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When drilling holes, the annular cutter works faster than twist drills and leaves clean, burr-free holes with efficient chip clearance, less chatter, decreased cutter breakage and increased drilling productivity without pre-drilling or step-drilling.

Karnasch HARD-LINE carbide-tipped annular cutters are available from ATA Garryson in cutting depths of 40mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm and 150mm, in diameters from 12mm to 200mm.


GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is a proprietary material that works where traditional bearings often fail.  It is particularly useful where petroleum lubricants cannot be used, for example, at high temperatures and in submerged applications.

Imagine needing an extrusion, but in steel or stainless steel. How could that be made?

Welser customers use our world leading roll-forming technology to take steels, stainless steels and other materials to the next level – thousands of metres of tightly toleranced, bespoke metal profiles designed specifically to meet their requirements.

Croft Filters – High quality bespoke filtration solutions

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 34 years who specialises in providing high-quality bespoke filtration solutions. The Company supplies a variety of industry sectors, ranging from Chemical, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation to the Engineering industry.

SICK’s on the Level with its CQF Capacitive Sensor

Compact, economic and quick to install, SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be detected in non-metallic vessels, tanks or pipes.

The robust, ECOLAB-certified SICK CQF16 level sensor is supplied with a one-clip mounting bracket that can be fastened securely to the wall of any pipe or container. Using the capacitive measurement principle, it accurately detects water-based media regardless of foam, moisture or deposit build-up on the inside of the vessel.

As long established specialists in metal presses and used machinery dealers, International Power Presses, a division of Hulbert Engineering Ltd, is a private company owned by the Knowles family and has been in the power press business for over 50 years.

We are founder members of the EAMTM (European Association of Machine Tool Merchants) and specialise in buying and selling used hydraulic and mechanical power presses, press lines and associated equipment, including complete factories, principally for the automotive and white goods industries on a worldwide basis. We work with all brands of mechanical and hydraulic presses, including Benelli, Danly, Muller Weingarten, Wilkins & Mitchell and SMG, amongst others.

Powerful 3D Vision: The new Ensenso N camera models are compact, lightweight and collaborative

The Ensenso N-Series is a compact and robust 3D camera system designed specifically for 3D applications in robotics and automated series production. Thanks to IP65/67 protection, it is also well-suited for use in harsher environments. The camera family is now being expanded by the new N40 and N45 models. They feature a novel design both inside and outside. Lightweight and with rounded edges, they open up new application possibilities, for example in collaborative robotics.


Weighing only 20g, the extremely lightweight Riley RILETTO ULTRA-LITE™ safety glasses keep wearers comfortable for long periods. The athletic design features a wraparound style for a panoramic field of vision while durable polycarbonate lenses keep your eyes protected from impact and ultraviolet rays. A moulded nose pad and embossed side arms provide a secure fit to your face. The anti-fog coating stops misting when using a face mask or in areas of humidity.

Mixing by vibration for faster and gentler mixing

For sensitive products which need to be treated gently vibrating mixers are ideally suited. The FUNDAMIX® is a state of the art vibromixer which offers a number of advantages which can increase yield and mixing efficiency, especially when low shear forces are required.

Download free 3D-models, textures and HDRIs from DOSCH DESIGN Immerse yourself in the fascinating field of visualization!

Get to know the most important tools and functions of DOSCH DESIGN with the free samples. Whether fully usable 3D models like vehicles or people, textures or VIZ-Images, the many illustrative sample files will delight you. The free models offer a practical introduction to modelling, texturing, animation or rendering. They are perfect for 3D designers or CAD experts who want to test the quality and application possibilities without obligation.

High performance lubricants and greases for special applications

With its HQ and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant based in Stoke-on-Trent, FUCHS LUBRITECH (Speciality division within FUCHS LUBRICANTS (UK) plc), manufactures high performance lubricants and greases for special applications.

Within the comprehensive product portfolio is CASSIDA, the NSF H1 registered food grade lubricants range, this being the first food grade lubricant range to receive ISO 21469 certification, it is pleased to add CASSIDA Chain Oil XTE to its CASSIDA food grade range.

Aliaxis UK release a new lightweight ECU for their PLX Pipework System!

Continually striving to offer improvements to customers, Aliaxis have enhanced their range of Electrofusion Control Units tailored for their plastic pipework system for fuel; PLX.

Launched in direct response to customer feedback, they have introduced a new, lightweight ECU machine, designed to offer choice and flexibility to installers and complement their existing offering.

