Reduce down-time, equipment failure and Energy use

Running manufacturing automation systems at high temperatures will have a major negative impact on the system’s performance and reduce its service life. By not keeping their drives at or close to their Optimum operating temperature manufacturers Risk huge consequential costs when the production line grinds to a halt as a result of system failure.

A typical electrical component’s life expectancy is approximately halved for every 10 °C increase in its ambient temperature. Controlling the temperature within enclosures is therefore critical for manufacturers
to avoid premature component failure and the consequential interruption to production if the automation system falls over.

Reduce the Risk Of Pollutants Accessing Your Drainage System

Pollution incidents associated with run-off from spills and or fire water accessing surface water drains and then accessing the wider environment are well documented, as are the fines and penalties imposed by the UK Environment Agencies. Systems available to combat this range from simple response measures such as drain covers right up to interceptor systems which normally involve some form of civil engineering which can be disruptive and costly.

TCM – The New Force in Forklifts

TCM is the dealer-driven brand within the UniCarrier group, designed to offer localised service and support with world-class resources and technology.

TCM is ranked as one of the world’s top 10 forklift companies in terms of turnover, with exceptionally strong sales in its European market. It has recently introduced a deliberate strategy to provide a completely new forklift offer to the UK market, with sales and support channelled entirely through a comprehensive dealer network.

New 4-20mA DC clamp meter added to Fluke Connect family of wireless test tools

Fluke has introduced a Current Clamp Meter measuring 4-20mA DC that wirelessly relays measurements to other Fluke Connect™ enabled master units or the Fluke Connect mobile App. The Fluke a3004 FC Wireless DC Clamp Meter is a fully functional current clamp meter which measures 4mA to 20mA signals without “breaking the loop”. It is ideal for use by process control technicians and for industrial technicians maintaining PLCs and controls, as well as in automotive and HVAC applications.

Ambitious valve manufacturer Bifold continues to grow developing 48hr despatch for efficient and quick delivery

Bifold’s 48hr Despatch

Bifold has recently moved to larger premises in Chadderton (see below for full address) and so have been able to develop many different initiatives due to their expansion within the factory and growing workforce. The initiative that has the biggest impact for customers is that Bifold now has the capability to deliver products, configured and built to order within 48 hours.

Silicone X-Treme Tape

Capable of withstanding extremes in temperature, pressure and voltage, X-Treme Tape is a self-fusing insulating and repair wrap, which forms an air and water-tight stretch seal by sticking only to itself by means of a cross-linked polymer bond. The tape features the highest bond strength in the industry along with high tensile and dielectric strengths.

Innovative Vacuum Solutions for Packaging and Food Processing

Vacuum technology has become a crucial element for many tasks in the food packaging and food processing industry. Many years of experience in vacuum engineering and the latest developments in pump technology gives the oil-sealed rotary vane SOGEVAC range the capability to adapt to the requirements of the industry. The comprehensive range of pumping speeds from 10 to 1200m2/h allows every customer to select the right pump for his application. The SOGEVAC range has the highest water vapour-handling capabilities on the market and PFPE variants for MAP with oxygen are also available.

OMEGA Introduces High Accuracy Industrial Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

Designed & Manufactured by Omega

The OMEGA PX509HL Series industrial differential pressure transducers are rugged shock and vibration rated with high accuracy and are specifically designed to provide long life in demanding industrial areas (ruggedized Containment Pressures up to 10,000 psi).

Midland Metrology Ltd – Profile Projectors

Profile Projectors, Shadowgraphs, Optical Comparators or sometimes simply known asJT12 A-B Profile Projector Projectors are available with either vertical or horizontal light sources, new or used and from a wide range of manufacturers

Our profile projectors are also available as small compact bench types where space is at a premium.

LOK6 delivers one for all safe isolation

Now available from Martindale Electric – leaders in voltage detectors and safe isolation – is the LOK6, a universal locking off device for fuse carriers.  Designed to restrict finger access to live contacts and prevent the reinsertion of a fuse whilst maintenance is in progress, the LOK6 is ideally suited to Red Spot and other similar style fuse holders.  It’s easily adjustable to fit fuse holders from 20A to 100A, providing a ‘’one size fits all solution’’ improving safety and saving time sourcing the right device for the job.


