Engineering the Internet of Things

Power up the NanoULTRA Universal Remote Telemetry unit, connecting by RS232 or RS485 for Modbus, I2C, SPI  and using the analogue and digital I/O’s, the on board SD card, GPS [option], and if necessary the separate battery pack and IP68 enclosure. The NanoULTRA connects securely and seamlessly via GSM with the Smarthub and offers real time monitoring against high and low thresholds on every parameter.

Instantly see it on your Dashboard – click to drill down to an individual unit for setting up and managing your units. See trends, export graphs and management information, set alarms and recipients, quiz audit trails. Improve your operational efficiency, customer service and staff engagement

Do this from your own log in on the CDL SmartHub via any internet enabled device, on any browser with no software to load. Use the user admin functions to give your staff or customers appropriate access to your own branded site. You can even do this in multiple languages!

Go from any ‘thing’ to the CDLSmartHub

Connecting real world devices to the internet and to our SmartHub is what we do; its also what is sometimes called M2M and is now known as the “Internet of things”. So whatever the “thing” ..  if it has the capability to export data, we can turn that into a cloud based information system giving you visualisation, analytics, geographical information, audit trails, alarms and more.



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