Do You Want to Save Cash & Carbon®

Yes of course you do, especially when its cash positive, helps meet your CSR targets and significantly reduces O&M costs.  We all know It’s a no brainer but there is the cycle of project evaluation, budget setting and then getting a capex allocation that all east away at time.

Our iLEASE® schemes cuts through the red tape providing flexible asset financing, including “paid from savings”, for the upgrade of lighting, advanced building controls or effluent pumping and treatment solutions to Save Cash & Carbon® today.

3 Divisions, all Saving Cash & Carbon®

In the UK, Orel E3 with more than 40 years trading history has three divisions:

  • OE3 Energy – Power, Lighting & Energy Innovation
  • OE3 Ecobuild – Building Techs, Products & Services for Smart Buildings
  • OE3 Enviro – Water & Waste Solutions for the Built Environment

Innovation + Tradition = Solutions Today

We just love innovation, thinking out of the box and combing products & techs, some highlighted below, from across our divisions to provide integrated solutions:

  • iBRIGHT® – Advanced lighting controls including automated emergency lighting
  • Sky Tunnel® daylight sun pipes bringing natural light into buildings
  • Sky Shade window films to reduce glare whilst scattering daylight further into buildings
  • Qbus® building automation solutions managing lighting, HVAC and oxygen levels
  • iCLEAR® range of effluent treatment solutions including anaerobic treatment of organics for CHP
  • Hi-Lift – our unique patented pumps that have transformed the age old air lift and provide big bubble mixing
  • VacSAFE® – vacuum effluent collection for laboratories and factories
  • Baleen Filter® – patented effluent microscreen

Good Bye Air lift, Hello Hi-Lift

Whoever thought the airlift pump could be improved?  Now, innovative large pulsed air bubbles have revolutionised the performance and opens up air pumping technology for a host of municipal and industrial applications with the major benefit of reduced maintenance costs plus substantial energy and carbon savings.

Our Hi-Lift pumps can be installed inside and outside tanks for flow equalization and transfer, RAS, sludge pumping, grit handling and even anoxic mixing using large bubbles with minimal oxygen transfer.

Baleen Filters®

Our automated microscreen provides a self-cleaning barrier from 20 micron to 1mm proven in food & beverage plants, industrial waters, pharmaceutical and petrochemical and indeed in any application where reliable low costs screening and dewatering is required.  Compressed air operates a moving recycled high pressure water spry bar to ensure the screen is cleaned in a non-abrasive manner for long life and to give class leading dry solids removal.

VacSAFE® Vacuum Collection

Both DEFRA and a leading pharmaceutical company have installed vacuum collection systems for biosecure collection of effluents to include autoclave drain down, showers and WC’s with excellent solids handling capability.  A single vacuum collection station can pull in effluent from multiple pipelines and hundreds of collection points without constraint by gravity, so it’s ideal for retrofit as well as new build facilities.

iBright® Lighting Solutions

We integrate class leading LED luminaires with our iBRIGHT advanced control solution with sensors and automated emergency light testing and reporting.  More than 300,000 LED lights have been supplied and installed over the past 7 years for the workplace providing significant energy savings, safe and dependable lighting and very importantly we ensure that all emergency lighting and fire exit signage meets with compliance with self testing and automated report generation.  That’s Bright!

Daylight in Buildings

In addition to LED lighting, we encourage the use of natural daylight in buildings, which has been the subject of increasing scientific research in recent years:

  • 46 minutes more sleep – amazing fact but office workers with windows sleep more (at home) than those without
  • Up to 40% – workplaces with good daylight had a 3% – 40% gain in productivity and sales – That’s Bright!
  • No.1 – daylight is the numero uno natural element desired by staff in the workplace
  • Vitamin D – daylight supports the regulation of Vitamin D, serotonin, melatonin and promotes healthy eye development
  • Sick of work – a view of the outside world and daylight explained a 6.5% variation in sick leave in a workplace study
  • Get in the mood – natural light improves moods, reduces stress and positively impacts circadian system functioning

Our Services

We design, supply, install, operate, maintain and finance to provide turnkey solutions.  For several customers, we have provided their effluent treatment plant and also their LED lighting with advanced controls, daylight management and emergency lighting – we talk the same language as you.

The Orel Corporation has been working ethically and sustainably for more than 40 years to Create a Brighter Future. More than 3,000 employees work across six continents to collaborate and communicate, measure and monitor, research and develop and to test and challenge, so we can continue to innovate and improve.  National supply and delivery frameworks with leading UK and global companies is testament to the value we offer and our projects have been recognised nationally with numerous prestigious sustainability and engineering awards.

Projects range from £10k to £3 million with one framework contract delivering £8 million of retrofit lighting in UK shopping centres over the past 6 years, with a financial payback achieved in just over 2 years – That’s Bright!

Please call us or email today for a free no obligation site visit to see how we can save you cash & carbon.

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