Condition Based Strategies for Electrical Asset Reliability

Companies have always searched for ways to mitigate risk, reduce operating costs and increase productivity. Companies in industries like power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil & gas, mining and data centers have numerous electrical assets on-site to maintain operations. A subset of these assets is critical to operations – they usually do not have a backup system and, if they fail, can cause catastrophic situations. Companies are adopting condition based maintenance programs using innovative products to predict when an asset will fail and implement preventive repairs before the failure takes place.

Pure Innovation in Telecommunication

With over 35 years’ experience, Churchill Controls is the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of lower power radio telemetry systems.

News from Wanner International

Intelligent Pump Control Resets the Bar for High Pressure Coolant Delivery

Wanner has introduced intelligent pump control for its Hydra-Cell pumps that it claims will generate significant savings while improving machined part quality.


Welcome Food Ingredients Ltd required a more efficient system to re-bag granular sugar used to manufacture their sauces, pastes, dressings and dips for food industry customers.

New line of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Without Liquid Couplant

Innerspec has launched a new line of its EMAT and DCUT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges which require no liquid couplant. The new gauges use non-contact Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and Dry-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing (DCUT) technology to provide thickness measurement on materials ranging from 0.5mm to 1m (0.019” to 40”) with an accuracy of +/-2.54µm (+/-0.0001”). The non-contact EMAT ultrasonic technique permits one-side measurements at temperatures ranging from -30ºC to 750ºC (-22ºF-1382ºF), making it ideal for process control in harsh production environments.

Werth TomoScope XS – CT Scanning Technology, in a New Compact Format

In recent years, developments in computed tomography have concentrated on the high-resolution measurement of large workpieces and materials that are difficult to penetrate. To this end, large and heavy coordinate measuring machines were used. X-ray tubes came in two varieties: Closed tubes often need to be replaced after just two or three years, while open X-ray sources require maintenance several times a year. This results in frequent downtime and high maintenance costs.

Koyo invests in Magnetic Bearings

Magnetic bearings offer some significant advantages over traditional bearings such as very low friction, no mechanical wear, very high-speed rotation and no maximum relative speed so it’s easy to see how they could impact almost every area of the manufacturing process. 

Why Switch Your Nitrogen Gas Source?

Many organisations currently using Nitrogen gas are tied to a gas company for supply, delivery, high pressure tank changes, and even gas storage. There are so many steps in the process of securing a steady flow of Nitrogen gas for your needs, but many can be eliminated by switching to a gas generator.

Ace Your Next Display Project with Products from Lascar Electronics

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique software and hardware display platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and control monitoring displays.  Available in 4.3” and 7” versions, these capacitive colour touchscreen devices have a wealth of hardware interfaces, and Design Studio software that allows app development using a drag and drop interface.  Absolutely no coding is required. 

BEC Distribution to ease Components Allocation and End-of-Life (EoL) challenges

Current problems in the electronic components market including shortages, allocations and EoL notices bring specialist distributors and customers closer.

Forty years ago, when BEC Distribution was first established, there was no internet, no websites or Supply Chain Management. However, component manufacturers now sell more through specialist distributors than in the past.

Summit Systems Acquires New Temperature Control Division

Summit Systems, leaders in the plastic automation sector, are delighted to announce the purchase of ‘Total Process Cooling Ltd, a specialist in chilled water and process cooling.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics is the UK’s largest and best attended annual industrial engineering show. Around 800 vendors from around the UK, continental Europe and beyond will gather in the convenient, modern surroundings of Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre from February 5th to 7th 2019 for what is anticipated to be the largest exhibition yet held.

Winkworth mixes future-proofed solution for specialist cementitious materials manufacturer

When a leading manufacturer of imprinted concrete materials needed to streamline its production process, the first decision it made was to contact a mixer maker in the top of its field.

Martindale provides a flexible solution to safe maintenance

Martindale Electric’s new CABLOK series, provide maintenance teams with a simple and reliable solution for locking off multiple breakers, switches and valves, to prevent the re-energising of circuits and systems during maintenance, as part of a safe isolation procedure.

