Connected safety technology pushes beyond conventional gas detection with the all-new G7c from Blackline Safety

Keep your process team safe where there’s risk of toxic or explosive gases. The all-new G7c from Blackline Safety is the only solution in the world to offer work-anywhere 3G wireless connectivity, two-way voice and text communication, evacuation management and compliance tracking and reporting.

Traditional gas detectors operate like smoke alarms, alerting only the wearer and those in earshot of gas exposure. The introduction of Blackline Safety’s G7c defines a new level in personal safety monitoring and gas detection, overcoming this shortfall with 3G connectivity, location technology and live monitoring. No matter if it’s gas exposure, a fall or a man down, G7c has team members covered.  With connected safety technology, your business can monitor employees using in-house personnel or let Blackline’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre take care of this responsibility for you. When an incident occurs, workers stay connected to monitoring personnel via two-way speakerphone and text messaging, providing support a­nd confidence when working in potentially dangerous and stressful situations.

Be in control without being on-location. With G7c, see the safety status of every team member at a glance. Using Blackline Live web accounts, keep track of employees’ whereabouts with live maps, and customize your emergency response protocol to specify who should be notified in the event of an incident. Alert nearby responders to an individual’s location the moment an incident occurs. Mass-notify your employees of hazards, trigger evacuations when required and account for every employee while en route to designated muster points. Wirelessly monitor device and user compliance in the portal — every device activity, from bump tests and calibrations to safety incidents and gas detection, is communicated in real-time to Blackline’s servers and stored for later compliance reporting.

Blackline innovation couples the value of disposable gas detectors with configurability. G7c features an exclusive modular design with a selection of field-replaceable cartridges. Tailor G7c devices to diverse working environments — choose from a standard, single-gas or quad-gas cartridge, and customize with a selection of gas sensors. When a cartridge reaches the end of its life, replace it instantly without taking the device out of service. With Blackline’s cartridge replacement program, replacement gas sensor cartridges are included with the service plan so there’s no need to purchase a cartridge again. G7c’s modular design ensures seamless monitoring and keeps your team running by increasing up-time and reducing costs associated with traditional sensor changes.

Don’t fall victim to outdated technology and inefficient methods — gain control over the safety of your team. Contact Blackline Safety to build your G7c system today. | Phone: +44 1787 222684

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