New methods of free explosion pressure relief

Intelligent explosion protection does not necessarily have to be expensive or complicated. An innovative technology makes it possible to divert the shock wave and flames of an explosion in a controlled manner. The result being that the required safety area is reduced, and spaces that are freely available are increased. People and machines are protected in the best possible way.

In contrast to their consequences, explosions are only discernible to a limited extent by sight alone. They happen within a few milliseconds, yet leave behind considerable damage. Different approaches of explosion protection are implemented to limit this damage.

Bursting discs are often used in facilities where relief of the explosion in the surrounding area is possible. Bursting discs are relief fittings, which are extremely economical and relatively easy to manage. However, this type of traditional explosion pressure relief presents a big problem for many facility operators – extensive safety areas have to be set up around the relief area to protect people and machines. These areas cannot be used.

TARGO-VENT is an opening angle limiter developed especially for bursting discs, which guides the pressure relief specifically into areas, in which there is no danger for the adjoining infrastructure.

It dynamically and progressively cushions the bursting disc situated beneath it, and can therefore also assimilate large kinetic forces resiliently. The damper absorbs the enormous repulsive forces of the explosion energy and guides the flames and shock wave in the desired direction.

Depending on what’s required the flames and shock wave are diverted at a defined angle of approx. 30° to approx. 45° upwards or to the side. Facility operators can therefore minimise the safety areas around the vent opening. The utilisable area is increased.

A further advantage of TARGO-VENT: the top module is made in all the usual bursting disc sizes, so that retrofitting in existing units can be undertaken without a problem. Conversions or new buildings are protected by TARGO-VENT without the explosion protection concept of the existing facility having to be significantly altered.

TARGO-VENT is assembled on the bursting disc in a space-saving manner. There is no need for expensive baseplates or reinforcements. The system is made from maintenance-free stainless steel materials and, in combination with REMBE® bursting discs and pressure relief panels, is type-tested in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 114) and authorised in accordance with (FSA 13 ATEX 1637).


TARGO-VENT in action

A chipboard facility in Venezuela is already convinced of the advantages of TARGO-VENT. A new warehouse was built there several years ago. Due to a lack of space buildings had to be erected directly next to an existing filter unit with an integrated bursting disc. The safety areas for the explosion pressure relief of the filter were therefore no longer available. With no practicable alternatives the owner decided to attach deflector plates, knowing full well that this was not a satisfactory solution. In Autumn 2013 the operator became aware of the TARGO-VENT system. Enthused by this new solution he found various applications within his plant. In addition to protection of the new warehouse some in-house traffic routes could also be better safeguarded.

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Written by Dr Justin Steele-Davies, Academic Lead, Engineering, University of Derby Online Learning