LUBCON TLB® – Minimum quantity lubrication system for conveyor chains

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One of the most important factors concerning the service life of conveyor chains is the efficiency of lubrication. The quality of the chain oil, as well as the frequency and accuracy of the oil supply, has a significant influence on the chain’s performance. As the protective lubricating layer is used up over time during operation, it must be renewed by adequate and precise relubrication.

Longer life, lower consumption

Manual lubrication or systems using spray nozzles often leads to over- or under-lubrication resulting in premature failure or excessive contamination. LUBCON’s TLB® automatic chain lubrication system has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of modern and sustainable production environments. The heart of the system consists of an electronic control unit, a lubricant reservoir available in various sizes (20, 40 or 200 l), and an integrated gear pump. The oil is conveyed at constant pressure through the pipework to the individual lubrication point.


Precise dosing into the chain link

The application of oil is controlled by high-speed electromagnetic valves. Sensors monitor the corresponding lubrication points and record them numerically. The signals are used to control the high-speed valves in terms of lubrication time and oil quantity. This precise dosing of oil prevents excessive lubrication and thus contamination of the end product, e.g. for oven chains, freezers and conveyor belts in the food, beverage and packaging industry. Combined with special LUBCON H1 food-grade chain oils, the service life of the chain can be significantly extended compared to conventional methods. Furthermore, the oil consumption can be reduced to a necessary minimum which contributes to additional cost savings.

Features & benefits of LUBCON TLB®:

  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Lubrication with minimum quantities
  • Prolonged chain life
  • Precise application directly into the chain link
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Low residue formation and contamination
  • High operational reliability
  • Automatic lubrication in safety zones
  • Self-sustaining system
  • Reduced noise
  • No compressed air supply required
  • Oil drop application by means of hydraulic pressure, no oil atomisation

Contact details:

LUBCON Lubricants UK Ltd.

Phone: 01323561030

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