For almost 20 years KFS have been using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as part of the design process for combustion systems used primarily in rotary kiln applications

The experience gained with this difficult application combined with recent investment in new high performance hardware has allowed KFS to become a leader in combustion and flow modelling in a wide range of applications. KFS have expanded their capability and now offers CFD modelling as a consultancy service to the wider market.

KFS apply a solutions-based approach to projects, developing representative models and using our in-house expertise to identify solutions for existing problems or to optimise designs and operation. Every model developed is bespoke and created using the most appropriate technique for the application.

Examples where this approach has been successfully applied by KFS include:

Process Ductwork
Fired Heaters

CFD Modelling previously carried out by KFS has looked at a range of issues beyond combustion including: wear analysis within systems to increase life of components, air flow analysis in process ducts and burners where poor air flow and distribution affect performance, solid distribution and particle dropout in cyclones, dryers and ducting.  The modelling techniques used can be applied to similar applications and systems.

KFS work with the customer to develop a full understanding of the system to be modelled. This allows us to create the most representative model to assist in problem resolution. The modelling output is then post-processed to analyse the system parameters prior to use of the model to help develop solutions.

KFS will not only model your system but also put together a package of solutions developed by their experienced engineering team.  This can include conceptual design through to detailed engineering, as appropriate.

The correct application of CFD modelling can take the guesswork out of process design and product development, or replace time-consuming, expensive or impractical physical modelling.  It also provides a powerful tool to help overcome ongoing process problems, optimise existing operations and reduce running and maintenance costs.

KFS have successfully used our solution-based CFD approach to provide technical support to a range of organisations from small independent operators to large multinationals, as well as to specialist equipment suppliers.

If you would like to explore how KFS can use its powerful CFD modelling capability to help resolve design or process problems then please call our team to discuss how we can help.


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