Reliability Programme Maximizes Gearbox Life

The number one failure cause in any mechanical application is contamination. Industrial plants have a big investment in their equipment and the lubricants protecting that equipment, so it makes sense to protect these assets.

A good lubrication reliability programme is one that prevents contamination, oil foaming, overheating and emulsification – all caused by use of the wrong oil leading to lubricant failure and mechanical wear.   

Follow these six steps to significantly reduce your maintenance, repair and lubricant costs, and free up your maintenance team to engage in more proactive reliability activities:


  1. Install desiccant breather
  2. Install sight glass
  3. Select the right high-performance gear oil
  4. Implement oil analysis
  5. Filter to 17/16/13 cleanliness code
  6. Implement colour-coding & tagging

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