Industrial wiping made easy with new easi wipes®

Harrison Wipes are pleased to announce the launch of the barnd new easi wipes® Steadfast cloths, a cost effective alternative industrial wiping solution to the branded products currently within the market.

The range is available in 3 weights giving consumers the ultimate range flexibility for any of their different wiping applications. Whether it is wiping down tools or machinery, preparing surfaces or clearing spillages, easi-wipes® Steadfast is the ideal solution.

INTROTEK® INTERNATIONAL LP LAUNCHES its latest Non-Invasive Continuous Liquid Level Detector

Edgewood, New York — INTROTEK INTERNATIONAL, a global leader in the ultrasonic technology arena has announced the launch of their latest Non-Invasive CONTINUOS LIQUID LEVEL DETECTOR (“CLM”). The CLM delivers the answer for challenging non-invasive liquid level monitoring for a variety of fixed tanks and vessels comprised of, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum,Teflon, Plastic and Fiberglass. The CLM is designed to operate under a wide range of supply voltages and will effectively accommodate many different industries & applications.

Integrated safety functions

Moog’s family of programmable single- and multi-axis modular servo drives has been extended to include optional safety functions compliant with the EN 61800-5-2 safety standard. The new programmable servo drive also features Safety PLC capability that allows a complete safety solution to be implemented using the drive.

Powerful pumping system restores Iraqi sewers

A pumping system manufactured by leading UK high-pressure water jetting/pumping experts Hughes Pumps is being used by a specialist contractor in Iraq to clear and clean large diameter sewers, helping to restore a water and wastewater infrastructure that has fallen into disrepair.

The Hughes’ system, supplied through the company’s Middle East agent Action International in Dubai, comprises an HPS5000 pump with a performance of 775lpm at 250bar (205gpm at 3,625psi) driven by a 500hp Volvo diesel engine, and delivered in a crash-frame for mounting to a locally packaged truck in Iraq.


Martindale Electric, trusted by professionals, bring to their ever-increasing family of test instruments two new electrical testers: the ET5 and ET4 for accurate AC and DC current, voltage and electrical continuity testing. Aiming to make testing more convenient for all electrical professionals, the ET5 and ET4 come with a host of features, some of which are unique to these new models.

Further improvements to technically advanced rupture disc range

Elfab, Europe’s leading pressure-safety specialist, have further developed it’s already industry leading Opti-Gard™ rupture disc making it the only reverse-acting disc on the market to benefit from a 3% tolerance and an improved 97% operating ratio.

The financial and operational benefits of this design to customers are extensive. The 3% tolerance combined with an operating ratio of 97% increases the service life of the rupture disc and can reduce stock holdings by up to 65%. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with over 75 years manufacturing experience, Elfab are the first rupture disc supplier to increase an operating ratio from 95% to 97% while maintaining its unique 3% tolerance.

New guide helps to simplify pressure transmitter selection

Advice from ABB experts helps reduce the complexities of pressure transmitter selection find out how to select the right pressure transmitter for your application with ABB’s latest ‘How To’ guide. Titled ‘How to select the right pressure transmitter for your application’, the seven page guide covers the key factors to consider when choosing pressure transmitters and ancillary equipment.

New Heraeus Oven Combines Infra-Red with Convection and Optimum Quartz Glass Reflection

The new MAX oven from Heraeus Noblelight combines infra-red radiation with natural convection and optimum heat reflection to provide a compact and efficient solution for high temperature processes. The ovens can be matched exactly to the heating profile required, so that they offer increased capacity and improved product quality compared with conventional ovens, while saving space, time and energy.

Dividella’s new, innovative NeoTOP x packaging line is consistently targeted at the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

Everything is in motion. In the past few years, there have been countless innovations in the area of IT, new materials and technologies. The machinery sector too is affected by this. The industry demands equipment which is highly versatile, in the context of a growing market and increasing segmentation.

Quality Matters………….

LOGO FOR WEBSITEIndustrial engineering composites manufacturer Attwater has been undertaking customer satisfaction surveys since 1999 and year after year the results have shown that one of the company’s stand-out features is the quality of its products. These results are backed up by its numerous customer approvals and quality management system accreditation. Attwater’s historical approach to its quality management system started in the 1960s, with the company subsequently adopting MOD AQAP4, BS5750, ISO9002:1994, ISO9001:2008 in turn along with its current accreditation AS9100 Revision C aerospace system standard.

Quality director Dave Swarbrick explained: “We take quality very seriously at Attwater. We are audited regularly which enables us to give our customers confidence in our products and us.”

The new configurable series of EN approved 450W U-Channel AC/DC Power Supplies

Ideal Power now offer the new 30M(W)LT450 series from German-owned EOS. The 30M(W)LT450 is a family of 450 Watt U-Channel Enclosed / Chassis Cover AC/DC power conversion supplies available for Medical, Industrial and Commercial applications, with current sharing facility and fan assembly options.

Microreactor systems: Using Teledyne Isco Syringe Pumps

Teledyne Isco pumps have a range of uses in different industries.  One use was by the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Risk Management Research laboratory in Cinncinnati, Ohio who focuses on development of process intensified and green reaction strategies for pharmaceutical relevant reactions.  These high precision syringe pumps have been invaluable to this work in demonstrating organic chemistries in the Spinning Tube-In-Tube (STT®) reactor.  The reactions used with this type of system include the high-conversion synthesis of esters from acid anhydrides and alcohols, of imidazole-based ionic liquids and of dipyrromethanes.

