The combination of an encased brushless motor and the revolutionary new LiHD battery technology make the new cordless compact angle grinder WPB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick from Metabo the most enduring machine of its kind.

Rubber Expansion Joint for Abrasive Media

Rubber expansion joints are components for pumping and piping systems, suitable to com- pensate movements, noise and vibration.

The Volution Solves Flowability Problems

The Volution Powder Flow Tester (VFT) measures the flow properties and bulk characteristics of powders and bulk solids. The system uses an annular shear cell to measure a powder’s response to consolidating pressure using the yield locus technique. This allows the system to measure the cohesion and angle of internal friction of the material as well as its unconfined yield strength. The system also measures wall friction and compressibility. Flow functions can be measured by testing the materials at different pressures.

Sewage treatment and off mains drainage

2015 is now well underway, and with the slight upturn in the construction and civil sector, one UK company seeing sales growth of over 30% in 2014 was Marsh Industries Limited.

Compressed Air Optimisation with SONOTEC Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

Whether in large-scale industrial production, on assembly lines in medium-sized companies or in small workshops – compressed air has an important role to play almost everywhere. And it accounts for a large proportion of energy needs. Regular checking of the compressed air system to identify leaks reduces operating costs appreciably.

New Busbar System Rittal Ri4Power 185mm for Safe and Quick Switchgear

Protecting people who work with electrical switchgear is clearly of paramount importance. 

Their guaranteed safety can often only be achieved through the use of tested and standardised products and equipment.  But switchgear components must also be tailored to individual needs and be simple and quick to make and assemble.  

Red Lion Rolls Out First Global Sixnet RAM Industrial Cellular RTUs with 4G LTE Support

Secure All-in-One Remote Monitoring and Control Platform Now Features Worldwide Cellular Coverage

Red Lion’s RAM cellular RTUs combine optional I/O and Wi-Fi with active GPS and multiple serial and Ethernet ports to securely monitor and control remote devices over 4G LTE cellular networks.

Energy Efficiency in High Pressure Coolant Delivery

Although positive displacement pumps are unquestionably more energy efficient than multistage centrifugal pumps, not all positive displacement pumps are equal in that respect.

Hydra-Cell hydraulically balanced, multi-diaphragm pumps have exceptionally high energy efficiency that is unaffected by pressure or the viscosity of the liquid being pumped.

Flotronic Pump’s new ‘E’ Series’ achieves the EHEDG seal of approval

Having already secured 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc (3-A SSI) approval for its ‘H’ series pump, Flotronic Pumps Limited have now achieved the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) accreditation for their new ‘E’ Series pump.

Boulting Group expands integrated team

Boulting Group, due to expansion and growth of the business in its North West heartland, has opened new offices adjacent to the Firecrest Court head office in Warrington.

Tinytag Data Loggers: robust environmental monitoring solutions

Tinytag data loggers accurately and reliably monitor environmental conditions including temperature, relative humidity, power usage, CO2, voltage, current and count. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor use to rugged, waterproof devices for industrial and outdoor applications. Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated.

SIEVGEN – New generation of ultrasonic sieving technology for the Additive Manufacturing and Net Shape sector

To complement the growing use of net shape and additive manufacture in today’s production environments, Farleygreene have developed an ultrasonic screening system for the recycling of metal and other fine powders pre and post build. With the high costs involved using different media types this new system gives the user a quality assured powder for first time use, with the added benefit of reclaiming used powders where permitted.

Kraus & Naimer switches at work

Kraus & Naimer chosen supplier for multi-million pound upgrade of manufacturing plant in Lydney.

Glatfelter, global supplier and leading manufacturer of high quality printing papers, speciality papers and engineered and composite fibres, recently carried out a multi-million pound upgrade of their manufacturing plant in Lydney, Gloucestershire. Well known Lydney electrical contracts, J W Betty & Son Ltd were appointed as the electrical contractor for this upgrade.