E-Teck Ltd provides industrial users with high quality structural and semi-structural adhesives together with ancillary products for the engineering, marine and automotive sectors. Our products cover both generalist and specialist applications where we can formulate adhesives to your exact requirements.  

MIE Solutions- Success with the right ERP / MRP software solution.

Success with the right ERP / MRP software solution.

All manufacturers are under pressure to produce high quality products whilst keeping costs low.  As we all know this has an effect on how competitive you can remain within the market. MIETrak Pro is an all inclusive package for the manufacturing industry.  The software takes each individual process of the manufacturing workflow and brings them all together as one well oiled machine.  By investing in this software, you are able to ensure that everyone is “reading from the same hymn sheet”.  This in itself has a positive effect throughout any company.

MIE Solutions UK Ltd are based in Worcestershire and are the leading provider of Production Control Software to the manufacturing sector. We have 25 years experience within the sheet metal, engineering and fabrication industries, and have an international presence with over 10,000 users worldwide and offices situated throughout the world.

IP65 Enclosures with Solid & Transparent Doors

These competitively priced IP65 Cabinets are manufactured in grey ABS HB material with solid grey or transparent door.  Designed to meet IP65 and IK08 protection and combustible standards, they are supplied complete with a steel back plate, wall mounting brackets and lockable key.  Available in 8 sizes, the range is ideally suited for use in harsh, dry, dusty conditions, including applications in marine, gas, construction, telecommunications, lighting, automation, heating and ventilating.

Partex Marking Systems

Marking and labelling specialist Partex UK has recently launched a test, maintenance, calibration and repair service for hydraulic, heavy duty and hand operated crimping tools. The in-house facility located at the company’s headquarters in the West Midlands, offers a fast and cost effective solution for businesses requiring their crimp tools repaired or calibrated to relevant BS/EN and international standards.

Belimo Energy Valve™ CSA Award winner – Category: Innovation in Commissioning.

On Thursday June 11th at the CSA Gala Awards Ceremony at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel in West Sussex, Belimo Automation UK Limited were presented with the CSA Award 2015 in the category ‘Innovation in Commissioning’ with their Belimo Energy Valve™.

In support of its 25th Anniversary the Commissioning Specialists Association launched an industry-wide awards programme, in a celebration of the companies innovations and people that are achieving the highest professional standards and helping to drive this industry forward.

ESAB Launches New Range of Gas Equipment And Pressure Control Products

ESAB Welding & Cutting Productsannounces the launch of a new range of gas equipment to expand its brand portfolio offering in the UK. The new product line combines leading Victor® and ESAB gas apparatus and pressure control products in the most complete selection offered from any manufacturer.

The new line includes gas regulators, torch handles, oxy-fuel cutting tips and attachments, flow meters, welding and cutting outfits, cutting equipment and more. These products cover the full range of needs from general industrial to heavy duty mill and foundry requirements. They represent the most modern of gas apparatus technology providing superior quality, reliability, safety, and performance. With the new line, ESAB will phase out the Murex Saffire, Elite and Sabrecut brands.

Liverpool University chooses Stokvis Plate heat exchangers

Liverpool University is nearing completion of a long-term M&E upgrade that has seen Stokvis plate heat exchangers replace nearly all the existing calorifiers used to provide hot water to its buildings.

Over the past 10 years, the University has been taking its old calorifiers (each one used to store up to 3,000 litres of hot water) out of service as they reach the end of their service lives or become uneconomical.

Replacement is with plate heat exchangers, usually accompanied by a 300 – 500 litre buffer vessel, to supply hot water on demand. 

Machines containing Variable Speed Drives associated with RCCBs Complying with essential installation safety requirements!

Small stand-alone machines/equipment containing 3 phase VSDs must not be connected to circuits protected by standard RCDs. Connecting 3 phase inverters down-stream of standard RCDs will affect the prescribed operation of the RCD and therefore does not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Managing Process Safety in Ageing Plants to Limit Risk

Deteriorating components lead to premature failure and unsafe conditions

Most industrial plants in the UK and Europe were built between 1960 and 1980 and were expected to operate for no more than 40 years. However, many are still operating today – several years past their expected life span. A lot of equipment is being still used in accordance with the initially selected design specification, but may not now be capable of functioning as intended.

