Far Composites – a case study

Far-UK Ltd was established in 2012 to offer a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of lightweight structural composite components. The company aims to understand its customers’ problems and solve them using innovative composite materials. We aim to provide engineering solutions that out-compete existing materials by demonstrating good quality, low cost and reliable methods in production.

Guardian Roofs perform under pressure thanks to Sapa Profiles

The Guardian Warm Roof from Celuplast weighs the same as a conventional glass conservatory roof and can be installed on existing window frames, yet it transforms conservatory roofs into a solid, permanent roof. Using Sapa’s aluminium profiles, the roof can withstand extreme environments, including heavy snow loadings in the Scottish Highlands.

Are you maximising your Renewables?

Many owners of renewable energy solutions are missing out on 30% of their potential income. Calibrate Energy solve existing renewable issues resulting in a more profitable site in record time. Many land owners already have renewable technology installed and are disappointed with the results.

Latest industrial amplifier precisely measures torque and angle of rotation

HBM has launched its PX460 plug-in measuring card enabling torque transducers to be fully integrated in its PMX industrial measuring amplifier by giving dynamic and precise measurements of frequency, pulse, speed, angle of rotation and torque.

The PX460 amplifier plug-in card can acquire up to four torque transducers simultaneously with a measuring bandwidth of up to 6 kHz. In addition to torque, encoder signals of up to 2 MHz can be acquired with absolute precision in challenging industrial environments. Real time Ethernet fieldbuses such as Profinet, Ethercat or Industrial Ethernet ensure reliable integration of machine and plant control systems.

HBM releases upgraded digital charge amplifier

HBM has released an improved version of its CMD600-P digital charge amplifier that now features IP65 degree of protection facilitating its use in challenging industrial environments as well as in laboratory applications.

The CMD600-P digital charge amplifier also features an extremely compact design, high function density and can be positioned directly at the measuring point to measure forces or torques in extremely tough and often dirty environments. 

Using Light to Analyse, Engineer and Optimise

Understanding how structures respond to loads and their environment is of paramount importance for their successful design and reliable operation. Analyzing the strains, stresses, temperatures and deflections in a bridge during rush hour, a composite aircraft’s wing spar during a storm, or a high-end bicycle during the Tour de France is what allows engineers to predict a structure’s lifetime, increase its safety and optimize its performance.

FCO Communications Centre uses latest heat and power technology

Atlantic Boilers have supplied two Atlantic Euromax 1455kW large hot water boilers at Hanslope Park, Buckinghamshire – the home of Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre (HMGCC). The boiler’s three pass design gives balanced heat transfer and stable performance at low heat loads.

Roboteq Publishes Free Instructions and Video for Building Magnetic Track Guided Mobile Robot

Scottsdale, AZ May 5, 2014 – Roboteq, Inc., the leading developer of motor controllers for the mobile robots industry, publishes an application note and a demonstration video showing how to build an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) using only two Roboteq components: The MGS1600 Magnetic Guide Sensor, and the MDC2230 programmable dual channel DC motor controller.

Klüber Lubrication develops into the future

Since celebrating their 40th anniversary recently, West Yorkshire based  Klüber Lubrication – the world’s leading specialists in the provision of high quality lubricants – has had further success in the UK and Ireland.

Speciality lubricants are at the core of the business, and Klüber Lubrication aim to offer their customers expert solutions that are tailor-made directly to their requirements.

Latest measuring amplifier optimizes production and testing processes

HBM has introduced the PMX industrial measuring amplifier to facilitate rapid integration in a wide variety of production and testing processes by delivering an extensive range of web-supported operating options.

HBM has developed the PMX measuring amplifier system to ensure quality assurance and system integration in industrial production and in end-of-line test benches. All production data can be accessed via a password-protected web browser interface using an Internet-capable end device.

T-Cards Direct – Goes On-line

T-Cards Direct have over 35 years of experience manufacturing and supplying the most comprehensive range of T Cards and T Card Systems and their new web-based system takes it to another level.

Following two years of development the simplicity and clarity of the T-Card system has been launched online. T-Cards Online is one of the best business web based tools to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency. All the features and benefits of a traditional T-Card system are present plus additional unique features that can be realized using the online system.

