GEMÜ SUMONDO – Putting You in Control!

The application of Single-Use disposable products not only enables Pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce fast and safe batch production but also require significantly less time to replace compared to the cleaning and sterilization processes (CIP/SIP) in a conventional plant. Single-Use processes are contributing in helping to overcome global challenges, particularly in controlling the rapid spread of infectious diseases and in the case of pandemics where time lost is critical, as it can affect the number of lives saved. Single-Use plant allows new biopharmaceuticals and vaccines to be brought to the market faster. As the world’s first single use diaphragm valve, GEMÜ SUMONDO is a major step forward in Single-Use applications. The diaphragm valve body can be easily connected/disconnected from the actuator which is a tried and tested design with both position control and position feedback options as required to ensure complete monitoring of the Single-Use system, making the SUMONDO even more versatile!

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