Motion control looks set to keep running for many years

Industrial control is a highly developed field that advances year on year as the underlying technology advances. But will it and all its specialist sub-sets continue to thrive? Gerard Bush, a motion specialist with INMOCO, offers his opinion.

Do people, places and profit hold the key?

Engineers and academics have been extolling the benefits of IT and OT convergence as far back as the early Eighties, but many businesses are still reluctant to adopt platforms that combine the two. Here, Martyn Williams, managing director of industrial software providerCOPA-DATA UK, explains the advantages of IT and OT convergence.

New Heights in Heat-Resistance: CLIBOS High Temperature Fan

In collaboration with supply partner Casals Ventilation, Axair has recently launched a new high temperature fan designed to handle the hottest air yet. Listening to the requirements of customers in industries that have the challenge of extremely high temperature operations, a solution has been developed to move air and gases up to 350°C.

Morrisons chooses Brillopak to automate multiple fresh produce packing lines

In the last 18-months, Brillopak has installed a range of fully automated pick and place packing lines at three of Morrisons fresh produce and fruit manufacturing sites.

An Acquisition With Good Chemistry

Petrochemical sector engineering market shifts with strategic purchase of GTC Technology by Sulzer.

bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG

From 16 to 23 October it was time again for the K trade fair in Düsseldorf to open its doors to around 225,000 visitors from 165 countries. Bielomatik was also represented there with a 280 square metre stand and a total of 41 employees who spent more than 8 days in Düsseldorf. Interested visitors who came to the bielomatik stand were able to see some interesting exhibits such as the Powerwall and our 2-stage laser welding (LasIR) with a CoBot.

FLIR T860 High-Performance Thermal Camera Streamlines Industrial Inspections

The FLIR T860 is the latest addition to the high-performance T-Series family, and is the first to feature onboard Inspection Route software, ideal for streamlining inspections of critical assets, including power substation components, distribution lines, manufacturing equipment, or facility electrical and mechanical systems. By running a pre-planned route through the camera, thermal inspectors can spend less time in the field and face less hassle when creating survey reports.

New NSK deep groove ball bearings for electric motors boost energy efficiency

The low energy consumption of electric drives is an important target in many industrial applications, and rolling bearings can play a role in delivering this ambition. NSK demonstrates this effect with a new series of deep groove ball bearings that generates up to 80% less energy loss, a factor that has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of electric motors.


The DosiValve has been especially designed to avoid typical flow and accuracy problems when using standard rotating or vibration valves as it allows for precise dosing even when handling difficult products.

“PIC” your test

Today’s bandwidth boom is being driven by photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Tiny but mighty, this disruptive technology is shaping our future in various sectors. Often compared to the electronic processor, PICS unlock the best of both photonic and electronic worlds by merging optical components (e.g., lasers and modulators) with opto-electronic, electro-optical, fully electronic or even RF features. The result is a chip with endless potential in applications ranging from medicine to data centers, autonomous cars and quantum computing. But testing PICs comes with its challenges.

Laptop – Server – Workstation – Small Form Factor PC – Industrial PC

The EUROCOM 780W AC/DC adapter/power supply brings an unprecedented level of mobile power to owners of high-performance laptops and overclockers who require more power than has been available before this innovative solution.


Best value

Don’t overpay for automation. Our clean and simple robotic arms do everything a robot arm should do- at a much better price than you’ll find elsewhere. Our years of experience have led us to a wonderfully simple design, making an ST robot affordable to buy and affordable to run!

Teknomex’cellence: Intelligently designed hygienic furniture & equipment

Our products are long lasting and easy to clean through their intelligent design – with minimal dirt traps and manufactured to exacting standards.  Our stainless steel products manufactured on-site are from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, so it can withstand rigorous cleaning routines without corroding, whether by pressure, temperature or chemical cleaning. We have strict guideline of the standard our products have to reach, which insures all our factored products meet the same standard as our manufactured products. 

