Designed for the Engineer who needs to take quick, accurate thickness measurements, the ‘Cygnus 4+’ is a highly reliable, extremely rugged and simple to use ultrasonic thickness gauge.

The unit is perfect for testing levels of wear and corrosion on industrial machinery, factory infrastructure, boiler tubes and pressure vessels.  This gauge has been rigorously tested to military specification; drops from height (onto concrete), extreme vibrations, extremes of heat and cold will all be shrugged off by the unit – which is also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 (water) and IP6X (dust).

While the Cygnus 4+ has been specifically designed to be easy to operate, it does have an excellent array of key features including: versatile measuring modes (multiple-echo, single-echo and echo-echo modes are all contained in just one unit); an A-scan display that helps to verify true back wall readings in difficult measuring applications; sequential data logging that stores up to 500,000 readings (with their A-scans); and the unique Measurement Stability Indicator (MSI™) which verifies stable and reliable readings.

The gauge has a large colour LCD display that can be viewed in all lighting conditions, an easy to use keypad and an intuitive menu.  The gauge body has been designed to be comfortable to hold and protects against bumps whilst offering maximum strength with its hard internal shell.

To find out more information or to download the brochure visit the Cygnus 4+ General Purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge product page on the Cygnus Instruments website.

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