PECM Magazine - Issue 44

The new Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager pinpoints compressed air leaks in minutes to reduce utility bills and maximise productivity

Compressed air systems can lose a significant amount of air through leakage. For example, according to the United States ‘Compressed Air and Gas Institute’ (CAGI), the average compressed air system loses 30 percent of its air through leaks. Locating those leaks has been a time-consuming and tedious process. The new Fluke™ ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager enables maintenance teams to quickly, and visually, pinpoint the location of compressed air, gas, and vacuum system leaks even during peak production periods. Leaks can be detected in a matter of minutes. More information can be found at

Rheintacho UK celebrating 100 years of existence in Leeds

On 23rd August 1919 Rheintacho UK was founded in Leeds. Is was founded as Foundrometers Ltd and after a turbulent century of takeovers, sales, mergers, spin-offs, management buy-outs and name changes, Rheintacho UK Ltd, as it is now called similarly to other companies in the Rheintacho Group, is more successful than ever in an ever changing market.

New Product Release from Micronics

The New U1000MKII-FM is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic flowmeter alternative to traditional inline meters, for non-invasive water flow applications, which offers significant installation cost and dry maintenance benefits over traditional in-line products.

New DIN Rail AC inrush current limiter for capacitive & inductive loads

Powersolve’s new PSICL series is a low-cost peak inrush current limiter designed for capacitive and inductive loads in a variety of applications. These include installations across complex automation systems and machinery as well as isolation transformers or LED lighting applications where they are particularly useful because you can have a large number of LED driver power supplies operating in parallel and all taking high peak currents together on switch on.

Exposed Junction Thermocouples

An exposed junction thermocouple is the simplest form of thermocouple. It consists of two pieces of thermocouple wire joined together with a welded bead. Since they can be made very small, an exposed junction thermocouple can provide a very fast response time.

TF Automation working with manufacturers to provide bespoke process automation solutions

TF Automation design, engineer and manufacture process automation solutions as well as supplying pneumatic and industrial components. Supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries from automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical, to food and beverage, printing and packaging, we provide special purpose machinery designed to clients’ bespoke requirements.


Crocodile began as a family company back in 1991 in response to a growing demand for innovative and versatile industrial packaging solutions. To this day Crocodile remains entirely family owned and run and the goal of providing high quality sophisticated packaging solutions that add genuine value to clients has not changed.

Ceramic bearings are opening new avenues of research

The global ceramic bearings market set to grow at a CAGR of around eleven per cent between 2017 and 2023, with lab equipment representing a key application for this growth. Chris Johnson, managing director of ceramic bearing specialist SMB Bearings, examines the link between ceramic bearings sales and the output of successful scientific research.  


Emerson introduces the ASCO™ Series 551-553 pilot operated solenoid valves, featuring the ability for use in temperatures as low as -60°C, thus considerably expanding its application options for our customers in the process industry. Due to the increasing interest in oil and gas exploration in environments with extreme (arctic) conditions, this extension of the temperature range offers a reliable solution.

Wastewater Equipment on Show

For 2019 the Pump Centre’s flagship conference and exhibition is being rebranded as the Water Equipment Show and as usual leading wastewater solutions and services specialist Jacopa will be playing a leading role at the event, presenting the company’s latest technology, ideas and innovations to tackle current and future wastewater treatment challenges. This year, among the many exciting products the company is presenting there are three key brands from their portfolio that will take centre stage on the Jacopa stand.

Submersible Load Cells Lower the Cost of Large Tidal Turbine Designs

AIM – Assess the Performance of Alternative Large Scale Tidal Turbine Designs

One of the costlier items in current large >15m diameter tidal turbine designs are the rotor blades.

Lowering the cost of rotor blade manufacture would make this renewable energy more economical to use and widely accessible.  Plus, benefiting not only the UK tidal energy markets but developing tidal energy countries too.

BLACKFAST CHEMICALS are proud to announce the launch of its new online store and website!

If you work in the engineering, tooling, automotive or manufacturing industries and regularly need to black small metal parts and components thus enhancing both appearance as well as tested corrosion resistance, then BLACKFAST’s chemical products are what you have been looking for.

