Sage announces End Of Life for Sage50 Manufacturing: A reaction from Sapmanv12

The announcement from Sage that they have decided to end of life Sage50 Manufacturing comes as no great surprise to specialist ERP/MRP software suppliers.

Alastair Fraser – CEO of Sapmanv12 explains:

“It is fairly straightforward to keep accounting software up to date – the first book on double entry was published is 1494 and the principals have remained unchanged ever since.

We are Sage developers, and have been for over 20 years, and like and understand their accounts offerings with 50 and 200.  But the world of ERP Manufacturing and Distribution has moved on in leaps and bounds; let’s look at a few areas

Traceability is a must have these days; whether it is  the ability to trace manufactured goods back via shop floor data capture to identify operatives, machines of sub-contract processes, together with the ability to trace all materials used to the individual GRN.

Shop floor data capture has been made so much easier with the advent and continued development of scanners and scanning technology.

Connectivity is both internal and external.  Externally we need to have software that can connect the clients’ web shop to the out -side world whilst being able to handle the stock movements and invoicing and cash collection implicit in this.

We also have a seamless connectivity from Sales Enquiries, through drawings exchanged with customers, flowing through the Shop Floor to the Finished Goods, with drawings and images available to the machine operatives.

Scanners also connect the warehouse to the accounts department so they track sales order fulfilment and trigger courier documentation.

Scalability means that some of our customers start with just a few users and start off using only a part of the functionality of Sapmanv12.  The software grows with the user but all the modules are available at no additional cost. Have a look at our COGS diagram on our web site:

In short, what we do is manufacturing and distribution software and are much better place to swiftly respond to our clients’ constantly changing (and challenging) requirements.

So for Sage50 Manufacturing users we offer an alternative solution that has more features, it costs less and is fully supported whilst having a continuous development programme!”

If you make stuff – we’ll help you make it
If you have a warehouse – we’ll help you manage it
If you hold stock – we’ll help you control it

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