Durably identify pipes in any facility anywhere

Finding the best pipe marker material for your sites all over the world can be a time consuming task. Brady offers Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor+ pipe markers in any colour standard that can identify pipes in any factory anywhere in the world. Do not miss our Guide on using the correct pipe markers.

Reduce accidents, increase efficiency

Clearly visible and legible pipe markers that indicate pipe contents and flow direction can increase efficiency for maintenance crews in finding the pipes that need servicing and the valves they need to shut down. Next to increasing efficiency, pipe markers help to avoid accidents by warning employees, contractors and first responders for dangerous pipe contents.

Durably identify pipes anywhere

Pipe markers reduce workplace accidents and increase efficiency as long as they stay attached and remain legible. Based on testing in our in-house laboratories, using standardised test methods, we offer Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor+ pipe markers for maximum durability and reliability in any context:

  • Indoor: 5 year durability
  • Outdoor: 5 year durability
  • Outdoor+ : 10 year durability (8 year for non-adhesive)

Compliant with every standard

Brady offers its pipe markers in any colour combination to achieve compliance with every plant’s pipe marking standard, including local, industry or company specific standards. Industries can choose the quality level they need, the colours, messages and symbols to be printed on the pipe marker and a pipe marker attachment system with, or without adhesive aligned with the needs of any facility, anywhere in the world.

How to best identify pipes?

Our pipe identification guide book offers insight in the advantages of clearly identified pipes, refers to the legal requirements and various norms for pipe markers, highlights factors that determine pipe marker durability and design and includes tips on how to best apply pipe markers.

Download the Pipe Identification Guidebook

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