Inelco Hunter Ltd presents the Amphenol Sine Systems A Series Connectors

A high-performance, cost-effective, compatible interconnect solution for a variety of applications

Amphenol Sine Systems A Series™ connectors encompass a wide range of products serving Heavy Duty, Transportation, Marine, Diagnostic, Military, Alternative Energy and Agricultural industries as well as spanning the gap between controlled to harsh environmental conditions. Amphenol A Series™ connectors are compatible and intermateable with Deutsch Connectors.

Small and powerful! Huber Unistats -125°C to +425°C

The compact Huber Tangos mark the entry level into the world of Unistat precision temperature control. Unistats are space-saving, simple to operate and can be used flexibly at working temperatures of -40°C to +200°C, ideal for a wide range of process applications.

Safety eyewear made lighter

Weighing in at just 16g, JSP’s new Stealth spectacle is claimed to be the world’s lightest safety eyewear. Said to be so light that most workers will not even know they are wearing it, the Stealth 16g uses the latest technology to offer high levels of eye protection, all-round vidion, and freedom from eye strain.

Sonatest launch a new flaw detector series offering choice, customisation and performance, Take a Closer Look

Sonatest Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the latest range of the Sitescan and Masterscan series of flaw detectors. Retaining the best features of the established series, the new range has evolved in response to the requirements of users and their applications, combining simplicity of use with improved capability and field proven reliability.

New IR Pyrometer for the glass and steel industry

MMS Electronics Ltd is distributing a new product range from Accurate Sensor Technologies. AST is one of the world’s leading companies in non-contact temperature measurements using infra-red sensors. Product range includes single wavelength pyrometers A250, economic pyrometers E250/E450, two colour (Dual wavelength) pyrometers 450C, multi wavelength special pyrometers (AB3000/P3000), fibre optic pyrometers for high ambient temperature or electromagnetic fields A250FOPL/A450FOPL, special pyrometers for the glass industry E450G-2/AL514 and pyrometers for non-metallic surfaces like wood, plastic, paper AL30/AL390, pyrometer for OEM applications (T2-250/450 and TL8)

Revolutionary Colour Change Technology Offers Solutions for Reliable Tamperproof Codings in Pharmaceutical Sector

Datalase Ltd, the leading laser reactive colour change materials company is proving invaluable to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in America which has seen in recent years, Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) working on several legislative measures designed to address weaknesses in the U.S. drug supply chain. This is primarily in response to the fungal meningitis outbreak linked to unsanitary conditions at a compounding pharmacy in Autumn of 2012 as well as concerns regarding counterfeit, falsified, substandard and dangerous prescription medication.

Advanced engineering benefits from highly accurate and reliable data acquisition equipment

HBM will showcase its extensive range of DAQ equipment on stand D96 at this year’s Advanced Engineering show. Key personnel will be available to demonstrate the latest products that meet the demands of high-quality engineering in the aerospace and automotive sectors for the swift and accurate capture of data combined with analysis, often in real-time, to ensure maximum efficiency.

HBM will demonstrate its CANhead channel system that is primarily aimed at the aerospace sector for measuring strain or force. The measuring chain includes HBM’s CANhead distributed amplifier system, U10M force transducers and the MGCPlus. The 10-channel CANhead amplifier modules can be installed in immediate proximity to measuring points while standard fieldbus cables connect the CANhead modules to a communication master.

H2scan to Supply ABB with Advanced Sensor Technology for Hydrogen Measurement in Contaminant Gas Streams

VALENCIA, CA – October 2, 2014 — H2scan Corporation, provider of the most accurate, tolerant and affordable process gas monitoring solutions for industrial markets, today announced the signing of a long term supply agreement with ABB, through PMU Quebec. The long term agreement calls for H2scan to supply ABB with advanced sensor technology for hydrogen measurement in refinery and contaminate gas streams. This new product, centered on H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 2700 and 1700 series monitors, will be offered alongside ABB’s FT-NIR process analyzers, in order to offer complete real-time measurement solutions for process control and optimization.

Economic recovery accelerates demand for engineering skills

SJD Accountancy UK’s largest accountant to contractors, freelancers, consultants and engineers, say that many more engineers are being sourced overseas than those sponsored for jobs on the UK National Shortage Occupation list

The number of non-EU engineers coming to the UK to address acute skill shortages has jumped by 36% over the past year, as the supply of specialised engineers fails to keep up with rising demand. This comes from data obtained by SJD Accountancy, the UK’s leading contractor services provider.

Internal and External Thread Fixing Tools are a Maintenance Dream

In a UK exclusive agreement with NES, Damar International are now selling the NES Thread Repair Tool. The internal tool and external tool eliminate the need for stocking taps and dies in the hope that one will fit a maintenance issue arising from damaged threads. NES thread repair tools save serious money by being quick and easy to use and avoiding spending on large quantities of taps and dies or power tools.