A Q&A Guide to Etching Metals

Chemical etching is a metal machining technology that has numerous advantages over traditional sheet metalworking processes, key among which is its applicability to a range of metals and alloys — even ones that are difficult or even impossible to machine using traditional metal fabrication technologies.


Coax valves UK are proud to introduce the new FMX range of compact, high flow, stainless steel externally controlled valves. With a new unique seat arrangement gives greater flow than comparable valves:

New Fluke industrial thermal imaging camera Ideal for Industrial maintenance and troubleshooting

Fluke has introduced the new Ti300+ professional 320 x 240 resolution thermal imaging camera. The Fluke Ti300+ has the resolution and accuracy needed to clearly reveal temperature differentials or demonstrate progressive heat changes over time. Equipped with LaserSharp™ AutoFocus, the Ti300+ ensures focused images every time and enables the user to get clear images while maintaining a safe distance from operating equipment.

Moving beyond prototypes

In the United States, an epic backyard projectwill see the creation of a life-size, functional Lamborghini Aventador. The car is not entirely 3D printed, but rather demonstrates the impressive potential of 3D printing for the wider vehicle industry. Here, Kostas Poulios, Principal Design and Development Engineer at Pailton Engineering, explains how 3D printing is used in large vehicle manufacturing and whether this method could play a role in the production of safety critical parts.

Decentralised drive technology for the digital factory of the future

The future of production is modular, flexible and autonomous. This requires new systems with decentralised intelligence, which can cope with the increasing complexity of the processes. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies a wide selection of decentralised drive technology with frequency inverters which can be adapted to any required application and can be flexibly integrated into the plant.

MGTS Officially Opens New Training Facility For Food Industry

Leading engineering training provider, MGTS (Midland Group Training Services) had its brand new, purpose-built facility for engineering food maintenance and food process manufacturing at its Redditch training centre officially this summer by Rachel Maclean MP. This doubles its capacity to train apprentices in the food industry sector from 50 to 100.

Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd.

The UK’s largest manufacturer of geared electric motor solutions. Made in the UK since 1947. Trusted in Process Engineering Parvalux is the UK geared motor manufacturer behind a wide range of process applications; from conveyor systems and materials handling equipment to food production and vending machines, Parvalux is trusted
where capability and reliability are non-negotiable.

Filtration Solutions – Strictly Custom Manufactured!

Croft Filters Ltd, based in Warrington England, have been supplying custom filtration and separation solutions for over 33 years. Throughout this time Croft has developed a reputation for our quality, bespoke service through manufacturing a variety of products for a range of different industries.

Qimarox shortens delivery time to two weeks

A top-quality product elevator that is ready for delivery in two weeks. That is the promise that Qimarox makes with its new Fast Lane Service. System integrators from around the world now have access to reliable, durable and affordable material handling components faster than ever before. And all at the same low prices.

Sensor device and method for detecting gear damage in rotating elements in housing GTR-01

The company PCE Process Control Electronic GmbH in cooperation with DELTEC electronic GmbH has developed a sensor device and a method to detect damage to rotating parts in a closed housing. Tests on ferromagnetic gears have been successfully carried out so far.

K 2019: Coherent with new laser solutions for polymer processing

Laser manufacturer Coherent will present a range of sub-systems and systems that service a variety of plastics processing tasks, including welding, cutting, degating and marking. Whatever the application, these tools enable the plastics fabricator to reduce production costs, improve quality and yields, and implement more environmentally friendly processing.

Emerson completes Reliable valve offering to the Life Science industries by adding the ASCO™ Series 224 Aseptic Valves

Pharmaceutical and Biotech customers are producing under the most stringent conditions to ensure the highest quality and safety of their final products. In order for these customers to avoid an accumulation of process fluids and contaminants, which can affect quality, they need a reliable product with a clean design and high traceability.

