The 55 l/min vane pump can be supplied with ac-dc or air motors.self contained pressure
bypass valve to prevent any backflow plus bultin pressure regualtor

Self priming and quiet running vane pump offers low noise pumping with any type motor.
55 l/min flow rates with pressures to 4 bars
self contained pressure regulation means the pump can find a place with both oem and prcess systems.

Controlling Your Condenser System Is a Breeze with Axair EC Fans

Reduced noise, reduced energy consumption and extended lifetime; just a few of the many benefits of running condenser fan systems at reduced speeds. Managing and controlling this variable speed can require a significant investment though, either through the installation of a separate regulator or by purchasing an expensive advanced system with an in-built control. With a Rosenberg condenser fan from Axair Fans UK, you are not required to do either.

Goodwin companies come through thick and thin to attain their world-leading capabilities

– helped by Accurate Cutting Services

Goodwin Steel Castings produces machined castings, of up to 16,000kg weight and for critical-duty applications, mainly for exporting. The company, which was established more than 130 years ago, provides industry-leading casting solutions through its advanced uses of alloys, while adhering to stringent quality standards such as NORSOK (petrochemical) and ASME NCA3800 (nuclear).

A wireless Bluetooth pressure transducer – a world first!

A truly original, market leading creation, The TDWLB series is the first pressure transducer in the world to feature wireless Bluetooth technology and it uses a patent pending design to connect transducers to tablets and smartphones through the use of a downloadable free app.

Higher Pressure Hydra-Cell pumps available

In response to customer requests and following extensive testing, Hydra-Cell® G35 high pressure, diaphragm pumps are now rated to 100 bar pressure. Conventionally the G35 has been rated with a maximum pressure of 83 bar and a maximum flow rate of 140 litres per minute.

Is your business harnessing the potential of barcode temperature technology?

   UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics (TME), is advising process engineers and managers to harness the potential of barcode temperature technology to improve their temperature testing and monitoring regimes. “Combining barcode technology with high accuracy temperature testing is definitely the way forward,” argues, MD, Tom Sensier. “Among the many benefits for business and industry are improved flexibility, speed of measurement and data integrity.”


Nottingham. SIGMATEK, one of the leading manufacturers of complete automation systems for industrial machines and plant building, has opened a new branch office in Great Britain. English machine and plant builders can now be served quickly and locally.


A former world record-breaking weightlifter and founder of an innovative health and safety business, which has revolutionised manual handling training, has been recognised as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2014.Davy Snowdon, Founder and Managing Director of Oxfordshire-based Pristine Condition, has been awarded an MBE for the business’s contribution to health and safety awareness and training in industries across the length and breadth of the country, and the significant reduction in workplace accidents as a direct result of their efforts.

EuroMixers – Mixing Technology

Euromixers IBC mixers quickly re-mix & re-suspend solids that have settled out during transport or storage.


The Use of Rapidox Oxygen Analysers in Industrial Nitrogen Gas Applications

Nitrogen gas is the most commonly used of industrial gases. It is used within a wide range of industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steelmaking and other metals refining. A selection of metal based nitrogen applications include annealing, sintering, brazing and hardening and tempering. By using nitrogen based process systems, product quality and consistency is greatly improved and the metal protected from oxidation. Benefits also include increased production in the form of faster start-ups and fewer process interruptions.

New Wireless Access Point Extends the Reach of EtherNet/IP, Eases Access to Production Data

Stratix 5100 wireless access point is ideal for remote and difficult-to-reach areas

To make accessing critical production data easier within the manufacturing enterprise, Rockwell Automation has launched the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 wireless access point (WAP) featuring a work group bridge. Unlike typical wireless clients that only connect a single IP address, the Stratix 5100 WAP enables engineers to connect up to 20 IP addresses simultaneously – helping reduce design time when integrating machines and equipment into the industrial control network.

JSP awarded first ever BSI Kitemark for its Respiratory Protection Products

JSP has become the first – and only – company in the world to be awarded BSI Kitemark Certification on its respiratory protective products.