Damar’s managing director Brian Martin explained, “Minimising expensive maintenance downtime is essential for all plant and equipment users in all types of industry. There is nothing more annoying and productivity zapping than a damaged threaded fastener. The NES internal and external tools make short work of fixing these problems to keep productivity high at all times. They are a small investment that easily pay for themselves many times over.”

Mydax Is Bringing Laboratory Precision To The Industrial Market

Mydax has successfully designed, developed, and delivered three custom refrigeration chillers that utilize ultra-precision temperature control to Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

Lyncean Technologies, in Palo Alto, CA, developed the technology for a new local synchrotron X-ray source based on research at the SLAC National Laboratory and Stanford University. By using laser pulses to collide with accelerated electrons, the CLS (Compact Light Source) is a new breed of X-ray generating source that reduces the size of synchrotron equipment from tens of thousands of square feet to the size of a small conference room.

Niplast Tanks Take it Lying Down

Niplast has supplied two storage tanks to Suretank Ltd, the world-leading manufacturer of CCUs (Cargo Carrying Units) for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. The tanks, to be used to store sodium bromide and hydrochloric acid in the Caribbean, were commissioned by the customer in polypropylene rather than their usual steel construction, due to the highly corrosive nature of these chemicals.

Bülte presents its news Plastimont bodies CO 251 & CO 252

Just by inserting a nut or a screw, you transform a Plastimont into a handwheel/knob. All materials should match with this product: steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon… The body of these pieces is stain resistant, light and insulating: a good alternative to overmolded products.

The standard material is Polyamide (Nylon) which is resistant to various chemical products, has excellent mechanical properties including wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high melting point good impact resistance and is also very light. The working temperature range is -30 to +100°C.
Thanks to its special properties nylon is one of the best materials whatever the sector of industry you are in: military, medical, aerospace, railway, toy, food, chemicals, electronics, electrical, building…

Evatron’s Door Enclosures

With Solid and Transparent Doors, these competitively priced cabinets are manufactured in grey ABS HB to IP65 and come complete with a steel back plate, wall mounting brackets and lockable key.  Available in 8 sizes, the range is ideally suited for use in harsh, dry, dusty conditions, including applications in marine, gas, construction, telecommunications, lighting, automation, heating and ventilating.

Sensirion at the COMPAMED 2014 trade fair (Hall 8a, Booth H19.6)

Sensirion stands for innovative products, customer-specific solutions and excellent support. The company’s products conti-nually set new standards in various markets across the globe. At this year’s COMPAMED trade fair, Sensirion is presenting new and enhanced sensor solutions for measuring gas and liquid flow rates and differential pressure. Visit Sensirion’s booth to find out more about the products presented below:

How to eliminate 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures?

A major study into equipment reliability has shown 52% of bearing failures are caused by bearing oil, contamination and these failures account for 20.8% of all rotating equipment failure. LabTecta®66 with its dynamic lift technology helps eliminate these issues. This dynamic lift technology, allows the equipment to breathe when running, but is perfectly sealed when the equipment is stationary, preventing contamination of the bearing oil.

What you see is what you get…

The ERV Product Configurator from Elaflex makes it quick and easy to select and visualize the required expansion joint.
Rubber expansion joints are components for pumping and piping systems, suitable to compensate movements, noise and vibration.

Hydra-Cell T-Series Pumps have Lowest Life-cycle Costs

Originally conceived to handle severe pumping applications in the oil and gas industries, Hydra-Cell® T­-Series pumps from Wanner International are claimed to have the lowest Life-cycle Cost (LCC) of any high pressure pump in their class.

With options available that meet the requirements of API 674, Hydra-Cell T-Series seal-less pumps feature hydraulically balanced, multiple diaphragms in a single pump head. They are designed to replace packed triplex plunger pumps and their associated problems. They provide zero leakage, can run dry indefinitely without causing damage to the pump and can pump abrasive fluids effectively.

Doepke – HVAC equipment: Electrical installation safety

Electrical Distribution Faults – Making the right decision about existing wiring In 2012-13 20% of fires in non-residential premises, were attributed to faulty electrical equipment and their supply cables1. To see how easy it is for an electrical fire to start, refer to the bottom of Doepke Home Page “How RCDs prevent fire” Electrical specification, inspection and maintenance plays a key part in “Site Safety”, especially when planning to update or install new electrical equipment containing inverters.

De-ionisation Air Knives reduce costs and minimise rejects

Dust contamination is a huge problem in many areas of industry – especially where the product needs to be painted, decorated or laminated. Rectifying dust problems can have very large associated costs.