Introducing New Generation of Portable Dewpoint Hygrometers

  • Full colour screen displaying multiple units
  • Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber for fast response
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Units selectable in °C, °F, ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m3 • or lb/MMSCF
  • Display in choice of 10 languages
  • Full data logging capability
  • Real time logging with screenshot feature
  • Wireless Bluetooth & USB connectivity
  • View display screen on smart phone or tablet
  • Wireless printing to dedicated printer
  • Integral pressure calculator to display pressure dewpoints
  • Easy to use with icons and intuitive control
  • Strong, durable and rugged, IP66 construction
  • Rechargeable batteries, 150 hours use in continuous operation
  • Certificate of Test & Calibration
  • Generous 2 Year Warranty

Industrial Quality Power Supplies

TMDC Series DC-DC Converter 20, 40 & 60 Watts output power 9-36V or 18-75V DC input range 5V,12V, 24V or 48V DC output versions Fully encapsulated, chassis or DIN rail mounting

New DIN Rail AC inrush current limiter for capacitive & inductive loads

Powersolve’s new PSICL series is a low-cost peak inrush current limiter designed for capacitive and inductive loads in a variety of applications. These include installations across complex automation systems and machinery as well as isolation transformers or LED lighting applications where they are particularly useful because you can have a large number of LED driver power supplies operating in parallel and all taking high peak currents together on switch on.

Smart energy monitoring technology for commercial and industrial applications

  • Smappee modular energy meter provides a cost effective solution for any metering situation.
  • Allows sub metering of supplies previously considered too expensive.
  • Adaptable, easy to install and configure Smappee is ideal as a standalone system or part of a larger energy management solution.

Almatec® C-Series AODD Pumps

Almatec® C-Series AODD Pumps feature an industry-leading design engineered to be more a cost-effective alternative to similar plastic pumps. They offer increased bolt torque to improve pump safety when compared to competitive pumps. What further separates the C-Series is the incorporation of Almatec’s exclusive Perswing P® air control system, which offers superior efficiency to optimize production rates and lower energy costs.

Available in five pump sizes, C-Series pumps ensure the suction and discharge ports are available as separate housing parts with different footprints. This allows the C-Series to be easily matched to existing installations. C-Series pumps do not have any mechanical seals, drives or rotating parts that cause wear over time, which improves reliability and extends product life. C-Series pumps feature self-priming and dry run capabilities, critical considerations for most pumping applications.

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Got Modbus? Get instant remote monitoring & Internet of Things!

Adding connectivity from your devices to a cloud based IOT portal to manage your assets has never been easier!

Using products and the IOT platform from Caption Data Ltd in Worcester provides an “out of the box” or  “plug and play” solution with immediate access..

Linux is not dead

Windows operating system (OS) has over 79.46 per cent market share of the desktop computer sector. However, in every other computing sector, the complete opposite is true with Linux OS holding the majority of the market share. Here Florian Froschermeier, technical sales manager of industrial router manufacturer INSYS icom, explains why Linux is in such a dominant position.

Virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing

Originally developed as technologies for gaming and entertainment, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly gaining traction in the manufacturing industry. Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at automation parts supplierEU Automation, explains how VR and AR can be used in the factory to improve safety and increase productivity.

The Rise of the Cobots—Friends, Not Foes, in Today’s Manufacturing Landscape

Cobots—robots that physically interact with humans in a shared workspace—first appeared on factory floors two years ago. These robotic partners were hailed as ‘the future of work’, particularly in the manufacturing sector, but concerns about widespread robotic implementation are rife. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in March claim that 1.5 million people in England alone are at risk of losing their jobs to automation, suggesting that these fears are justified.

Pick it, place it, ship it, all automatic

Warehousing is becoming an increasingly automated system, with robots storing, retrieving and delivering packages day in, day out. In fact, some warehouses use aircraft control style systems to organise and control their robots, due to the complexity of the system. As such, precision is fundamental for the successful running of automated warehouses.

The cabling guide from FS Cables ‘the little red book’

FS Cables ever popular cabling guide ‘the little red book’ has been updated for 2019 and contains technical information, application data and images for over 8,000 products, a must have resource for those involved in buying or specifying electric cables.