Trant Engineering Ltd

Established in 1958, Trant has a long history of engineering excellence, delivering high quality multi disciplined services across the UK and Internationally. Our integrated management systems registered to BSI standards ensures consistently good performance, leading to repeat business within our prime sectors of Process & Water, Energy, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Defence.

Reliability in space applications

  • Tin whisker mitigation
  • Alloy Conversion
  • Security and Authenticity

Improve Efficiency and Performance with Low Power Valve Technology

Emerson offers ASCO™ low power solenoid valves that enable lower operating costs, support remote operations, and minimize drain on power sources. With wattages as low as 0.48 watts, these valves deliver precise actuation, unrivaled reliability and energy efficiency for a variety of applications in the process, industrial, and commercial industries. Our ASCO low power valves minimize power generation and power storage equipment size, resulting in considerable savings. From plant control systems to isolated installations – turn to Emerson for low power solutions.

Making a splash with power connectors

Bulgin helps Aqua Control Inc. find a reliable solution for challenging underwater conditions

Man-made water features are a pleasant sight in any environment. They range from small cascading ponds with tinkling fountains to large water features that pump powerful streams of water into the air to the accompaniment of coloured lighting. Whether they are installed in public places as an attraction for all to behold or purely for personal enjoyment at home, water features offer a range of subtle benefits to health and wellness.

More cheese please: Inspection efficiency on the incline at automated cheese factory

With a high rate of automation in its two Dutch cheese factories in Bodegraven and Oudewater (close to Gouda), Vepo Cheese prides itself on production efficiency. Slicing, grating, cubing, portioning and packaging millions of kilos of hard cheese a year, the third generation family business recently upgraded all of its production lines with a new incline layout comprising seven highly sensitive Interceptor Metal Detectors from Fortress Technology.

PrintForce – Biggleswade

Paramount Waste have recently collaborated with Capital Compactors and National Paper Recycling to install a paper and dust extraction system into Printforce in Biggleswade for their new Kolbus KM200 binder, Horizon 3 knife trimmer, Kolbus HD/HD 3 knife and guillotine.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Couplers and Adapters

Bee Valve Inc. manufactures a complete line of versatile Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) cam couplers and adapters. This material is partially applicable where ultra high purity or UL94-VO listing is required. PVDF is also resistant to chemicals such as halogens and strong acids, even at higher temperatures. PVDF couplers/adapters are the preferred choice for corrosive chemical, ozone and high radiation applications. PVDF couplers/adapters also offer lubricity and durability.

GTM granted patent for force-acceleration transducer

Innovation to aid suppliers and operators: future-proof dynamic test rigs thanks to flexible application

GTM Testing and Metrology GmbH, the internationally leading metrology supplier, presents its latest patented invention: a combination force-acceleration transducer that allows compensating for acceleration forces in dynamic measurements on test rigs. “Our innovation provides extra flexibility because you can use it for varying testing scenarios,” says Christoph Seipel, who handles development of dynamic force transducers at GTM and invented the new solution. The invention, which will benefit test rig suppliers and operators, was granted protection under patent by the European Patent Office on 20 September 2019.

ESAB launches first portable wire feeder with ip44 protection class rating for extreme durability

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products today introduced the Robust Feed Pro portable wire feeder, the first product in its category with an IP44 protection class rating, which means it is protected against water splashes from all directions, as well as solid objects larger than 1 mm.

Go Beyond Metal Detection Benefits of Integrated System Solutions

Having a reliable and highly sensitive metal detection system within a production line is important, especially in the current climate. It allows manufacturers to fulfil their basic regulatory requirements by providing a fully tested solution for detecting metal contaminants, increasing consumer safety and quality assurance.

VPG Transducers Introduces Agribar Load Cell for Agricultural Industry Weighing Applications

The VPG Transducers brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG), global designers and manufacturers of standard and custom force, pressure, torque, load, tension and weight sensors, today announced the introduction of its Agribar™ load cell (model 5330). The Agribar is a heavy-duty, single-ended bending beam load cell, which has been specifically designed for use in the agricultural industry with the capability to have a CAN bus option.