With operating cost savings of up to 70% and 50% greater efficiency compared to competitive solutions, Air Control Industries’ ‘De-ionisation Air Knives’ offer major benefits to users across industry. In addition, there is the resulting significant benefit of fewer rejects due to surface imperfections on finished products.

Dry air for high quality, hygiene and productivity

By precisely controlling air humidity, Munters desiccant dehumidification systems optimise conditions in production, storage and transport for pharmaceutical process.

It is widely acknowledged that in many situations “prevention is better than cure”. This is no truer than when controlling humidity levels in pharmaceutical production, where excess moisture in the air can have a significant impact on productivity, quality and hygiene.

Innovation in Quality Assurance: IR thermometer with automatic snapshot function

optris® CSvideo 2M and CTvideo series video pyrometers for visual process documentation

Trigger function with automatic snapshots

Temperature management is a key factor in industrial quality assurance. The digital infrared thermometers with video module optris® CSvideo 2M, optris® CTvideo 1M/2M and optris® CTvideo 3M come with the free optris® Compact Connect software, which is the optimum solution to this requirement. The built-in trigger function enables the automatic generation of snapshots at specified intervals (time-controlled) or upon reaching defined limit values (temperature-controlled).

Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves – Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves

Sliding gate control valves are easy to handle, compact, light and extremely precise. They provide accurate, fast and economic control of liquid, steam and gaseous media. At the heart of all sliding gate valves are two slotted discs, sliding across and against each other and forming a seal. One of them, the sealing plate, is permanently fixed in the valve body perpendicular to the direction of flow and has a certain number of transverse slots. The second disc, aligned so that it cannot rotate, has the same slot arrangement and moves perpendicularly to the sealing plate, thus changing the cross section of the flow. The pressure difference acts on the moving disc, forcing it against the stationary disc. This provides the seal in the sliding gate valve without the need for a metallic seat.

Smart vibration switch – Monitoring, display and recording of vibration values in one compact field unit.

New developments in vibration monitoring from sensor specialists ifm electronic are spearheaded by the VNB001, the first in a new line of compact yet powerful vibration sensors. For continuous online monitoring of machine condition, the VNB001 measures and displays the average vibration velocity (mm /s or in /s). Not only can a system such as the VNB001 help maintain reliable operation, but also monitoring by vibration severity to ISO 10816 can avoid unplanned down-time and costly consequential damage. Overall vibration velocity can be measured as peak-to-peak value (highest speed achieved or rms value (root mean square) amount of vibration energy, usually between 50…80% of peak amplitudes : the VNB001 offers both, with the default setting as rms. The measuring range in(mm/s) of the VNB001 can be set up to a maximum 500 and measurement values v peak or v rms  are in the ranges  2…1000 Hz (0…500 mm/s)   or 10…1000 Hz (0…50 mm/s), making the VNB ideal for machines with speeds between 120 and 600 rpm.

All-in-one safety gate system for PL e safety and efficiency

Pilz is launching the PSENsgate 2 safety gate system that combines safety gate monitoring (for prevention of unexpected startup), safe guard locking (to prevent access while hazards are present), various control elements, an emergency stop pushbutton (E-stop) and escape release (for personnel who become trapped in the hazardous area) all in one system, up to the highest category PL e as per EN ISO 13849-1 (BS EN ISO 13849-1 in the UK).

FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi Sensor solution makes data logging universally accessible

Salisbury, UK – 7th August 2014 – Corintech has today launched FilesThruTheAir™, a new comprehensive environmental monitoring solution combining advanced WiFi sensors with a remote Cloud-based data logging service. Measuring temperature and humidity, data logged on FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensors is universally accessible from any Internet enabled device through the FilesThruTheAir ™ Cloud-based monitoring platform.

Pressure Calibration validates Gauge Accuracy

Pressure calibrators may be handheld or bench instruments that contain pressure pumps and transducers internally or externally, and can measure and/or generate voltage, current and temperature, explains Barry Atkins, managing director of independent test equipment expert PASS Ltd.

HBMshop Online

It is easy for new customers to register. Simply click here for HBMshop and then either click on the “Log On” hyperlink on the left hand side of the web page or select “Log On” from the drop-down menu under “Your MyHBM Account” on the right-hand side of the web page.

Mydax CryoDax

With over two decades of experience and refinement of low temperature chiller / heater systems, Mydax has designed the CryoDax series of chillers to provide power and reliability for industrial temperature control applications.
With a temperature range of -70°C to +150°C available and cooling capacities from 2kW up to 15kW @ -50°C, the CryoDax series of chiller systems can meet the most demanding requirements. Temperature stability of ±1.0°C is standard with tighter stability specifications available.

Cirrus Research going for double header at Health & Safety events

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research are attending two key industry events in one day after confirming their attendance at the CIEH national conference on October 7-8th, as well as the Health & Safety North expo on October 8-9th.