Starrett band saws designed to cut deeper

The recently introduced range of band saw machines from the L.S. Starrett Company offers UK manufacturing companies a cost-effective method of efficiently cutting ferrous and non-ferrous stock raw material. Based on decades of experience designing and producing saw blades, all of Starrett’s knowledge and expertise has been applied to the design and build of the semi-automatic machines to provide class-leading material cutting performance. Ideally suited to a wide range of industry sectors the Starrett S4230 and S4240 semi-automatic machines feature state-of-the-art technology that has been specifically adapted to increase the capabilities of the band sawing machines. As Technical Support Team Leader, Graham Munro, explains: “Within many manufacturing businesses the band saw often suffers from mistreatment, and is seen as the ‘ugly step-sister’. With this in mind we have designed and built the Starrett machines for ease-of-use, they are very robust with reliability levels twice the industry norm, to help stand up to any harsh treatment.”

Both the S4230 and S4240 are semi-automatic band saws that feature cast iron bows for vibration damping and longevity, a minimal footprint and controlled hydraulic blade feed. The S4230 supports productive cutting and is able to cut mitred corners on both the negative (-45o) and positive sides (60o). Fitted with a 1.5 kW motor it can cut material up to 300 mm diameter or 270 mm square. The 2.25 kW motor on the S4240 combined with a rigid structure creates a semi-automatic band saw that is ideal for intensive use and for cutting harder materials up to 300 mm diameter or square. It can also cut mitred corners at angles of between -45o and 75o, making it ideal for intricate work.

Both these semi-automatic band saws are equipped with features designed to make their operation as simple as possible, such as Dynamometric blade tensioning. This easy to use feature allows the saw operator to correctly tension the saw blade without any tools. A manual handle is wound to apply tension to the band, with a graduated gauge providing accurate feedback when the correct level of tension is reached for the blade width fitted to the machine.

Another state-of-the-art feature is band saw breakage detection. A micro switch is activated if the blade accidentally breaks and releases the tension from the blade making the saw very safe to use. “We have paid attention to the diameter of the band wheels, they are designed to minimise blade fatigue. However, we know blades can still break which is why we include safety focused features like breakage detection,” says Graham Munro.

Of course avoiding breakage is the better option, which is why the S4230 and S4240 feature variable-frequency drive speed controls. Coupled to a worm-drive gearbox to smoothly transfer power through 90o in the minimum amount of space, the variable-frequency drive allows accurate speed selection to cover a wide range of material types and applications. Blade speeds can be infinitely varied between 20 and 85 m/min with a digital readout making selecting the correct cutting conditions for the raw material very straightforward using Starrett 27 mm wide saw blades.

Securely holding the material to be cut is an important consideration and Starrett fit a class-leading hydraulic vice that provides up to 30 kg/cm2 holding force. However, the system is equipped with a pressure regulator valve that allows the manual reduction of clamping force of the vice jaws. This allows tubes, profiles and thin-walled sections to be firmly held without deformation of material due the pressure applied by the vice.

Designed to increase productivity the clamping part of the vice can be moved by means of two slides, manually released by a single handle that allows the material to be –cut — clamped either side of the blade. This removes the need to turn the raw material around manually.

Graham Munro states: “The robust design and build quality of the S4230 and S4240 mean that we expect them to provide reliable service to the customer, and we also include in the sale of the machine one inspection visit during its first year of operation. A very competitive one-day training and commissioning package is also offered.”


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