MULTILINE E sets new connection standards

Universal multiple connector from Eisele combines all supply lines

The MULTILINE series from Eisele is based on a modular kit principle with convincing ease of handling. As a recent addition, MULTILINE E offers adaptive inserts for electrical and electronic connections that also provide options for electric power supply. The robust system is additionally available in a version that is compatible with standard industrial connectors. All of the modular components can be easily assembled without tools.

The pioneering concept of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE from Eisele is used for connecting functional groups to machines. A modular kit system with adaptive inserts allows combination of exactly the connections required for a particular application, in one multiple connector. Installation expense and set-up times can be reduced significantly. Thanks to the fully modular principle it is possible to combine such different connections as pneumatics, gases, coolants, fluids and even push-in connectors for electric and electronic cables in a single interface.

In cooperation with Murrelektronik GmbH, Eisele has continued development of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE to create the MULTILINE E. The unique adaptive inserts can also be equipped with electrical and electronic connections from the Oppenweiler-based company. Depending on the application, M12 round connectors or other connector types for bus systems, control technology and power supply are used. In addition, hose connections can be integrated. In addition to combined concepts for different control lines, complete solutions are also possible for electrical and electronic connections.

For integration of the E-connectors Eisele optimised the design of the base body, which is available in stainless steel or anodised aluminium. The bore holes for the standardised outer geometry of the adaptive inserts now feature an additional slot to prevent twisting of the electro inserts and guarantee the correct polarity of the E-connectors. The asymmetrical hole pattern eliminates the danger of incorrect assembly of the coupling. The full range of products available from Murrelektronik provides practically unlimited possibilities for configuration of the MULTILINE E.

Individual connections in series

The E-connector line is being launched with the widely used and standardised M12 round connectors in different constructions for diverse applications. They include A-coding, three to twelve pins, Cube6, Profibus and Ethernet. The Eisele engineers have also added a version of the M12 power connector for power electronics up to 630 volts: the M12 power connector in accordance with IEC 61076-2-111 is the smallest and most compact connector on the market and is designed for cables with diameters up to 2.5 mm2. The adaptive insert with five power contacts supplies up to 16 A per pin. The new power connector is protected against reverse polarity, vibrations and shock. The MULTILINE E will be successively expanded to include additional versions based on customer requirements. The entire product spectrum of Murrelektronik is accessible for this purpose.

Flexibility also with respect to the connecting cables

The possible options for configuration of the connection cables are completely open. They are available in drag-chain compatible, halogen-free or chemical-resistant versions or with all standard electric certifications in any length needed. The connection cables can either be connected to the corresponding adaptive inserts with pre-configured plugs or they are available as ready-made cable assemblies. Of course, users also have the option of ordering cables with free ends for their own custom cabling of the connections. The MULTILINE E provides the first truly multimedia interface, which also allows fast and easy adaptation.

Only from Eisele: industrial connectors

With the development of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE and the MULTILINE E Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG has implemented ambitious goals in the form of a completely new type of product. The Waiblingen-based experts for solid metal connectors are also focusing their attention on the current standard solution for the central supply of machines and systems: conventional industrial connectors, also known as Harting connectors, are widespread. Numerous systems use this type of connector for their electrical interfaces, so that they represent a historically evolved market standard, which owes its popularity in particular to the robust housing design.

However, these connector systems also have significant disadvantages: their assembly requires the use of tools and the plastic inserts, as opposed to the housings, are fragile and not especially durable. In addition, modification of the pin configuration or hardware of a Harting connector is complicated, since it has to be disassembled. In the event of errors such as loose contacts, troubleshooting is time-consuming. Defective components often have to be replaced instead of repaired.

Modular design – no tools

Eisele’s response to these disadvantages is application of the modular kit concept of the MULTILINE ADAPTIVE and MULTILINE E to the standard industrial connectors, through the use of robust adapters. Eight connections can be integrated in one such adapter. Thanks to the perfect compatibility of the modular design, different connection types and media, as well as different connection diameters, can be flexibly integrated in the industrial connectors. The entire supply of the machine – not only the electrical and electronic connections – can therefore be implemented in a single interface.

The development potential for industrial connectors is therefore by no means exhausted: Eisele sees future perspectives especially in the development of its own industrial connector for integration of multiple connections. Another option is the development of new connections to optimise the required manual strength – both for the round Eisele MULTILINE multiple connector and for the industrial connector version. A new coupling housing for mechanical connecting processes and solutions for automatic connecting and disconnecting are planned.

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