Rozone’s bio-remediating parts cleaning machine, the Smartwasher®, reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helps technicians work more safely and also benefits the environment. It is self-recycling so no need for expensive service contracts, emits no fumes and assists with ISO14001 compliance

Rozone’s bioremediating parts cleaning machine, the Smartwasher®, reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helps technicians work more safely and also benefits the environment. It emits no fumes and assists with ISO14001 compliance

The Smartwasher® offers superior cleaning power that is safe and effective for any greasy and dirty component part.  The Smartwasher® offers significant benefits to the environment and has proven appeal to customers.  Aerosols, sprays, rags and brushes can be expensive and they can create a terrible smell in the workplace, cause a mess and end up in the waste bin.  Traditional solvent part washers usually involve expensive service contracts and they are only good for cleaning unfinished metal parts.  The Smartwasher® is safe to use on all metals, painted parts, coated parts, chrome, rubber and plastic.

The Smartwasher® gives workshops an industrial-strength cleaning solution that keeps both the technicians and the environment safe from harmful chemicals. It uses a pH neutral, non-hazardous water-based surfactant degreaser that, unlike solvents, can be used on any component part.

With tens of thousands of users across Europe, it is the smarter way to clean parts and equipment.

  • Solvent Free
  • No Vapours
  • Non-flammable, non toxic aqueous based degreasing fluid
  • No monthly service contracts
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Lowers risk to employees and the environment
  • Simplified CoSHH reporting
  • No “Solvent Directive” issues
  • Heated to 40°c so more pleasant to use
  • Assists in ISO14001 compliance


James Hart, Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager at Cirteq, a Smartwasher® customer for over 10 years, says:  “After a number of years renting Smartwashers® we decided to recently purchase five new PCS25 units from Rozone. With Cirteq recently being awarded ISO 14001, the low environmental impact of these machines played an important role in our decision making process. When you add to this the ease of use and low maintenance, the investment justification was very easy to make. The service we receive from Rozone has been first class and the transaction couldn’t have been made more straight forward.”


Bioremediation – How it Works

The Smartwasher® system comprises three distinct parts: The Smartwasher® machine, the Ozzy Juice degreasing solution and the Ozzy Filter

The Ozzy Filter is impregnated with millions of micro-organisms. The Ozzy Filter traps large particles of grease and oil, along with any particulate matter larger than 50 microns.  The Ozzy Filter releases the micro-organisms into the Smartwasher® system which then breaks down, or “eats”, the oil and grease in the Ozzy Juice that has been washed off dirty parts and turns it all into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This process leaves the Ozzy Juice clean and strong for every use; effectively recycling the fluid and reducing the need for hazardous waste disposal.

The Smartwasher® is easy to maintain, with a simple monthly filter change and a regular top up of Ozzy Juice.


Choose the parts cleaner to suit the way you work

Rozone offers the mobile PCS23 Smartwasher®, the standard sink PCS25 Smartwasher®, the Supersink PCS28 Smartwasher® and a Benchtop partswasher so you can choose the right machine for your workshop and to suit the way you work

In today’s increasingly legislative environment, there is a demand for cleaning, pollution control and other innovative technologies that benefit employees, society and the environment – at the same time delivering a reduction in operating costs and improving efficiency.

The demand for our range of sustainable solutions has developed significantly and we have been fortunate to work with a wide range of industrial and commercial customers including Defence, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Government and Municipal, Emergency Services, Rail, Food Industry, Airports, Plant Hire, Telecommunications, Engineering and many more.

For any further enquiries, phone 0121 514 0604 or e-mail  Please visit the Rozone website which shows all of the products supplied.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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