Working in Confined Space and Local Exhaust Ventilation

The combination of dependable power and practical design makes the Miniveyor Air VAF series fans and ventilators from VAF Air Ltd the professional choice for portable dust and fume extraction.

Rivalling the more common metal bodied fans, the VAF range can outperform them and offer many more advantages. Designed with a twin wall, rotationally moulded fan body, made from high density polythene, means the products can absorb bangs frequently experienced with industrial use, eliminating costly maintenance procedures. Compare this with conventional metal bodied fans that typically don’t last very long in the workplace, as the sheet metal bodied fans tend to dent easily when knocked, so they will need replacing. The plastic moulded fans from VAF Air are highly resistant so they can last a much longer time. Additionally, all the parts are replaceable so if anything does get damaged then they can be changed easily.

As they are stackable, less storage space is taken up, and large handles enable effortless manoeuvrability. Anti-skid rubber feet ensure steady operation, and the rugged build of the machines means they are durable and weather resistant.

The portable Miniveyor Air VAF series fans from VAF Air work on both positive and negative air flow, so are equally at home extracting as well as blowing and are great for ventilating confined work spaces.

When working in confined spaces it is recommended that you change the air at least 20 times per hour, or once every 3 minutes, and that you not only extract the air but also utilize a blower to push clean air into the work space.

New for 2018 is the VAF-EF400 which is designed to push large volumes of air into a hard to reach areas or through ducting. Driven by a precision balanced, cast aluminium 17 blade turbo impeller, the VAF-EF400 delivers a whopping 10,360 m³ of air per hour.

For work areas where an intrinsically safe solution is required then the air driven, VAF-300P pneumatic fan is the answer, coupled with Static Conductive flexible ducting, can provide 3400m³ per hour air flow. The VAF-300P is supplied with a mounted filter, regulator and lubricator unit.  Later in 2018, a larger air powered VAF-400P-FRL will be available to further extend the range.

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