Spiroflow’s CTE bulk bag filler – the ideal solution for powdered milk and dairy products

As milk and dairy products are dried for supply chain convenience, powder aeration typically results in poor densification during bulk bag filling, creating instability of bags in storage. In recognising this, bulk materials handling specialists, Spiroflow, has developed their Cone Table Elite (CTE) bulk bag filler solution – one of the most versatile and capable bulk bag fillers in the industry.


Designed specificially with critical cleaning in mind, Sontara® offers performance you can trust.

Superb mechanical strength, excellent absorbency and extremely low lint are just some of the features that make Sontara wipes so well renowned.

AMAP Sunderland Develops Laser Cut Door Opening Devices to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

A team of engineers at the University of Sunderland’s Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) have come up with some clever products designed to help prevent the spread of Covid 19.

The laser cut gadgets allow people to open doors without having to touch handles with their hands. The designs have been created initially to support a local care home provider for which AMAP are making 600 pieces using the University’s Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter.

TLV: A steam specialist company

Established in Japan in 1950, TLV has grown to become a world authority in steam engineering products and services. TLV now counts companies in 12 different countries and offers products through over 100 distributors worldwide.

Parker Bioscience ‘filter-out’ the alternatives and choose IndySoft

Employing approximately 58,000 people globally, Parker Hannifin is the world leader in Motion and Control technology. The company’s products and services cover areas including, aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control and filtration.

SpotLight – The Huck® Penta-Lok® Lightweight Panel Fastener Innovation in fastening technology

The Huck Penta-Lok structural fastener has come to the market driven by the need for a fastener specifically designed for the lightweight panel market; a material used increasingly in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to its high pull-out strength, Penta-Lok is suited for use within thin materials or delicate composites.

“We recognised a gap in the market for a mechanical blind fastener that can be quickly installed in the multiple variations of sandwich, ridged and composite panels. The ever-evolving lightweight panels are being used in a wide range of applications. Star Fasteners specific focus was to fasten LoadLok®  / load restraint systems and other components to the lightweight panels used in the commercial vehicle market.

Penta-Lok’s reduced flange diameter allows installation against raised profiles and has been specifically designed for the secure fastening of profiled cargo load restraint and areas with restricted space, such as door gear and latches.

“The Huck Penta-Lok is an easy-to-install, 6.4mm diameter, all steel (body and mandrel) plated, peel structural fastener with superior blind side strength. It has a neat domed head and its positive mechanical pin retention ensures structural integrity. It has been designed as an efficient and effective fastener; when cargo is locked and secured to the sub frame of a trailer or train waggon it experiences high environmental stresses, so the fastener needs to be robust and work hard” says Dan Starbuck.

Penta-Lok’s uniquely engineered peel system installs with ease into shallow panels. If the tip of the body is inserted into material (minimum 8mm composite / honeycomb /foam core panel) the Penta-Lok will do the rest. The installation process seats the flange to the surface of the material as it claws itself in on the blind side; resulting in a supportive load spread of approximately 16mm.

“In our experience, installation into Alucore®, Cortinium® and other well know brands of lightweight, ridged, high-performance panels has been extremely successful. These panels clearly have weight advantages, they have become the go-to choice for commercial vehicle manufacturers, driven in-part for the need to cut weight and ultimately Co2 emissions. The panel market is evolving at a fast pace with a wide range of options available. Vehicle manufacturers can now offer their customers a choice of material, sandwich composition, performance, sizes and finishes. Customers want the flexibility to specify the lightest, the most resilient to damage or recyclable options available, so it made sense to design a strong fastener that works and performs well in a broad spectrum of plastic, honeycomb aluminium and multi composite boards,” says Starbuck.

