Gratnells launches new website for the injection moulding service of its engineering business

Harlow based Gratnells, whose manufacturing and engineering businesses now extend from storage solutions and modular staging systems to advanced laser cutting services, has launched a new website to support its injection moulding business. takes website visitors on a quickfire ‘tour’ around the factory’s facilities, with information about the range of presses which deliver flexible capacity for large and small run jobs.

Additional resources include ATM 3 axis robots on 10 of the company’s machines, a full built-in cold feed chiller system with portable water heater units and a 6 ton capacity crane.

Working with materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, ABS and acetal, Gratnells approach emphasises the speed and accuracy of its contract work, with flexible tool capacity and rapid turnaround across 24 hour operations. To complete its end-to-end service offer the company also has the facilities to collect and deliver mould tools. Other ancillaries include the availability of insert moulding and vac forming.

Operations Director Loic Jones has helped to create a ‘model factory’ environment where the efficiency of the operation is matched by its cleanliness and good order.

He comments, “I’ve more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and quality assurance and the Gratnells operation sets the bar for UK manufacturers that want to compete domestically and internationally on efficiency and quality. The new website for our injection moulding services now presents an accurate picture of the factory working at its best.”

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