Safety at an attractive price

Leuze has extended its ELC range of safety light curtains. The ELC150 has additional resolutions and improved operating ranges. The range is readily available with extremely competitive pricing and are very quick and easy to install and integrate.

For a cost-effective machine design
With the new devices, Leuze offers optoelectronic safety technology for a cost-effective machine design. The robust ELC safety light curtains focus on the key features. They can be used in various applications, for example, guarding machine openings where parts are fed in manually. Their high resolutions of 14, 17 and 30 millimeters reliably detect fingers and hands. The protective field extends to the edge of the housing. As a result, the devices can be mounted flush to the machine without any dead zones. The cable outlet is specially constructed to allow easy integration of the devices into the machine design and can be oriented in any direction. The safety light curtains are also optimally designed for access guarding on machines and systems and thanks to their high shock resistance, the safety light curtains are also suitable for safeguarding points of operation on presses.

Easy to install, with no configuration

The simple mechanical and electrical design enables quick installation of the devices. A practical feature is the multi-level alignment display, which can be used to quickly mount the devices with optimum alignment. The bright LEDs are highly visible right from the transmitter and together with swivel mounting brackets allow the devices to be quickly and easily installed and aligned. Connection via the 4-pin cable is also particularly easy with no configuration required.

Robust in operation

The design of the ELC safety light curtains ensures reliable operation. The housings are made entirely of metal. The raised side walls protect the front screen. Thanks to intelligent beam evaluation with object tracking, the devices operate reliably, even in demanding environments debris or sparks. The devices are also particularly resistant to shocks and vibrations.

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