Used within the correct grip it does not dent the sandwich panel or pull through the material. Penta-Lok has the advantage over adhesives in that it is fast to install, particularly if installed with Huck’s new Range Force lightweight battery tool. It is a perfect fastener to use in conjunction with adhesives and sealants. Using the Huck Penta-Lok in key areas of a build enables quick panel stability; no need for as many clamps or tape and the project can immediately be moved onto the next production process allowing the adhesive to effectively cure. In a fully recyclable panel such as Technolite® which has an aluminium honeycomb core and faced with aluminium sheet, Penta-Lok offers a secure fastening solution that can also be recycled when it reaches the end of its useful life. The longevity of a finished product is undoubtedly connected to the quality of materials used. Huck fasteners are a proven, versatile, quality fastening solution.

As well as being the largest UK stockist of the Huck® fastener brand and an authorised tool service and repair workshop, Star Fasteners stock a comprehensive range of rivets. These include standard, sealed, multi-grip and many specials for bespoke applications and are available in a wide range of materials and finishes. An in-house powder coating service ensures that any stock item can be coloured to meet customers’ requirements and despatched at short notice. For more information on our complete range of services go to


Tel: +44 (0)1159 324939

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New, or refurbished process equipment…….that is the question.

Our company has been supplying new and refurbished process equipment for 3 decades into many industries, all of which prefer to use exotic steels, 316L Stainless Steel or higher grade Super Duplex, some even corrosion resistant coatings like Halar, PFA, and Vulcanite Rubber.

We have seen over the years how older refurbished equipment can outlast newly purchased machines, mainly due to the older machines being ‘over-engineered’ which was the norm back then, where as now you will find that some machines are made to last the guarantee, and then it’s a wait and see time.

We offer fully guaranteed refurbished equipment for many processes, and in many materials or coatings. As you will know there are items that you just don’t refurbish, namely the control system, obsolete items, and parts made of inferior material where there is a much better alternative. These parts, in our refurbishment program are replaced with at least the equivalent, or where possible a better component or better material following consultation with the end user.

Our company can offer equipment for the food and brewery industry, effluent and wastewater treatment plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, offering ‘turnkey projects’ working closely with project engineers, engineers, directors, and just as important, the people who will be operating the equipment.

If you are looking for any type of Filtration or Separation equipment, or would like to discuss any future projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our equipment includes:

Centrifuges:    Decanter, Tricanter, Perforated Basket, Solid Basket, Bottom Discharge or Top Bag Discharge, Disc Stack Centrifuges.

Filter Presses: Chamber, Plate & Frame, or Membrane.

Belt Presses:   for use in a continuous process filtration.

Screw Press:   Compaction dewatering, moving disc / plate filtration.

DAF System:   Dissolved Air Floatation Systems for effluent and wastewater treatment.

Nutsche Filter:            These are predominately in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries offering pressurized filtration and product drying all in the one piece of equipment.

Mixers:            Vessel Mixer, agitator mixing, Ribbon blenders, single and double cone mixing and drying.

Screens:          Vibrating screens, Shaker screens,

Filters:             Single-bag and Multi-Bag filters in most materials of construction, self-cleaning filters.

Electro & Mechanical Polish Stainless Steel 316L Valves:

As well as supplying new and refurbished equipment, we like to be able to offer a full ‘plug and play’ package for our customers.

We can offer PTFE diaphragm valves which use a robust two piece leaf type diaphragm, the design uses a wetted PTFE face and is backed by a rubber (EPDM) diaphragm. These can be either pneumatic operation or manual, and have either electrical or just visual feedback.

The wetted face is 100% virgin PTFE which is inert and unaffected by many media, which full traceability of the diaphragm.

These valves are US FDA compliant, and carry a Certificate of Conformity for The American Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


USP, REACH 1907/2006/EC, RoHS 2011/65/EU, TUV Nord, CE, ISO 10993, EU No. 10/2011, complies with LFGB requirements.

New Stainless Steel valves we can offer:

  • Zero Dead Leg Valve
  • Tank Bottom Valve
  • Multi-port Valve
  • Flush Mounted Sampling Valve
  • Angle Seat Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Back Pressure Control valve
  • Flow Diverter Valve
  • Rotary Spray Ball

We have our sales and technical team waiting to receive your calls for any of the above services, or enquiries for New or refurbished equipment, or just for general information.