Air conditioning evaporator units for use in Zone 1

Zone 1 air conditioning units are not only used to create a comfortable climate but mostly for temperature control of storage rooms for volatile substances and the use in battery rooms. The demand for these air conditioning units is gradually increasing and the number of practically applicable systems is scarce. With the introduction of the China Export marking, systems from the Far East are often mistrusted and the industry is looking for reliable partners.

Heat exchangers help find chocolate’s sweet spot

Tempering, or the controlled heating and cooling, of chocolate is an essential step in the manufacturing of chocolate and has traditionally been carried out in batches and much of the industry is still very traditional, sometimes using technology that has changed little in hundreds of years. However, one forward-thinking UK chocolate supplier has introduced a new system for tempering its chocolate, based on the HRS R Series of scraped surface heat exchangers.

Eclipse 700 – Guide Wave Radar Level Transmitter

The Magnetrol Eclipse® Model 700 Transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that is based upon the proven and accepted technology of Guided Wave Radar (GWR). Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this leading-edge level transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well beyond that of many of the more traditional technologies.

316L Stainless Steel Filters You Can Rely On

Axium Process has developed its range of hygienic stainless steel filters ensuring ease of use, simple maintenance, dependability and outstanding quality is at the forefront of its design.

The standard filter range is available with short delivery times in order to meet customer demand and has a 90 degree or in-line housing option with fully interchangeable and replacement elements.  The elements, which can be safely removed without specialist tooling, cleaned or steamed in place and quickly put back into service reducing unnecessary downtime, are available in wedge-wire, sintered mesh and perforated tube providing a filtration range from 5 microns up to 8000 microns.

Almatec® C-Series – the Cost-Effective Plastic AODD Pump

In 1984, Almatec® introduced its AD Series AODD Pump to the processing market. AD Series pumps were truly revolutionary as they featured an industry-first compact “closed” design that made them Almatec’s trademark model. However, a recent industry trend toward developing and offering cost-effective pumps prompted Almatec to consider the creation of a less expensive alternative. The result is the new Almatec C-Series AODD Pump, which is being billed as the “New Original.”

Welcome to Davall

Davall, an AS9100 RevD accredited company, focused on design and manufacture of high precision geared products [since 1885]. Davall has a design team supported by the latest generation computer technology software. Davall’s production history has provided experience in the manufacture of precision gears, gearboxes and geared systems.

Introducing the FLIR A6780 Mid- and Longwave Thermal Cameras

The ability to accurately measure thermal events over a wide range of targets and temperatures is vital for industrial, military, and manufacturing research and development applications. Today FLIR introduced the FLIR A6780 in two models, the A6780-MWIR (midwave infrared) and A6780-LWIR (longwave infrared) camera systems to make those tasks easier to execute.

DIN11864 and DIN 11853 Aseptic Unions for Orbital Welding

DIN11864 and 11853 unions were developed to meet the exacting needs of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  This range of unions has been developed from the three most common systems used in the hygienic and sanitary industries; namely the “Aseptic” screwed union to DIN11864-1; the “Aseptic” flange union to DIN11864-2 and the “Aseptic” clamp union to DIN11864-3.

Beam is an engineering company involved in the design, development and production of electronic and software instrumentation products.

Our new BMeasure-125i unit is a flexible and powerful system for data acquisition, data logging and control in the laboratory, industrial and remote sensing arenas. We like to think of the unit as a flexible Swiss army knife of data acquisition and logging. The unit can sit alongside industrial PLC’s acquiring accurate and fast moving data from numerous types of data sources.

Appliance / Automotive / Truck & off highway / Aerospace & Defense

  • Reduce installation force
  • Reduce park breakage
  • Reduce worker injuries
  • Improve product performance
  • Temperorary once dry the lubrication is gone

Laser welding of otoscopes and other reusable medical instruments


The production of specialized medical instruments such as otoscopes often involves only small to medium batch sizes that frequently incorporate a large number of optional variations. The fabrication is often performed at contract welding companies. These contract shops therefore require machines that are particularly flexible with short set-up times and that support a wide range of welds – from µm to mm welds.

Innovative lifting and handling solutions from palamatic

Palamatic boasts over 30 years of experience in materials and powder handling, placing it at the cutting edge of lifting and handling solutions for all manufacturing industries.

As a leading expert in handling solutions, palamatic offers an extensive range of equipment which includes vaccum tube lifting systems, support gantries, automatic sack opening machinery and bespoke handling solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. In addition to this, palamatic also keeps spare parts in stock for standard systems.