Dividella AG

Modular and Flexible Secondary Packaging

Dividella develops secondary pharmaceutical packaging solutions and systems, for vials, ampoules, syringes, pens, combination packs, medical devices, blisters etc.

Customers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies benefit from extensive engineering support. The company’s specialists find dependable solutions for the safe packaging of sensitive products, optimised pack sizes for the cold chain, and easy-to-use mono material packaging with a low total cost of ownership.


Faults on underground power cables are almost always disruptive and costly to fix. So there’s a very big incentive to minimise the risk of such faults occurring. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to use partial discharge (PD) testing, which looks for the characteristic electromagnetic signature of produced by small electrical discharges in air gaps, voids and cavities in cable insulation, and in joints and splices. These discharges typically start long before these problems develop into a fault, so detecting them early gives time for action to be taken to avert outright failure.

Need an inline filter for 2020?

Helapet’s Filter Devices division specialise in the manufacture of bespoke and off-the-shelf inline disc filters used for precise filtration and clarification of particulates in air/gas or liquids. Each filter is manufactured in-house using our ISO Class 7 rated cleanroom facility to ISO 13485:2016 accredited standard. Equipped with the latest machinery, with a highly skilled cleanroom workforce ensures quick yet accurate output.

Henry Howard Finance

The newly created Hard Asset Vendor section at Henry Howard Finance have increased their team with two new appointments, to support companies who offer finance solutions to their business customers.

Ben Bennett, Senior Account Manager at Henry Howard Finance, joins the team from DLL.  Prior to this Ben held financial roles spanning 25 years, at GE Capital.


Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has introduced a new Linear MOTIONEERING™ online tool that helps design engineers accurately size and select electric linear actuators. The powerful, self-service functionality of the tool provides an interactive series of questions, making it easier for users to benefit from Thomson’s extensive application engineering knowledge base. The online questionnaire starts with an analysis of motion control requirements, which leads quickly to an ideal actuator solution.

A Compact Proximity Sensor Built to Last in the Most Extreme Environments

Emerson presents the TopWorx™ GO™ Switch model 52MTopWorx, a low profile, dry contact, proximity sensor with a 316L stainless steel sensing face in an industry standard 12mm package. The temperature ranges from -40°C to 100°C and it’s suitable for IP69K applications. The 52M does not require power to operate and is polarity insensitive with zero need to specify NPN or PNP circuits and maintains the ability to be a plug-and-play replacement for inductive proximity sensors.

TLM Laser Business Levels Point To Continued Growth In 2019

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Laser processing technology, TLM Laser has a comprehensive portfolio of systems for welding, marking, engraving, cutting and 3D metal additive manufacturing. Such a broad product offering means that the company is always active across a diverse range of market sectors.

The Pakawaste Group is the UK’s number one Waste Handling System provider, delivering leading engineering and manufacturing services for waste management and recycling in the UK and abroad.

Already a market leader, Pakawaste is constantly expanding and developing its product offering, rental, service, maintenance and manufacturing business to meet the changing and diverse demands of its clients.

New Rotork Master Station launched for valve actuator control

Rotork has launched the latest generation of its innovative monitoring and control system for valve actuators and plant equipment.

Finding an IOT platform as a service [PaaS] that really works for Industrials!

If you have an asset base that runs into hundreds, thousands or more and you want to connect them to an Industrial IOT platform there are a few key questions you will need answering. For example:

Does this platform really work? Whats the evidence? Whats the  installed user base? What sort of comm’s protocols will it handle? What happens when comm’s are interrupted? Is it multi national [not just language but date stamping events, storage of data, and of course language as well]? What about Cyber security – is it hackable? Whats the evidence? And crucially how easy is it to configure, deploy and scale? And a host more besides!

Dots make the difference

“Industrial Process and Control Engineers want something very different when they are making electrical measurements from the average commercial or domestic electrical contractor. Because they are endeavouring to predict the life span of electrical equipment such as motors and relays, they need more and better information” says Brendan Beaver, UK manager of Metrel® Ltd, the innovative provider of electrical test solutions.

Tailored hands-on training increases electrical safety awareness and improves operational resilience at Yorkshire Water

Over the past six years, more than 70 Yorkshire Water employees who install or regularly come into contact with electrical IT systems, electrical cabinets and data cabling, have benefited from tailored, on-site training provided by Technical Training Solutions (Tech Training).

