MIM – New Electromagnetic Flow Meter from Kobold

Leading instrument manufacturer Kobold continues to design and develop quality measuring and analytical instrument products and have just launched their latest compact flow meter to the market, the MIM.  With factories within the Kobold Group experiencing well over one hundred years of trading, Kobold has an enviable and extensive wealth of technical knowledge and experience to draw upon when developing new products.   At the concept stage, Kobold will often draw upon the experience of their international sales offices to establish a framework of practical features and functionality, and thus produce an instrument which is suitable and compliant for an international market place.  This indeed was the process for the new MIM instrument.

Innovative design and quality have become hallmarks of all Kobold manufactured products but refreshingly, during their concept stage Kobold are clearly applying focus to practical ease of functionality and to some extent, resisting the trend and temptation to incorporate unnecessary features and over complicated software.

From the MIM concept Kobold have produced a high quality and versatile compact flow meter for measuring conductive liquids, ensuring suitability for a wide range of industrial applications.  Heavy duty construction in stainless steel provides a clean and robust instrument module.  The design of the 90° step indexable TFT display screen is clever, yet simple and robust, ensuring suitability for multi directional flow applications, programmable from the touch screen.  A nice feature of the TFT display screen is that it can be used by operators wearing gloves.  Unlike some of the TFT screens on the market using inclination sensors for screen position, the MIM screen remains clear and stable in use, a reminder of Kobold’s instinctive preference for simplified practical functionality and reliable service.

As you would expect, Kobold’s MIM instrument incorporates all the practical control and display features required in most process applications as standard.  This includes bidirectional measuring, combined flow, temperature, and volume measurement, monitoring, and transmitting.   Dual configurable outputs can be selected such as analogue, frequency, pulse, and switching, but also switched dosing and controlled start/stop for the dosing function.

Typically with an electromagnetic flow meter there are no moving parts in the measuring device and this can be a key advantage in many industrial applications.  In principle the induced voltage is picked up by two sensing electrodes which are in contact with the measuring agent and sent to the measuring amplifier. The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross sectional area of the pipe.  A key advantage of this measuring principle is that the measurement is not depending on the process liquid and its material properties such as density, viscosity and temperature, however, be mindful that the flowing media must have a minimum conductivity value.  The MIM instruments are now available from Kobold Instruments (UK) Ltd, or from official UK distribution partners; www.kobold-direct.co.uk


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