Skid Unit for Coca-Cola

Quality Fabrications From A Highly Qualified Company

Westgate Fabrications  has a reputation for producing the highest quality fabrications, for the reliability of its products, for on time delivery and for competitive prices.

The custom built premises in Bury Lancashire, houses offices and comprehensive manufacturing facilities and assembly plant. The company and the group throughout have achieved Quality assurance accreditation to a minimum of BS EN ISO 9002.

Westgate’s success is reflected in the high level of repeat business and customer recommendations. The company has signed several Sole supply agreements with a number of major companies and is part of frame work agreements and P.F.P’s (preferred partnerships) with several Water Authorities and leading Engineering groups. Indeed in the past year Westgate have been elected into the Costain top 100 list of contractors and suppliers. Having built an enviable reputation throughout industry Westgate is committed to giving customers an even better quality product and service in the future.


Comprehensive Capability From One Of the Largest Workshops In The Country

Shop Built Water Storage Tank

The 14,500 square feet shop floor facilities comprising of two bays each complete with 10 ton crane lifting facilities enables Westgate to manufacture tanks and vessels up to 4.5 meters diameter and overall length of 18 meters in house.

Site Built Water storage tank

The size of the workshop capability gives the company the advantage of being able to manufacture assemblies in house, with little or no requirement for site fabrication. This almost unique facility together with the group capabilities to Laser cut, Plasma cut,  Computerised Bending Facilities, 5 axis CNC machining and general machining capabilities, Water Jet cutting up to 100mm thick, Electrical installations, Mechanical Installations, Machinery removals, Civil, Engineers and Engineering Design enables Westgate to offer Turnkey project capability using internal and group resources.

Skilled And Committed Workforce

With Westgate’s sheet metal fabricators specialising in Stainless Steel, Mild steel, Aluminium and Titanium fabrications for the Chemical, Water treatment, Paper, Petro-Chemical industries. However our expertise can be extended to any industry with a need for Quality Fabrications. The key to success lies in the experience and dedication of personnel. All fabricators have a wealth of expertise within the industry. The core of the workforce revolves around a team of hand-picked City and Guilds qualified tradesmen with welder qualifications and procedures to BS EN 287 & BS EN 288. All work is carried out within the bounds of strict Quality Control procedures which ensures that the standard of workmanship is second to none and that all tasks are carried out to internationally recognised standards

Complete Turnkey Service

Westgate offer a complete turnkey service for all your requirements. The Company’s capability covers the full spectrum from initial design following a site meeting, through manufacture, delivery, final erection on site, commissioning and routine maintenance.

Our team of engineers specialise in on-site installations of pipe work systems, tanks, vessels and assemblies. The maintenance of in-service equipment and shut down work is also carried out

Scotch Coated Piping



Accuracy & Precision Build

Close working involvement with the specialist companies utilising skills within the group such as Laser and Plasma cutting, Folding and forming, Precision and general machining, water Jet Cutting, Specialist Glass and Sight Glass Manufacturer allows us to offer our customers an extended service that encompasses highly accurate, precision products. The Group employs state of the art technology and equipment and by using these specialist skills means that we can be more cost effective this enables us to offer more competitively priced, reliable products into the work place

Finished To Perfection

The finished quality of Westgate’s fabrications products is superb.

The majority of fabrications are produced in Stainless steel, these fabrications undergo a pickle and passivation process to remove surface dis-colouration and provide surface passive protection and then into our purpose built glass bead that was custom designed and built to satisfy the extensive ranges of fabrications manufactured. The resultant aesthetic look is supreme in appearance giving a uniform blemish free finish to the completed fabrication.


Specialists In Fabrication

  • High Quality Fabrications in all metals
  • Piping in Stainless steel, Mild steel and Mild steel Scotch coated
  • Coded welding
  • Precision Laser and Plasma cut profiles
  • Precision and General machining
  • Computer controlled bending and folding
  • Engineering drawing and Design Facilities
  • Total Site installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Glass Bead Blasting up to 12 meters in length

Kecol Weighing in on Batch Transfer

Kecol Pumping Systems is the UK leader in the manufacture of pumps and systems for the transfer of viscous materials.