The prestigious Kitemark, one of the most recognised global symbols of quality, integrity and safety, demonstrates beyond doubt that JSP’s RPE meets the applicable British, European, international and other recognised standards for quality, safety, performance and reliability.

Sapa in new offshore application

A lot of aluminium extrusions from Sapa are used offshore. System 2000 Group in England has just developed an extrusion-based application that protects employees during drilling operations and enables 100 percent drilling productivity.

Unistrut – What Price do you put on the Safe Operation of your Plant?

In this increasingly competitive market with copies and lower quality unbranded metal framing products and their lack of a traceable steel pedigree and certification, can you afford to run the risk of specifying or fitting non-safe products?

Yes it may look as though you save a few pence per meter up front, but when it gets right down to what’s important to you, those few pence saved could end up costing you far more when product performance lets you down and causes a failure or far worse a safety issue.

Best Practice Guide to Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion prevention in refineries and chemical plants has been, and still is, the subject of many studies, papers and web forums. Although significant progress in understanding corrosion has been made, the problem continues to present a major challenge in this industry.

MCERTS award for VOC emissions analyser

Quantitech has announced that the Sick 3006 portable VOC monitor has a new MCERTS certificate, valid to July 2019. The company’s Dominic Duggan says: “This is important news for any process that needs to report total hydrocarbon emissions data; MCERTS is essential for monitoring Part A processes, however, as a portable instrument, the 3006 is also ideal for Part B processes and stack testers in a wide range of industries.”

HBM wins long-term legal dispute against Zemic.

The long-term legal dispute regarding a patent infringement by Zemic Europe B.V has finally been decided in favor of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM). Zemic had copied characteristics of a load cell configuration with a special rotation stop for pendulum load cells and sold their own load cell configurations using these characteristics. They are however protected by a patent issued to HBM.

Agar Scientific

Agar Scientific specialises in consumables and equipment in support of all forms of microscopy within the Biological Science and Material Science related fields.

Heraeus Carbon Infra-Red Oven Improves Powder Coating Flexibility and Quality at SFS Intec

A three-zone, carbon infra-red medium wave oven from Heraeus Noblelight is helping SFS Intec to improve the flexibility and quality of its powder coating operations.

New paper provides practical advice for specifying temperature controllers

West Control Solutions, a global specialist in temperature and process control, has released new technical guidance on controller specification. The whitepaper is the latest in a series of useful downloads designed to give engineers practical advice for their temperature control applications.

Safe Storage of Drums & IBCs

For companies storing large amounts of hazardous substances DENIOS offers solutions that minimise investment costs without compromising on safety.

DENIOS IBC and drum storage systems offer everything that you need to store hazardous materials in large quantities in accordance with current legislation with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

InSmart – Keeping it Simple

Renfrew Group International – The Science of Design

The InSmart Artificial Pancreas is the result of a collaboration between designers at Renfrew Group International and Joan Taylor, Professor of Pharmaceutics at De Montfort University. The pancreas is an implantable device with the potential to end multiple insulin injections for sufferers of Type 1 diabetes – a large proportion of whom are at risk of over or under medicating with current treatment methods.

Blower engineered to operate at 180oC from ACI

Engineered for working in high temperature environments of up to 180oC, the Air Control Industries ‘EP10AH’ industrial blower is suitable for many applications too trying for many alternative units.

Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd

As the world’s largestindependently owned Forgemaster, Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd (SFIL) isrenowned globally for its steel production and engineering. Its Sheffield headquarters is one of the iconic landmarks of the City and has a history spanning more than 200 years. The vast River Don site currently employs around 800 staff.

Oldham Launches the BM 25 Wireless

Oldham, and IST Company, is very pleased to announce the launch of the exciting wireless version of the five-sensor transportable gas detector, the BM 25. As wireless capabilities reach new technological milestones, the integration of wireless gas detection systems in industrial applications is ever increasing.

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