Signage for an efficient turnaround. Download the Whitepaper

Improve plant operability, maintainability and reliability with great signage. Find out how in the free white paper ‘Equipment visuals for process operations’.

Field operators in the physical plant often face a labyrinth of pipes and instruments relying solely on past training and experience to know where they need to be. To easily navigate the ever evolving COG physical plant, Brady offers durable signage solutions for a more efficient turnaround.

Super Swivels

Thousands of swivel options… Super Swivels® has provided superior products for a large variety of hydraulic uses since 1986. Designing and manufacturing heavy-duty, leak free, live swivels at a competitive price with outstanding performance.

A heat treating process and patented design enables higher working pressure ratings. Super Swivels large inventory provides exceptional service and delivery times. Custom design, engineering and adaptation fulfill demanding hydraulic needs.

Process Meter, using the latest in digital technology

Introducing the very latest in Process Meter design, available now from, Nesslegrove Technologies. Featuring combined easy reading analogue, bar graph and 4 digit display. Among the many functions are:-

  • Input, display and alarm level settings by customer downloadable free software..
  • 20 point input correction, for non linear functions.
  • Selectable display/alarm backlight colours.
  • Low cost and compact in size.

Advantech Launches New HMI/SCADA Software WebAccess 8.0 with HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboard

Building on the success of previous versions, WebAccess 8.0 is a leap forward in the design of SCADA software. Going beyond SCADA, WebAccess 8.0 is also a HTML5 Business Intelligent Dashboard that can be opened from anywhere on any HTML5 compatible browser. The Business Intelligent Dashboard analyses data and helps managers make decisions as to what to do and WebAccess 8.0 also provides developers with the tools to design their own widgets and applications and the integration of Microsoft Excel reports.  Through HTML5, a limitless number of users, with varying access levels are able to read information and make changes from wherever they are using either the Internet or Intranet.

Red Lion Extends PAX®2C PID Control by Adding FlexBus™ Support

New FlexCard™ Modules Enable Monitoring and Control of Multiple Applications on Single Display

York, Pa. – March 24, 2015 – Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the integration of FlexBus™ technology to its PAX®2C proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller portfolio. By inserting field installable FlexCard™ modules, users can now populate PAX2C PID controllers in more than 150 configurations to monitor and control multiple application processes on a single display.

UPS Battery Replacement in a Box

Power protection customers can now gain access to a fast, unique and cost-effective UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) battery replacement service. It has been launched by specialist power protection and energy management reseller Critical Power Supplies.

Available to customers across the UK and Northern Ireland, the service is being offered as a standalone package or part of an emergency, standby or preventative maintenance plan. The battery replacement service incorporates the latest recycling techniques, standards and products and provides cashback* for recycled batteries.

Hand Held Milling Replaces Conventional Aluminium Grinding!

Milling with manual angle grinders substitutes grinding and weld prep.

Used on conventional angle grinders, single and double sided Milling Rings save time, money and improve work quality, in the processing of nonferrous metals. The stock removal rate is significantly increased, grinding dust disappears and no abrasive residues remain within the material. Total service life of each disc is normally between 2500-3500 hoursand can typically do the job of 5000 good quality standard bonded grinding discs!

Signal Conditioning Challenges Facing the Process Engineer

Many types of sensor are available for monitoring processes of all types, including temperature, level, flow, pressure, position, light, and so on; the list of applications using signal conditioning is endless.

Any industry, heavy or light, from farming to power generation, will make use of signal conditioning units and each industry will present its own set of requirements and problems.

PPC‘s solutions for problem floors

The successful application and durability of a newly installed floor is dependent on a sound background surface. The key is in the preparation and The Preparation Group’s division PPC, based in Lincoln UK, is the market leader in providing solutions for preparing or removing floor surfaces to project specifications.

