SuperCORR A protects and lubricates Contacts on the new Charge/Sync Cable from Lifedge

SuperCORR lubricant and protective coating widely used by the military, electronics and aerospace industries for critical applications is used to protect contacts on the new Lifedge lightning connector to USB cable to offer the protection needed in extreme conditions. SuperCORR deposits a dry protective film with excellent corrosion protection and lubricant properties plus the added advantage of a hydrophobic surface rejecting water that ensures the easiest and best connection for the very close spaced connectors.


Lifedge is the world’s first 100% waterproof, rugged Lightning to USB cable  for charging and mobile connections whatever the weather or conditions.  Developed for use in all outdoor activities including sailing, hiking, military, naval, surveying or other challenging uses.  With an ultra-durable outer coating that will never fray and double-moulded, super-tough plugs, charging, downloading and data transfer is improved even in the most extreme and  difficult conditions.

During the design of this new cable an extensive test programme, devised by Jeff Knapman head of design at Scanstrut, manufacturer of the Lifedge cable, was carried out to ensure the contacts were protected from corrosion in the salty and hostile environments in which the Lifedge connectors are used.

SuperCORR dry lubricant widely used for critical applications in military, electronics and avionics industries proved to offer the protection needed. SuperCORR prevents or delays corrosion and possible failures.

Earlier testing by a major electronics connector manufacturer recognized that SuperCORR is a lubricant formulated with corrosion preventive compounds, and as is the case with all “lubricants” will be worn off over time. SuperCORR was tested to see what the “life” of the lubricant was in a “rub test”. The typical test is 20,000 cycles, i.e. unplug, plug in is one cycle. The test results demonstrated that after 20,000 cycles there were no failures. It was decided to take it one more step and run the same tests for 200,000 cycles. The results again showed no indications of galling or scoring on the USB connectors which looked and performed as good as new.

The extensive testing during the design of the Lifedge connectors validated the original tests and confirmed SuperCORR will ensure the customer has the most reliable and easy to use connector, in often demanding circumstances. The robust Lightning and USB metal connectors are coated with SuperCORR  patented anticorrosion treatment for complete protection against the elements, whilst an integrated O-ring ensures IP66 waterproofing when charging with the Lifedge iPhone case. The cable is also compatible with protective cases from other leading manufacturers.

Officially approved by Apple for use with iPhone, iPad and iPods SuperCORR helps to bring new freedom and reliability with the Lifedge Ultimate Charge/ Sync Cable.

SuperCORR is available as an aerosol spray and in bulk containers for brush and dip coating.

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