?

If your memory needs a jog, 1984 was the year Virgin Atlantic took its inaugural flight whilst Sony and Philips released the first commercial CD player. Band Aid was formed and Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was on its way to selling 37 million copies. In January of that year two other great innovations hit the market. Whilst Apple released the very first Macintosh desktop computer, Power Capacitors Limited launched the TRANSWAVE Converter ® to facilitate the use of 3-phase machinery where only a single-phase electricity supply is available. Operation of Woodworking and Engineering machine tools has accounted for over 60% of all converters sold in the period 1984-2014.

Huber high precision liquid thermoregulation from -120°C to +400°C.

Labtex have 20 years experience of sales and servicing the Huber range.

We offer immersion probes, bath circulators, laboratory thermostats, heating circulator baths, refrigerated circulator baths, UNISTAT hydraulically sealed circulators and chillers. More than 500 models with cooling and heating capacities from 100 Watts up to 130 kW allow scale up from research to production! Find out more about our bestsellers ministat®, unistat®, minichiller®, unichiller® and rotacool® which define the standards of temperature control technology.

Powder Power From Thermaset And Mallory Coatings

Tamworth based, powder coating manufacturer, Thermaset has its logo on the driver’s door of a TVR Sagaris GT race car, but you might be hard pressed to see it when Tim Hood is at the wheel and is driving past you at 200mph.

Document management company Synertec saves 80% on lighting energy costs thanks to MHA.

A LEADING document management company has reduced its lighting energy consumption by 80% thanks to a new LED solution from MHA Lighting.

Synertec, with sites in Warrington, St Albans and Bristol, is one of the first organisations within the UK to have installed the revolutionary new LightStar LED luminaire from MHA.

Pyreos demonstrates the world’s smallest Application Specific Spectrometer, utilizing our core sensors technology.

Pyreos announces the release of the world’s smallest spectrometer demonstration vehicle, measuring merely 4.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm and utilizing the companies pioneering Mid IR sensor technology offering extremely low power array sensors solutions. The spectrometer is a demonstration vehicle to enable application specific focus for consumers and customers alike.

Durable Roller Crusher – Now fully controllable using PLC technology for remote monitoring

GlenCreston-‘Leaders in Size Reduction have improved the design and function of their Roller Crusher.

It can be supplied with a new control box with PLC which allows remote monitoring and control of the crusher in process applications.

Part-system build service for OEMs: MiniTec’s full service (supply chain management) capability benefits Cobalt Light Systems

Abingdon-based Cobalt Light Systems develops products and technologies for non-invasive sub-surface chemical analysis and produces its INSIGHT100 table-top screening device for evaluating the chemical composition of liquids, powders and gels in glass or plastic containers.

Leddar™ Sensing Module Wins Gold for Best New Product of the Year at Best in Biz Awards 2014 International

LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology, is pleased to announce that its Leddar™ sensor module has been named the gold winner for Best New Product of the Year — Enterprise category in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts.

Registration now open for Lab Innovations 2014!

Free visitor registration is now open for Lab Innovations taking place on 5 & 6 November 2014 at the NEC, Birmingham. This year’s packed programme includes free inspirational seminars hosted by Campden BRI and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The flange protection challenge

The integrity of flanged connections is critical to the containment of fluids in a piping system. Loss of containment, whether in chemical lines such as hydrocarbons and gas systems or water distribution lines, will have significant environmental, operational and commercial impact, and could pose a serious safety risk. Flanges present a unique corrosion protection challenge because solutions must not only prevent corrosion, but also allow future access to fastenings in the event that maintenance or disassembly is required.

Do you buy gas detection system for your organisation or projects?

Confused when you do a web search and find innumerable sites offering an array of equipment.

Our UK and Overseas client base covers all areas of industry research and education.


The 55 l/min vane pump can be supplied with ac-dc or air motors.self contained pressure
bypass valve to prevent any backflow plus bultin pressure regualtor

Self priming and quiet running vane pump offers low noise pumping with any type motor.
55 l/min flow rates with pressures to 4 bars
self contained pressure regulation means the pump can find a place with both oem and prcess systems.

Controlling Your Condenser System Is a Breeze with Axair EC Fans

Reduced noise, reduced energy consumption and extended lifetime; just a few of the many benefits of running condenser fan systems at reduced speeds. Managing and controlling this variable speed can require a significant investment though, either through the installation of a separate regulator or by purchasing an expensive advanced system with an in-built control. With a Rosenberg condenser fan from Axair Fans UK, you are not required to do either.

Goodwin companies come through thick and thin to attain their world-leading capabilities

– helped by Accurate Cutting Services

Goodwin Steel Castings produces machined castings, of up to 16,000kg weight and for critical-duty applications, mainly for exporting. The company, which was established more than 130 years ago, provides industry-leading casting solutions through its advanced uses of alloys, while adhering to stringent quality standards such as NORSOK (petrochemical) and ASME NCA3800 (nuclear).

A wireless Bluetooth pressure transducer – a world first!

A truly original, market leading creation, The TDWLB series is the first pressure transducer in the world to feature wireless Bluetooth technology and it uses a patent pending design to connect transducers to tablets and smartphones through the use of a downloadable free app.

Higher Pressure Hydra-Cell pumps available

In response to customer requests and following extensive testing, Hydra-Cell® G35 high pressure, diaphragm pumps are now rated to 100 bar pressure. Conventionally the G35 has been rated with a maximum pressure of 83 bar and a maximum flow rate of 140 litres per minute.

Is your business harnessing the potential of barcode temperature technology?

   UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is advising process engineers and managers to harness the potential of barcode temperature technology to improve their temperature testing and monitoring regimes. “Combining barcode technology with high accuracy temperature testing is definitely the way forward,” argues, MD, Tom Sensier. “Among the many benefits for business and industry are improved flexibility, speed of measurement and data integrity.”


Nottingham. SIGMATEK, one of the leading manufacturers of complete automation systems for industrial machines and plant building, has opened a new branch office in Great Britain. English machine and plant builders can now be served quickly and locally.