Commonly referred to as ‘bonded anchor mesh sleeves’ our mesh sleeves provide a high-performance solution for adhesive anchoring into hollow materials. Custom Manufactured – We stock mesh sleeves with diameters of 6mm-32mm, and can manufacture sleeves to your specifications of the required lengths and diameters, and with crimping styles to suit your specific requirements.

Used alongside a bolt and fixing resin, Anchor mesh sleeves play a key role in anchoring objects or structures to concrete. In order to anchor a bolt into concrete a hole must be drilled, this hole is then injected with an adhesive bonding resin but not before the critical sleeve is inserted. The mesh sleeve allows the bonding resin to be evenly distributes throughout the drilled hole. The fixing bolt is the screwed into the filled mesh tube with the hole. This forces the mesh to grip into the hole whilst the bolt grips to the mesh. The resin then sets to form a secure bond within the concrete.

Benefits to the consumer:

Durability and Reliability – With the combination of using the best mesh available and a high skilled production team – we guarantee our product to be of the highest quality.

No Stress – When using a mesh sleeve there is no stress on the brick or block when tightened.

Even Distribution – By using a mesh sleeve the resin injected is able to be distributed evenly across the hole, this will increase the strength of the anchor.

Custom Manufactured – Not only are we able to manufacture sleeves in sizes ranging from 6mm-32mm diameter, we can also manufacture sleeves to the customers exacting specifications, offering any size with any crimping style to suit.

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