Dialight’s New 125 Lumen per Watt Vigilant® LED High Bay Now CE Compliant

Next-generation LED High Bay is CE compliant for indoor and outdoor applications and features 10 year full performance warranty; Now available with medium and wide optics

Farmingdale, NJ (March 25th, 2014) – Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, today unveiled the new Vigilant® LED High Bay with industry leading efficiency for maximum return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. At 125 lumens per watt (LPW), the Vigilant LED High Bay is among Dialight’s most ground-breaking innovations providing up to 26,500 delivered fixture lumens and backed by Dialight’s industry-leading 10-year full-performance warranty for more than a decade of reliable, worry-free performance in the world’s harshest industrial environments.

New Nitriding & Nitrocarburising Furnaces Now In Place

Work on the final phase of Keighley Laboratories’ ambitious new heat treatment facility is nearing completion, with its state-of-the art nitriding furnace newly commissioned and undergoing production trials and its sealed quench gaseous nitrocarburising unit currently being installed. Ancillary process equipment, including a solvent degreaser and pre- and post-treatment washers for removing any surface contaminants, are also being integrated into the streamlined workflow arrangement.

Fluke Motors and Drives and Process Tools Seminars programme for 2014

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering a series of free Motors & Drives Seminars, and a series of Process Tools Seminars, as part of its programme of seminars for 2014 throughout the UK and Ireland. Designed to help maintenance technicians become more effective at troubleshooting motors and motor drives, or technicians / engineers to troubleshoot and calibrate process instruments, the seminars are part of the Fluke Academy programme which can be seen at

Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing from Eriez® blend simplicity and power to provide trouble-free, superior separation performance

Eriez® Easy-to-Clean Grates in Housing combine the extraordinary strength of Rare Earth magnet tubes with a simple design that makes cleaning as straightforward as opening a drawer. They provide ultimate protection against tramp metal contamination and offer dependable performance.

Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyser

The Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC oxygen analyser allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2. The analyser provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time of less than 5 seconds for a 90% response to a step change in gas compositions.

At the heart of the Rapidox 1100ZF-PFC is a zirconia oxygen sensor including an internal pressure sensor which compensates for small changes in gas pressure to keep the readings stable.

KUKA – 21% increase in production and a dramatically improved health & safety record

Vaillant Group is one of the world’s leading heating technology manufacturers, setting the standards in the heating market, including pioneering the ‘combi’ boiler. ‘Thinking ahead’ is a culture which is embraced throughout the business and Vaillant UK, based in Belper, Derbyshire wanted an innovative way to meet increased levels of customer demand in the UK – without increasing its labour costs. By introducing automation to the assembly of Heat Engines and palletising of Vaillant Boilers, Vaillant UK realised that it could make significant production improvements.

Heraeus Short Wave Infra-Red Speeds Up Tool Heating At Mettis Aerospace

Short wave infra-red emitters from Heraeus Noblelight have allowed Mettis Aerospace to reduce the time required for the heating of tools and dies used in the manufacture of high specification titanium aircraft components to one seventh of the heating times required by a previous gas system.  This has provided significant energy savings and improved controllability, as well as improved forging practices at the company’s Redditch site.

SWA – Gland Pack Evolution

Remember the last time you terminated an SWA cable? Struggling with two spanners or grips, tightening the thin locknut? With plastic enclosures, tightening the banjo earth tag between two locknuts and bending it to get a good earth using a nut and bolt in a confined space?

Professional electricians have for years had to overcome the problems of terminating SWA cables to metal and plastic enclosures with no quick or easy solutions – until now!

Unistrut – What Price do you put on the Safe Operation of your Plant?

In this increasingly competitive market with copies and lower quality unbranded metal framing products and their lack of a traceable steel pedigree and certification, can you afford to run the risk of specifying or fitting non-safe products?

Yes it may look as though you save a few pence per meter up front, but when it gets right down to what’s important to you, those few pence saved could end up costing you far more when product performance lets you down and causes a failure or far worse a safety issue.

Real-time results in under one minute with Metrohm NIRS Process Analysers

“Metrohm Process Analysers provide near real time process information while operating in the harshest of manufacturing conditions. Metrohm NIRSystems offer two types of process NIR technologies with several sampling options for analysing clear to opaque liquids and solids.”

HRS Heat Exchangers Launches a New Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

HRS has launched a new scraped surface heat exchanger to the market called the HRS-Rotex. The HRS-Rotex is a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger that brings new patent pending technology to the market. Traditional rotary scraped surface heat exchangers work on the principle of a tube in tube design and therefore are limited in capacity.

Alternative technologies to fluid switches: affordable, reliable and robust

Traditionally the use of float switches has dominated this market as the low cost solution for fluid level detection. Alternative technologies such as optical sensors have historically been viewed as desirable but too expensive. SST Sensing Ltd have taken the challenge to bring very reliable and robust optical fluid sensors into the market at a cost which is now comparable to float switches.

Seminars combine latest DAQ knowledge with invaluable hands-on experience

HBM On Tour 2014 – a series of technical seminars and workshops – is being held at the Williams Conference Centre in Oxfordshire on the 11th and 12th June to help update engineering knowledge on the latest DAQ techniques and equipment as well as giving delegates invaluable hands-on experience.