Muller Coax have developed a patented energy saving valve which can offer up to 80% power saving on similar sized valves.

The new green line series has been specially developed as an energy efficient series of solenoid valves. For this reason, directly controlled standard valves from Muller coax has been paired with completely new patented control electronics within the terminal box.

How leasing can support business development when cashflow is tight

How do you invest in the equipment your business needs during uncertain times? Finance leasing from AJ Products can provide the answer.

Even when cashflow is tight, businesses need to be able to invest in the future by having the right equipment to maintain safe and efficient work practices throughout the company.

Menzel Great Britain – backing for customers during testing times.

During the recent lockdown period, Menzel Great Britain has served UK customers in emergencies, backed by a unique stock base from Menzel Elektromotoren, Berlin.

A challenging but rewarding time for Menzel GB, who over the last quarter have supported customers in need from all areas of the UK serving such varied industries as Cement, Mining, Water Industry, Petrochem, Steel, Landfill and Biomass Power.

Universal video borescope for inspection of cavities

Borescopes enable quick and non-destructive visual inspections in cavities that are otherwise not accessible. Due to the various fields of application, there are many different devices with a wide range of features. The new video endoscope PCE-VE 800N4 from PCE Instruments with its small and powerful camera offers best conditions for a thorough inspection of cavities which are difficult to access.

AI-based image processing without prior knowledge

Deep learning opens up new fields of application for industrial image processing, which previously could only be solved with great effort or not at all. But the fundamentally different approach to classical image processing also causes new challenges. Therefore, IDS presents an all-in-one embedded vision solution. Thanks to IDS NXT ocean, every user can implement AI-based image processing in just a few steps without the need for programming knowledge.

6 Steps to Reuse Wastewater and Reduce Operation Costs

Welcome to VentilAQUA. The restart of the business after these pandemic restrictions brings new challenges to the companies. However, despite the difficulties and the hard work to do, companies still have to comply with the legal regulations, and for the sake of us and the sake of our future, you should still look in ways to reduce environmental footprint and improve treatment efficiencies. We can help with that. We believe that, together, we can make a better place to live. Let us explain how:

Visible efficiency for process automation : VEGA extends its level and pressure device portfolio

New compact VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches mean VEGA is now a full-range process automation level and pressure supplier. These new lower-priced instruments are designed for standard applications – in line with the latest industry demands.

High cost savings through online condition monitoring and automatic lubrication of flood pumps

Floods are a major challenge for many countries today. Over the last few years, the UK has suffered badly from a series of violent storms that caused widespread flooding – both in terms of coastal areas and river floods. Industry experts predict that due to the effects of Climate Change, these types of storms are likely to continue over the next decade and beyond, with the economic cost to the UK being as high as £6 billion.

Pharmaceutical and biotech experts of Körber Group present joint portfolio in 24/7 online virtual showroom

Hamburg, September 11, 2020 – One of the leading solution providers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is bundling its competencies and presenting itself on the market with immediate effect under the Körber brand. This means: Medipak Systems becomes Körber. The new market presence is going to be celebrated with a virtual showroom, where customers from all over the world will be able to learn more about Körber‘s growing portfolio in Pharma.

The Newtec Mini Weigher:

Accurate weighing of small, fragile convenience food

The Newtec 2008PCM Mini Weigher has become a popular choice for accurate, high-speed weighing of a range of processed food products such as fresh and dried fruit, snacks and small frozen foods. The engineer behind the technology explains why. Newtec has been a leading manufacturer of weighing, sorting and packing equipment since the 1970s. When the company and its dealer JASA realised the demand for a weighing machine that could gently handle multiple portions of small processed food products and combine them in a ready-to- eat package, Newtec’s mechanical engineer and Head of Construction Department, Bo Zierau immediately got involved with the project.

Don’t get complacent when it comes to Arc Flash

For those working in the industrial electrical sector, the risks of Arc Flash incidents have always been better understood than in many other industries. Working with high and low votalges on a daily basis means that knowledge across the sector is noticeably higher compared with similar industries that are also at risk of the danger. However, it appears that there’s a new danger emerging when it comes to Arc Flash, which takes the shape of a false sense of security.


Right along the oil and gas supply chain – from extraction through to delivery to the end user – safety is the number one concern.

When an operator wants to isolate a pipeline, whether this is part of the routine operation of a facility, to carry out maintenance, or in response to a potential crisis, it’s critical that the valve used is 100 per cent effective.