Typical problems encountered include uneven joints, high spots, contaminants, worn coatings, sticky residues, old tiles and friable substrates. PPC specialises in assessing projects and identifying options to remove or prepare the relevant surface, before carrying out works to deliver a clean ‘profiled’ area suitable for the application of a new flooring material. The company often works in partnership with material manufacturers and flooring contractors or uses floor finishing techniques such as concrete polishing.

Positioning control: Not where you should be? Torsion and elasticity could be to blame.

When we think of a gearhead, we tend to assume that it is incompressible and rigid, the truth is it still bends, compresses and has elastic properties. This has an effect on the difference between the perceived motion (encoder counts) and the actual motion of a drive system –we are not where we are supposed to be!

New Fluke dual-range Pressure Calibrator for gas custody transfer measurements in intrinsically safe environments

Fluke has introduced a new ‘Ex’ Dual Range Pressure Calibrator for use in classified environments, offering ranges, accuracies and capabilities that make it ideal for gas custody transfer measurements. The new Fluke 721Ex, with IECEx and Atex Ex ia IIB T3 Gb (Zone 1) ratings, is available in 14 models and can be used with a Fluke 720RTD probe for temperature measurement. Fluke has also introduced 700 series pressure test hose and pump kits which minimise the difficulty and leaks when connecting a pressure calibrator or pump to a device under test. Their quick installation, without the use of tools, increases efficiency, saving time and money. These pressure accessories are a best-in-class set of premium hose and No Tools Required (NTR) pressure connection accessories.

OMEGA announces new PLATINUM™ Series of PID controllers

The most powerful PID controller on the market t is now also the easiest to use!

Designed and Manufactured by Omega, thePLATINUM™ series of microprocessor-based PID controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. This extremely powerful and versatile CE, UL and CUL compliant product is also easy and intuitive to use. It features bright 3-color (red, green, and amber) 9 segment LED display, high accuracy inputs and outputs, full auto-tune PID with fuzzy Logic Adaptive Control, up to 99 chainable Ramp Soak programs with 16 Ramps and Soaks including Ramp/Soak Events, and  built-in excitation firmware selectable at 5V, 10V, 12V, and 24V.

More Power to Your Business – Newgen Power

Your business needs to take advantage of the limitless free power from the wind that the UK offers. The price of electricity is set to increase over the next 20 years and you can make the decision to help offset that known cost increase by investing now into the cheapest form of renewable energy available.

Significant demand sites are perfectly suited to wind turbines. We have found that sites that are in urban or rural areas with a high demand for electricity will benefit most from medium to large scale wind turbines. These include factories, chilled or frozen warehousing units, manufacturing or processing plants, docks, and quarries and mines.

HBM Expands Sales & Support Team

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the appointments of Omer Mir, Field Sales Engineer for the North of England and Rob Farnell, UK Applications Engineer, to its rapidly increasing Sales Team.

Omer brings to HBM a wealth of experience in the electronic test and measurement field which has involved providing test equipment solutions for a number of high profile companies including BAe, Babcock, Rolls Royce, Nissan, Pace, Echostar, Alstorm and ST Microelectronics

Save Time and Money with Lindapter’s Type ALP, an adjustable lifting point.

Lifting Points are typically used in industrial facilities to support the lifting or rigging of heavy equipment.

Lindapter’s new Type ALP is a highly adjustable lifting point that adjusts to suit 5mm to 26mm flange thickness and 70mm to 210mm beam widths.

Precision Marketing Group’s new head office officially opened by new MP and new Mayor of St Edmundsbury

The extensive refurbishment and landmark extension to Precision Marketing Group was recently officially opened by new MP, Jo Churchill and Mayor, Patrick Chung.

Rugged panel mounting indicators may be safely installed in Ex e enclosures

Thanks to a new range of BEKA rugged panel mounting indicators, it is now possible to safely install 4/20mA loop powered indicators in Ex e increased safety, Ex p pressurised and Ex n panel enclosures located in Zones 1 or 2 without invalidating the panel enclosure’s certification. Housed in a 316 stainless steel cast case with an impact resistant front, these IECEx and ATEX certified indicators significantly reduce installation complexity, documentation and cost. The instrument certificates include details of where the indicator may be safely installed and confirm that the front of the instrument enclosures complies with Ex n, Ex e and Ex p ingress and impact requirements.