Viper Wire Rope Lubricators Increase Life of Wire Rope Assets by up to 300%

Viper WRL, an Australian owned company, manufactures and supplies wire rope lubrication equipment to the marine, petrochemical, mining and manufacturing industries.

The use of the Viper WRL system is proven to increase the life of  critical wire rope assets by up to 300% compared to traditional lubrication methods. When used in place of manual lubrication the Viper can reduce relubrication time of ropes from several days to several hours (often a reduction of up to 90%) whilst also providing a safer work environment. As the Viper delivers lubricant into the wire rope there is also an environmental benefit with less lubricant used and significantly less waste generated. The unit not only lubricates but can also firstly clean ropes of contaminants with the Viper Rope Cleaner range.

In recent years the company expanded operations with an additional workshop facility, increased its global distribution network to over 70 countries and increased global sales by 32%.

Rodney Fitzpatrick, Owner and Managing Director of Viper WRL said “The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator is now the world leader through continued innovations. The Viper not only provides major savings in equipment downtime but is a lot safer for workers and the environment.”

UK based A&S International has represented the Viper WRL brand for more than a decade with an active network of thirteen distributors around the world. Increasing number of UK companies are investing in the Viper WRL solution – 2020 sales this year have already included mobile & tower crane fleets, offshore ROV, port cranes & offshore trenching technology.

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