Some places never get a rest.

Some places never get a rest. In areas where activity continues 24/7 installing floor markings is a challenge. After years of research, a ground-breaking innovation has now arrived: a rapid action floor coating that is fully cured and 100% load resistant, immediately after installation.
SolidLux Instant Coatings give minimum disturbance and maximum time efficiency.

The only industrial floor coating that cures at the speed of light

On 24 February 2016, Dutch paint manufacturer Van Wijhe Verf in Zwolle, from the Netherlands, introduced a breakthrough in the area of industrial floor coatings: SolidLux Instant Coating, the only industrial grade, coloured floor coating system that cures at the speed of light. After a warm reception in mainland Europe the product is now being launched in the UK and Eire.







The introduction of SolidLux is a break-through in UV paint curing technology. After years of research the product engineers have successfully developed an industrial grade coloured floor coating that cures instantly when exposed to UV light and is immediately resistant to intensive mechanical and chemical stresses. An ideal solution in any situation where floor maintenance or renovation work inevitably will disturb the regular activities with associated loss of income and other expenditure. Thanks to UV technology the process of drying and curing is now contained within a single process whereby the coated surface is exposed to UV light with a portable or hand-held UV lamp. Instant curing means the floor coating can be applied practically while business continues as usual. A smart working sequence allows production areas, warehouse space, carparks or concrete stairways to be used with practically no disruption while being treated. In many cases this will eliminate the need for expensive temporary provisions.









Stalemate broken

Incidentally, UV technology for instant curing is not a novelty in the paint industry. In the decorative sector, for instance, the technology has been used to cure a clear floor finish on wood and resilient flooring. However, until recently it was thought to be impossible for UV light technology to be used in coloured floor coating systems, let alone industrial grade floors which, due to type of usage and intensity of stresses, generally require a more robust coat thickness. The pigments contained in opaque paints impede the penetration of UV light and this was always a factor where coat thicknesses of 100 micrometre on average per layer were required. This stalemate has now ended thanks to the development of SolidLux. The makers have succeeded in designing an exceptionally durable, opaque, coloured floor coating system containing 100% solids, and an overall coat thickness of 300 micrometre. This is more than sufficient for a robust, wear-resistant and yet instantly cured floor surface.

Patented system SolidLux has been developed in partnership with specialised market parties in the area of UV technology and application technology. A co-creation that has resulted in a patented system that is unique in its kind. SolidLux is available in ten industrial standard colours and other colours are available on application. Even an anti-slip finish or a decorative, flaky finish is possible. Moreover,

SolidLux can be applied in every situation, indoors or outdoors, even at temperatures below zero.








Complete range
The SolidLux line spans a complete product range that includes a spot repair paste, a pre-primer/ levelling coat, base coat and topcoat. Each product is built on the same UV technology, instantly cured and immediately ready for use or to receive the next coat. The standard coating system (SolidLux Basecoat and Topcoat) consists of single component products only, with related environmental and efficiency benefits: solvent-free, minimal loss of material, less application equipment needed, and less waste. The system is ideal for line marking in 24/7 operational environments.


Certified application specialists
The superior quality of SolidLux is guaranteed by certified application specialists trained in a special UV Master class. These experts are qualified in all facets of the specific coating and UV-technology and able to optimally utilise the benefits of the SolidLux system for best results.

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