BSL Gas Technologies are based in Rochester, Kent UK and have been in the gas mixing business since 1990 when we first developed the patent for our unique Gas Blenders. We have developed these greatly for different applications, gases, flows and differing gas use requirements. Our widely used Gas Flow Control Valves have developed from that work too.

27 years later, we now supply our equipment all around the World, reaching every major continent. We have been able to do this because we have always tried to keep to some simple aims in mind. Our systems are very robust, and most are uniquely simple. Many of our Gas Mixing Systems that we provide are completely pressure mechanical in their operation. This means we can mix gases without the need for external buffer storage tanks or the need for electrics. Our systems are famously simple to look after and being able to mix gases accurately without electrics is particularly useful when handling gases with Oxygen and Hydrogen combinations.

A lot of our development work today involves us taking our well proven and respected technology and solutions and shaping them in to bespoke solutions for our customers. Finding ways to enhance the business of our core customers and adding to it to give them some genuine competitive advantages in their markets. This is a particularly enjoyable aspect of what we do, because often it is very closely measured by our customers and provides some amazing feed-back at times, which we are of course very grateful for!

So, if you are interested in our off the shelf solutions, they are available within a few weeks. Or if you are after a more engineered solution, we will be very happy to help you and to understand your need. This is something we can do well for you to give you some great benefits in your market. To take what we do every day and turn it into something that our customers find very useful and unique is one of our top aims!

How can we help make your process easier and more reliable? 01634 661100

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