NSK solutions for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage sector has been a long-held area of focus for NSK, which is one the world´s largest manufacturers of rolling bearings. Specific to this industry, NSK rolling bearings feature highly relevant design attributes such as rustproof materials, sealed construction and lifelong lubricants that are compatible with foodstuffs.

Spiroflow launches pioneering remote monitoring system

Bulk materials handling specialist, Spiroflow, has launched an innovative monitoring system that remotely provides real time information on the performance of their complete machinery range, from flexible screw conveyors to tubular drag and aeromechanical conveyors. The system is known as SAM – Spiroflow Active Monitoring.


At Curtiss-Wright, we offer our customers a single source solution and point of contact for all their controlled metal surface treatments, supporting their requirements through our global network of over 70 worldwide facilities and on-site field teams, improving and reducing turnaround times and costs.

RK Rose+Krieger

RK Rose+Krieger have been manufacturing components for automation and machine building for over 40 years. Our extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance.

Dec Group’s product portfolio offers a variety of possibilities in the powder handling industry

Dec Group is a leading global provider of powder handling and process containment systems providing innovative solutions worldwide for various industries where powder processing under strict and controlled conditions is essential.

Institution of Chemical Engineers

IChemE’s (Institution of Chemical Engineers) annual process safety conference, Hazards 29, takes place in Birmingham, UK on 22–24 May and is set to share good practice, latest developments and lessons learned in process safety. Covering every major aspect of process safety, Hazards 29 will bring together the international process safety community to learn from each other, stay up-to-date with good practice, network and make new contacts.

Horne Engineering Ltd

For over 100 years, Horne Engineering Ltd has pioneered the development of thermostatic control technology using steam and hot water for a variety of applications: rapid (steam) heating of vented storage vessels, temperature control of steam calorifiers, temperature-controlled process water and non-storage hot water wash-down.  Industries utilising these technologies include food and drink production and processing, brewing, dairy, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production and also packaging manufacture.

Chemical Plant Commissioning course Wednesday 3 – Friday 5 July 2019

Chemical Plant Commissioning is a 3 day course dealing with the commissioning and start-up of both large and small process plants. It will cover many aspects including the planning and managerial aspects of major plants, the start-up of small plants with an emphasis on the technical problems and also dealing with the documentation associated with commissioning. The course is accredited by the IChemE.


Founded in 1983, Cygnus Instruments is a UK-based market leading manufacturer of simple, accurate and robust hand held ultrasonics.

The Cygnus 6+ unit is designed for the Engineer who needs to take quick, accurate thickness measurements.  This hand-held UT thickness gauge is perfect for testing levels of wear and corrosion on a vast array of industrial machinery, factory infrastructure, boiler tubes and pressure vessels.  This gauge has been rigorously tested to military specification; drops from height (onto concrete), extreme vibrations, extremes of heat and cold will all be shrugged off by the unit – which is also completely environmentally sealed to IPX7 (water) and IP6X (dust).

Emerson introduces the TopWorx™ HART 7 protocol

Emerson introduces the TopWorx™ HART 7 protocol, which allows you to gain access to critical operational data as well as diagnostic information for your automated on/off valve package. TopWorx´s powerful and easy to use HART 7 solution incorporates intelligent features and a robust 4-20mA signal to help you lower operating costs and increase plant availability. Advantages include: quarter turn valves and indication, indication for pneumatic actuators, ON/OFF valve indication and control.

3 Tips to Boost Warehouse Efficiency

At the heart of every successful manufacturing business is a warehouse operation that runs smoothly and efficiently. Warehouses play a critical role in the supply chain; where goods and products are accurately dispatched to customers and supplies are received for the manufacturing process. Lean warehouse operations are critical to business success and are a significant influence on the business’s bottom line.

Tips for Sourcing the Best Warehouse Flooring Solution

If there is one certain in manufacturing, it is that the flooring of your warehouse facility takes quite a pounding. It must be reliable, hard-wearing, abrasion resistant and provide adequate traction to keep up with the demands of your busy operation. So, how do you choose the best warehouse flooring for your business? Here are four tips, to get the best flooring solution for your operation.