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The strength of both Hansen’s Industrial gear units and Sumitomo’s gear units are brought to market together under the Sumitomo Drive Technologies umbrella. As such both companies act as single source for two of the world’s most reputed brands in durable industrial gear drives. Long standing customer relations, a continuous strive for product and technology leadership and keeping pace with today’s market requirements were the enablers to shape and implement this complementary product merger. Worldwide, our skilled staff, business and service partners strive for reliable excellence in industrial gear unit solutions, offering a wealth of experience and expertise, the result of years of close and interactive cooperation with a distinguished record of customers in a broad variety of industries.

Since 1923, Hansen Industrial Transmissions (HIT) has been at the forefront of power transmission technology. We have grown to become a world leading manufacturer of industrial gear units and complete and reliable drive solutions for a wide variety of applications in a broad range of industries. In parallel HIT offers complete servicing for all brands of industrial gear units. Today, HIT is part of Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ Power Transmission & Controls Group and is the sister company of the geared motors business and plant of Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH which origins date from 1930 when the Cyclo drive was invented in Munich.

This article however is mainly about how we work and which solutions & services we provide. As such it reflects our complete portfolio of Sumitomo Drive Technologies products and the complete drive solutions plus the gearbox maintenance that we design, produce, assemble, sell and service.

Both employee and system flexibility are essential to our productivity. Highly skilled machine operators can run a variety of machines, depending on the customers’ orders and workload. Employee training is strongly emphasized and concentrates on e.g.:

• Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) with focus on shortening lead times

• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) increasing machinery availability

• Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) decreasing set up times

• Six Sigma for faultless manufacturing processes

• 5S to monitor work efficiency and cleanliness



Every aspect of our activities starting with the system operators till our after sales services offering is impregnated by a total commitment to quality. At HIT, both gear & housing manufacturing compose of a fully equipped and air conditioned test lab. In-house test facilities are used for load testing and measuring.

Fully committed to total quality assurance, Hansen Industrial Transmissions in 1991 was the first in its industry to receive the ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system.


Our products can be found in numerous applications and industries. A few examples of the larger industrial gearbox ranges can be found e.g. in:

(+ PICS)













The Sumitomo Drive Technologies product portfolio mainly contains Hansen Industrial and Sumitomo multistage gear units but also P4 singe stage drives and heavy duty single stage units, Paramax gearboxes, M4 ACC drives, invertible gear units, SEISA hi-speed, planetary & bevel planetary drives, Cyclo bevel Buddybox, and Drive 6000 as well as helical Buddybox, electric motors, couplings, brake systems etc.


Our aim however is to offer not just products but complete solutions and service.

The Belgium based INDUSTRIAL GEARBOX SERVICES department offers:

  • service (incl spares and repairs) all brands of industrial gearboxes (obsolete & non-obsolete)
  • swift breakdown management, on-site interventions and repairs in-house & on-site
  • Plug & Play solutions for obsolete gear units
  • +90 years of gear technology experience
  • dedicated 24/7 service hot-line +32 3 450 1234
  • predictive & preventive maintenance programs
  • customised spare parts management and separate in-house production facility for spare parts
  • in-house & on-site customer expert training programs
  • over 90 years of technical expertise & dedicated resources, also through the global network of Authorised Service Partners



A typical vertical drive package consists of a parallel gear unit fitted with a lantern housing to accommodate a flange motor, a flexible input coupling and a rigid flange output coupling. Other configurations are available as well.

Horizontal drive packages consist of a parallel or right-angle gear unit, input and output coupling and an electric motor, mounted on a common bed or base plate. Other configurations may include lantern housings for flange motors, hydraulic couplings, V-belt transmissions, etc. … Additional features can be incorporated too.

Our key differentiators among others are our application oriented product range; the engineered to order – philosophy, each order treated as „unique“; our service friendly product concepts: the complete solutions we offer by supplying complete drive packages; our strong partnerships with first class suppliers of motors, couplings, brakes, …; our global network with fast links between local organisations: the worldwide Service Network; the in-house R&D and manufacturing; being familiar with project business, using the required tools: the advisory selling skills of our sales teams and high level of technical skilled operators. With all these tools on hand we guarantee high quality of quotations.

For more information about our product range, application orientated solutions, our services or our technical features such as advanced calculation software, eliminatin ga dry start-up, optimized lubrication systems, maintenance free sealing systems, application oriented solutions and optimized cooling features etc. you are most welcome to contact us via either www.sumitomodrive.com or www.hansenindustrilagearboxes.com and the contact details below.

The European headquarters for geared motors in Germany and for industrial gear units in Belgium oversee a sales office network in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany . Their contact details and the regions they represent can be found on the contact pages of the above mentioned websites. A detailed list of service partners is available on our websites as well.

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Headquarters & Manufacturing EUROPE

Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH

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Hansen Industrial Transmissions NV

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E: info@hansenindustrialgearboxes.com

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