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SPX FLOW, Inc. has long served the food, dairy and beverage industries with an expansive range of products, systems and services that are designed to ensure reliable, efficient and high quality processing. Its rich heritage goes back over a century with roots in leading brands such as APV, Gerstenberg Schröder, Johnson Pump and Rannie & Gaulin homogenizers. SPX FLOW has turned another page in its history book recently by bringing its manufacturing, engineering and service excellence together in a new, state-of-the-art facility in central Europe.


 Equipped with cutting edge machinery and a highly trained workforce, the significant investment by SPX FLOW to enhance its European manufacturing and distribution capability will serve its customers both regionally and across the globe. Strategically located and designed for production of high quality valves, pumps, heat exchangers and homogenizers, the new center located in Bydgoszcz, Poland signifies an important investment by SPX FLOW in the future of its business. Customers will benefit from rapid delivery of precision engineered products that are designed for long life and dependable performance.

The new plant which opened in 2016 added an additional 27,000 m2 of manufacturing and distribution space representing a considerable increase in capacity.

The facility contains some of the latest technology in metal fabrication, CNC machining, robotic welding and advanced measuring machines. Test centers for pumps, valves and systems as well as systems execution and commissioning services are also on location.

The wide range of hygienic valves available as single units or fabricated into complete manifolds is one of the major product lines produced at the new facility.

Other equipment produced at the plant includes leading pump ranges from SPX FLOW’s APV and Johnson Pump brands and Gerstenberg Schröder (GS) scraped surface heat exchangers.

SPX FLOW’s range of APV sanitary plate heat exchangers are also manufactured at the new plant and includes gasketed, semi-welded, and welded configurations in a variety of plate materials, corrugation patterns, plate heights, gasket types, and connection options. The plant is further equipped to produce tubular heat exchangers along with the leading APV brand homogenizer ranges, which are available in a wide selection of materials and valve types to ensure an even dispersion across many applications and processing conditions; including abrasive, sterile and highly viscous fluids.

Alongside manufacturing, the Poland facility also acts as the central SPX FLOW EMEA distribution center. Teams are in place at the facility that focus solely on customer aftermarket needs while dedicated warehouse teams concentrate on daily shipping cycles to ensure incredibly rapid deliveries. Located in a modern industrial zone, the new facility is also ideally situated as a major distribution center with exceptional transportation access.

SPX FLOW has a strong commitment to customer service and to the hygienic processing industry. The new European plant is a multi-million-dollar investment aimed at ensuring it can continue to deliver quality solutions that represent excellent engineering value and performance. It brings together SPX FLOW resources to more clearly focus on supporting its customers with what they need today and into the future. This includes meeting delivery commitments; controlling costs; enhancing processing performance and efficiency; ensuring solutions offer the highest reliability, and being able to efficiently support every aspect of aftermarket needs.

About SPX FLOW, Inc.:

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW (NYSE: FLOW) is a leading global supplier of highly engineered flow components, process equipment and turn-key systems, along with the related aftermarket parts and services, into the food and beverage, power and energy and industrial end markets. SPX FLOW has approximately $2 billion in annual revenues and operations in over 35 countries and sales in over 150 countries. To learn more about SPX FLOW, please visit our website at

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