Doing anaerobic digestion well

Ahead of UK AD & Biogas 2014 (2-3 July, NEC Birmingham), the UK’s only trade show dedicated exclusively to anaerobic digestion and biogas, ADBA has put together a series of ‘How to do AD well’ guides designed to help those involved or looking to get involved in AD to make key decisions on building and operating AD plants.

Explosion-proof is not the same as intrinsically safe

Ensuring that a device is explosion proof is obviously not as good as stopping an explosion in the first place, but not everything can be made intrinsically safe, particularly in the case of electric motors. In the case of test instrument enclosures there are significant differences, explains PASS managing director Barry Atkins.

More time, increased safety – the quality fire protection solution from DENIOS

With fire rated containers offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance, the door systems often seemed to fail but hazardous storage specialists DENIOS have solved this problem. In addition to the walk-in BMC container, DENIOS now offers the FBM storage container with REI 120 classification for the whole system – even for versions with sliding doors.

Business as usual as Culligan UK changes ownership

Culligan UK Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of industrial and commercial water treatment and filtration solutions has announced a change of ownership. As of April 1st 2014 we are transferring to a Culligan franchise operation. This change will bring the UK in line with the business model Culligan International operates throughout the world.

Vacuum Interrupters UK Is Your One-Stop Shop for Vacuum Interrupter Replacements, Repairs, and Testing

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., developer of the CE-compliant MAC vacuum interrupter test and circuit breaker timer (CBT) systems, is also the world’s leading supplier of CE-compliant replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, and replacement vacuum interrupter parts and components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

Vacuum Interrupters Introduces CE-compliant Third-Generation MAC-TS4 Test Set for Predicting Usable Life of Interrupters in the Field, Shop

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. is proud to introduce its new CE-compliant MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester, the only test set capable of predicting the remaining life of vacuum interrupters in the field or shop.

CBS ArcSafe Introduces CE-compliant Remote Switch Actuators, Operators for Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Centers

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – CBS ArcSafe UK’s CE-compliant Remote Switch Actuators (RSA®) and Remote Switch Operators (RSO®) are designed to allow service personnel to stand outside the arc-flash and arc-blast danger zone while operating electrical equipment, reducing or eliminating the need for a full-body arc-flash hazard suit.

CBS ArcSafe Introduces CE-compliant Remote Racking Systems for Circuit Breakers, Motor Centers to Keep Technicians Outside Arc-Flash Danger Zone

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – By permitting the automatic racking of circuit breakers and motor control centers from up to 30 meters away, the CBS ArcSafe® CE-compliant remote racking systems allow operating personnel to work from outside the arc-flash and arc-blast danger zones, reducing or eliminating the need for heavy, expensive personal protective equipment (PPE).

ACWA Does It Again With Another Hi-Tech, Low Carbon Solution For Center Parcs

ACWA has won a prestigious contract to upgrade the environmentally friendly wastewater treatment (WWT) system at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire.

The new project follows hard on the heels of an earlier contract in which ACWA has undertaken the design, construction and commissioning of a WWT facility at Center Parcs’ new Village, Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire.

ExVeritas Limited – Free training on the New ATEX Directive

FREE Update Seminar on the new ATEX Directive and the changes with CE Marking under the New Legislative Framework.

IsolatorCIP™ – CIP and WIP for Isolators and Gloveboxes

Suncombethe premier Cleaning In Place and hygienic process engineers – announce the release of the IsolatorCIP™, to provide a solution for automated Cleaning In Place and Washing In Place of Isolators and Gloveboxes.

LightWise IQ Smart Cameras – Why this feature set is ideal for Security

Surveillance and for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

LightWise Allegro USB3 Cameras

Why this feature set is ideal for Machine Vision and Microscopy & DNA Fluorescence Imaging

Scott Safety leads the way in workplace safety with a British Safety Council Award Win

Scott Safety, one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture and supply of respiratory, personal protection and gas detection equipment, has been recognised for its commitment to workplace health and safety by winning a coveted British Safety Council International Safety Award with Merit.