Or you can visit either of our websites or

Or please contact us on:

Tel: 01484 548200 any time.


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Modular aluminium profiling systems can provide the solution to almost any application

MiniTec UK is no stranger to manufacturing technologies and making systems work as simply and effectively as possible. The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system, with its unique Powerlock® fastening method, allows effortless implementation that can minimise design time and speed up installation.

Proximity Sensor GO Switch 52M: Robust and Versatile

The TopWorx GOTM Switch Hybrid sensor Model 52M from Emerson is a rugged solution for harsh environments with a stainless steel enclosure and metal sensing face. As part of sophisticated system solutions the product helps to verify proper connection of single use components in life sciences, and many other industries..

Seeley International: your trusted experts for industrial and commercial efficient cooling solutions

We will not be able to meet at MACH show (rescheduled to 2021) but Seeley International experts are ready to guide you through the best cooling solutions for your company.

PROCENTEC provides critical companies with free diagnostic software for industrial networks

In a time where we all need to stand together to battle the debilitating corona virus, Procentec wants to help those who work around the clock to maintain our way of living.

For the duration of this corona crisis, Pieter Barendrecht CEO of Procentec, offers companies that are currently hard at work creating a vaccine or antidote, or companies that are critical to keeping everything running, our newest Diagnostic solution – Osiris as a Software – for free.

Foam Engineers highlights its continued commitment to quality management with ISO 9001:2015

Foam Engineers is a technical foam fabricator that provides a range of solutions for its diverse global customer base. Having recognised the potential for operational improvements, the company worked with SGS to successfully transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015, and is now benefiting from improved quality standards including enhanced levels of effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Discover health and safety best practice at Safety & Health Expo 2020

Safety & Health Expo 2020 is the UK’s largest dedicated event for the international health and safety profession. Taking place at ExCeL London on 19–21 May 2020, it connects you to thousands of professionals and hundreds of leading exhibitors showcasing the latest solutions, ideas and innovations within the sector.


Simply open, attach, close! The Quick Connect® pull-ring makes the replacement of pipe parts a snap. Perfect for bulk materials, dust extraction and ventilation systems.

Electric chain hoist stops instantly

Liftket has developed the first electronically controlled chain hoist with quick stop function. The Star VFD stops without ramp-down immediately after the control button is released. Therefore, loads can be lifted or lowered to the desired level in one go.

A modern-day horror story

In January 2017, a Director of an international size OEM engineering company of specialist fasteners, became embroiled in a dispute with a major customer, who accused them of selling shoddy products.

Cerulean and PCE Partnership Brings 300 Tubes/Minute Automated End of Line Packing Solutions

Collapsible tube manufacturers now have the ability to fully automate their end-of-line processes with integrated pack and test solutions from Cerulean and PCE GROUP Ltd.

TR Fastenings significantly invests in sheet metal portfolio.

Growing product range and enhanced online resources will benefit customer journey

As part of its ongoing commitment to further enhance customer experience, TR Fastenings (TR) has invested heavily in its range of fasteners for sheet metal. The company – a global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial fasteners – has extended its range of products, updated its sales brochures and increased the number of useful resources on its website, in a move designed to provide clients with more information and greater clarity.

MiniTec manufacture technologies

MACH 2020 is almost upon us and MiniTec UK is raring to get there. Visit them on stand 7-626 to see their flexible aluminium profile system at its best. MiniTec is exhibiting in four major areas which illustrate how adaptable the MiniTec system is and how it can benefit an enormous range of manufacturing processes and lines.

A look at the best 3D printers on the market

The growth of technology

Ten years ago, the idea of a 3D printer was unthinkable. They are like something from a futuristic movie – something radical, which would generally never come to fruition. Yet here we are, and here they are. They have been used to create such wild and wonderful things as hovercrafts and acoustic guitars, although they are more commonly used for smaller items and have revolutionised engineering. In fact, it is said that in the future they will even be used to build large-scale constructions like skyscrapers.

