Software application and engineering company Red Ledge is launching a new asset management system (AMS) with open access to all RFID* readers – bypassing the manufacturers’ proprietary APIs ⱡ – and to multiple IIoT ¥ devices including all types of sensor, GPRS and RFID tags. The ‘Red Ledge RFID-IIoT Asset Management System’ “leverages the ubiquity of IIoT and the power of RFID to set a new standard for industrial asset connectivity – one that increases the user’s ability to track and trace industrial assets, exponentially” says Red Ledge managing director Andy O’Donnell.

*radio frequency identification ⱡ application programming interfaces  ¥ Industrial Internet of Things

The first public showing of the new AMS will be on the Red Ledge stand at the UK IntraLogisteX supply chain event in March 2017.

The Red Ledge RFID-IIoT AMS is suitable for any organisation with assets that are distributed across a wide area on multiple sites. It is a fully managed system that checks the location of an asset and also tracks any maintenance for it; notifies problems and assigns personnel with the right skillset to solve them; and provides a full audit trail for all tracked assets. It can be integrated with all mainstream ERP and other enterprise systems.

The number of connected devices is forecast to rise from 10 billion in 2015 to 34 billion by 2020. Almost $6 trillion will be spent on the Internet of Things (IoT) from now to 2021 (cited in

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Headquartered in West Yorkshire, UK, Red Ledge was founded in 1996 and has over 150 clients worldwide. The company is a globally recognised specialist in RFID, barcode, voice and sensor technologies and uses its unique blend of application software and engineering skills to improve business processes in commerce, industry and government.

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