Cobham Mission Equipment specify Ecotile interlocking floor tiles

The Cobham brand is one of the oldest and most respected in the defence and aerospace industry.  Cobham protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, solving challenging problems in harsh environments – from deep space to the depths of the ocean, specialising in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth.

Meet Government Players at 22nd Africa Oil Week 2015

Global Pacific & Partners hosts the 22nd Africa Oil Week in JV with ITE Group plc 26-30 Oct, Cape Town, South Africa

Meet Africa’s Governments, state oil firms, licensing agencies, and the key officials and corporate players from super-majors to independents across the Continent, including foreign national oil companies, now shaping Africa’s upstream future.

Riley Surface World announces sale and decommissioning of large anodising plant from Fokker Aerostructures, Netherlands

Riley Surface World has been appointed by Fokker Aerostructures to handle the sale and de-commissioning of German-built Delta Industrietechnick GmbH anodising, pre-treatment and non-destructive testing lines from its Rotterdam manufacturing facility. The disposal is due to the impending upgrade to a larger anodising facility.

Fluke introduces eight new infrared cameras with up to 2.5 times the resolution to quickly assess equipment health

New TiS Performance Series also adds image blending to better identify problems before they become expensive failures

Fluke has introduced eight new Fluke® TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras, with improved resolution to help industrial, maintenance, and HVAC professionals analyse equipment health more quickly and accurately.

New Busbar System Rittal Ri4Power 185mm for Safe and Quick Switchgear

Protecting people who work with electrical switchgear is clearly of paramount importance.

Their guaranteed safety can often only be achieved through the use of tested and standardised products and equipment. But switchgear components must also be tailored to individual needs
and be simple and quick to make and assemble.

Create a safe and efficient workplace now!

With so many people being away on holiday, this period presents the perfect opportunity to identify the safety challenges of your facility. Ensuring that once the full workforce is back everyone can power ahead. Find out how we can help you solve your challenges.

Hydra-Cell® Excels in Pipeline Sampling

Hydra-Cell pumps are increasingly being specified and retrofitted in pipeline sampling installations used for analysis during oil transfer… Data that is essential for identification, custody transfer, allocation or quality measurement purposes.

Many such systems operate 24/7 in remote locations so therefore pump reliability is a fundamental requirement; reliability that many pumps fail to provide but Hydra-Cell pumps offer.

The IGAsorp DVS analyzer from Hiden Isochema

The IGAsorp is a fully automated compact bench-top dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements using the dynamic flow technique for water and organic vapors.

The measured vapor uptake and kinetics are used to characterize and understand materials in precisely defined environmental conditions.

Water Pollution Management Service Launched

A SPECIALIST service has been launched by Hydro International to help industrial and commercial sites avoid the devastating environmental and financial consequences of inadequate pollution spill containment.

Water Pollution Management (WPM) is a whole-life service that combines risk assessment, hydraulic modelling, project implementation and ongoing regulatory compliance to achieve peace of mind for sites where potentially polluting substances are present.

Starrett hole saws go deeper and faster

Two new bi-metal hole saws that promise significant performance gains are now available from Starrett. Fast Cut and Deep Cut will replace the existing Constant Pitch and Dual Pitch respectively.

The Fast Cut hole saw combines a new tooth profile and base material, with enhanced heat and wear resistance, to provide a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials. It is especially suited to cutting stainless and mild steel sheet, and Fast Cut will also cut through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3 mm.

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd is the leading UK manufacturer of air driven piston pumps and priming devices in polished stainless steel or painted construction, for transferring high viscosity non-flowable products from drums and containers as used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and general Industries.

Kecol air powered drum pumps and transfer systems are suitable for all standard size closed top or open top drums and can be adapted to suit open top containers with an internal diameter up to 1200mm. All contact parts are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and clamp construction pumps are also available.