Our society is at present experiencing a technological revolution in which all areas of engineering are developing rapidly; manufacturing, internet tools and apps and technology-based products, services and devices that support our apps and machines are all advancing quickly. Our leisure and work lives can be made easier by applications and devices like these, and the usage of such technology even extends to the entertainment sector that is taking up new technologies to the more functional ones used in our daily lives and jobs. The entertainment world has embraced technological advances and is always improving on the systems and devices that they use. It appears that the rapidly advancing world of engineering and technology is revolutionising everything.

When it comes to 3D printers, there is a whole wealth of choice on the market. Whether you are looking for something as a hobbyist, or to use in a professional capacity, there are options to fit your every need. This includes a vast range of designs and prices. Obviously, for a piece of technology as hi-tech as this, nothing comes too cheap, but there is a marked difference between the most expensive models and the cheaper ones – and the prices are coming down all the time. 

XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini +

This is the perfect budget printer and is most certainly the most affordable and accessible option on the market. If you are just getting started or are looking for the perfect something for family use, then this is the one for you. It prints to a good standard considering the price you pay for this model. As the name suggests, it is a compact model that is well-suited for usage in small spaces and yet copes well with everything asked of it. 

Original PRUSA i3 MK3s

This is most certainly the best option available if we are talking about value across the board. It is the ultimate all-rounder. Brought to you by PRUSA, one of the giants of the 3D printing world. It is available for you to construct yourself, or to be assembled as part of a kit. The expert-build format is by far the highest quality option and it is one of the very best choices for retail. The print-speed is extremely quick, and it makes as close-to-zero noise as a 3D printer can. With a superb final product and second-to-none features, it is a printer at the highest level. 

Ultimaker S3

This is one of the slickest 3D printers available on the open market. It is another expensive model, so it is aimed primarily at use within the world of education and commerce, rather than individual, smaller-scale, or lower-level use. It is one of the quickest, the best, and the most dependable options out there. It features touchscreen UI and Cura slicer software, along with swappable cartridge hot ends. 

CEL-UK RoboxPro              

A superb option when looking for a 3D printer for business use to meet commercial needs. With swappable print heads and a fantastic print quality, it is perfect for commercial use. With WIFI, auto-filament loading and auto-bed levelling it boasts some of the most practical features and best attributes of any printer on the market.

A technological future

The future is a mystery and who knows where technological advancements will take us in the coming years, but it is clear that we are living in an exciting time, where new realms of possibility are constantly being opened. If you haven’t seen a 3D printer in action yet, then I strongly advise you to check them out. The things they are capable of will blow your mind and you are certain to add one to your wish list!

MACH Exhibition, the UK’s largest manufacturing trade event, to be rescheduled to January 2021

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), which owns and runs the MACH exhibition on behalf of the industry, has taken the decision to reschedule MACH from April 2020 to January 2021.

5 Health and Safety Checks You Should Carry Out Today

Health and safety isn’t something that you can simply put in place then forget about. It’s an ongoing task that takes a lot of effort, and it’s important to make basic checks on a regular basis to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible. Here are a few of the things you should check in your workplace right away, and regularly in the future.

Ultrasonic Clamp-on Meter User Issues

Ultrasonic Clamp on Flowmeters can provide solutions for onsite flow calibration, and with the latest user-friendly wizards, obtaining reliable and accurate measurements should pose no problems. A recent study conducted by four different engineers on the same pipe installation paints a different picture, with alarming issues in measurement reproducibility.

The Adel System

The Adel System range of Flex Power Supply are based on Semi-resonant Switching Technology: high performance efficiency of up to 93% and with highly dynamic output power.

NSK solves conveyor failure issues at drinks plant

By changing to NSK Molded-Oil mounted-unit inserts, an international drinks producer has overcome repeated problems of premature insert failures on the drive system of four vital sorting conveyors. The move has improved service life notably, leading to an annual saving of more than €5000.

Making the merry go round faster

Metrel has automated electrical testing, making their equipment far more productive than ordinary testers” said Brendan Beaver, Manager of Metrel UK, the provider of innovative testing solutions. “A good example is the testing of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), or vehicle chargers.