Starting out where others stop

Special machine for ready meals benefits from innovative multiple connector

Robot Food Tech, based in the municipality of Wietze in Lower Saxony, manufactures packaging systems for the food and cosmetic industry. The design engineers use the highly flexible LIEDER RCR line as the basis for custom special machines. Eisele’s stainless steel MULTILINE ADAPTIV provides the company with an ideal connection solution.

Allied High Tech Products

For over 32 years, Allied has been meeting the needs of companies engaged in the materials science, materials manufacturing, aerospace, military, photonics, fiber optics, microelectronics, and research & development industries. We aggressively pursue the advancement of methods and procedures related to each of these industries, and therefore promote close working relationships with several hundred of the world’s leading corporations, research universities, and laboratories.

UK’s leading specialist foam fabricator and foam converter

Kewell Converters Ltd (KCL) is the UK’s leading specialist foam fabricator and foam converter. We have an unrivalled depth of experience in manufacturing and design in foam applications for the
process industries stemming from more than 40 years of continuous operation in our family owned and run business.

Hydrogen Measurement in Isomerization Unit

At a refinery in California, the thermal onductivity analyzer previously used for measuring recycle hydrogen on the isomerization unit was obsolete and had been out of service for over 15 years. The site engineers were tasked with finding the most efficient, state of the art means for hydrogen measurement to replace the outdated analyzer.

Introducing the ICE-LBG-SR Super Rotation Load Ring

RUD are proud to be the first manufacturer & supplier of offer this truly innovative lifting point solution

The ICE-LBG-SR maintains the design of RUD’s popular VLBG series. The VLBG offers numerous advantages; it can be turned 360° and is loadable in all directions.

Advantech Europe

60% off! A Complete Advantech-CODESYS Experience at an Incredible Price

New! The Fluke TiS Thermal Imaging Camera range simply solves more problems than ever before

The New Fluke TiS Thermal Imaging Camera Range simplifies thermography, they are so simple to use you just point and shoot!

They are great for quick, easy, and accurate problem identification and troubleshooting. These new products are most suitable for the following professions; Facility Manger, Building Inspector, Electrical Maintenance Engineers, HVAC Installers and even Research & Development Technicians. You can view the complete range here New! Fluke TiS Range and if you need support with your Thermal Imaging Camera selection then please contact our experts at the Test Tools Shop.

PowerContinuity Power Protecting the UK

PowerContinuity Ltd, the Midlands based power protection providers specialising in industrial diesel generators and uninterruptible power supplies are proud to announce that following new power continuity projects installed over the last 12 months, we are now protecting even more UK customers than ever before. The previous figure stood at over 16 million UK end users that have some part of their daily activities power protected by one of our bespoke installations. This is now over 20 million thanks to installations including a 4MW rotary UPS and diesel generator project for a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

Forgings Manufacturer Improves Efficiency with Azzure IT





A company which manufactures premium metal components for global markets including aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear power is improving efficiency across the business, thanks to innovative IT & new ERP Solutions.

RAM Universal Ltd

RAM Universal are proud to introduce the TWISTMax, the new series of innovated actuators which offer maximum power in a compact size. The unique design saves you as much space as possible! TWISTMax actuators are pneumatically operated, and their special structure guarantees increased life cycle and reliability.

CROFT Additive Manufacturing – Turning Your Design Into Reality

3d Metal Printing ‘Manufactured From the Mind’

Almost every industry sector uses research and development to either improve their existing components or invent new ones. Just how many innovative ideas get scrapped because of high costs or design constraints nobody knows.

AEG Power Solutions chosen by Maire Tecnimont Group to provide UPS for Total’s latest Italian oilfield

UPS for major development

The Tempa Rossa development is one of the biggest ever oil and gas projects in Italy. Multinational energy company Total, and its partners Shell and Mitsui, are currently developing the project. It is expected in 2016 to produce 50,000 barrels a day of oil, as well as 230,000m³/d of natural gas and 240 tons/d of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 80 tons/d of sulfur.