New Anybus gateways open an easy and secure path to IIoT via MQTT and OPC UA

HMS Industrial Networks now announces the release the new gateway families Anybus Communicator IIoT and Anybus X-gateway IIoT with support for MQTT and OPC UA, enabling data connectivity between equipment on all major industrial networks and IIoT applications.

New Total Cost of Ownership Calculator Demonstrates Long-term Cost Benefits of Bredel Hose Pumps

Developed by Bredel, a brand of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, the new Bredel TCO calculator supports existing users and new customers in the hose pump specification process – thereby ensuring ‘right pump, right application’. It also offers business-critical insight into the long-term cost benefits of Bredel technology when compared with air operated double diaphragm and progressive cavity (AODD and PC) pump types.

Lascar Electronics

Automation. Why risk human error when we can program devices to do it for us? That’s why Lascar have developed a new range of products that automate temperature and humidity data logging and data storage, and provide instant alert notifications.

Magnetrol. level matters

In your plant, every level measurement matters. The efficiency, productivity and safety of your entire operation is at stake. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. We have the deepest experience in your applications and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for your industry. Our experts will help you identify hidden efficiencies, lower costs, improve production and reduce downtime. It all matters. Because in your world, level matters.

Breathing life into submarine systems

 Submarine life is no easy feat. Historically, these vessels would stay underwater for just a few days, before resurfacing to exchange stale air for fresh oxygen. Today’s submarines however, use oxygen systems to enable ocean travel for up to 90 days at a time. Chris Johnson, managing director of specialist bearing supplier SMB Bearings, explains how to extend the lifespan of components in these vital air purification systems.

Strong Scottish Economy leads Quantum Expansion

Quantum has achieved 214% growth in Scotland during 2018 with 24 new Drive Maintenance Contract Partnerships in place. With a current run rate of three new contracts a month, this expansion see’s our existing team in Scotland move into a new bespoke Variable Speed Drive Service Centre at Hillington Industrial Estate near Glasgow.

Andrews Boilers add new water treatment unit to hire fleet

Andrews Boilers add new water treatment unit to hire fleet.

The country’s leading HVAC specialists are delighted to introduce a new filtration system designed to provide a quick and efficient solution in scenarios where a fully functional temporary energy centre is required to operate alongside a boiler arrangement.


Through its collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer Kyowa Electronic Instruments, HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the arrival of its new KFU series of strain gauges for high temperatures of up to 350°C.


Bohlender offers a vast range of finished and semi finished products in technical and fluoroplastics. A variety of different materials like PTFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK and others enable innovative products to be produced with excellent chemical resistance and high thermal resistance.

The machinery movers with the expertise you expect

There is a great deal more to machinery installation and removals; particularly when it involves heavy or delicate equipment worth many thousands or even millions of pounds.

Why study with the University of Derby Online? Discover what our students think about our Professional Engineering MSc Programme.

If you are aspiring to become a Chartered Engineer and looking for a Master’s qualification to help you achieve your goal follow in the footsteps of our University of Derby Online Learning Graduates. Here are some of the reasons our students have chosen to study our Professional Engineering programme with us:

Connecting 20 years of Advantra® technology

It is a big anniversary year for Advantra® packaging adhesives, and we at H.B. Fuller are excited to present a new product line and adhesives-related consulting services to our customers, partners and the packaging industry.


Constructed using corrosion resistant, UV stabilised, high-density food grade polyethylene and designed for the containment of liquids up to a Specific Gravity of 1.5, the Enduratank Cone Tanks are frequently used in applications requiring settlement or clarification of liquids or the bulk removal of solids from waste water.

Pure Innovation in Telecommunication

With over 35 years’ experience, Churchill Controls is the UK’s leading design and manufacturer of lower power radio telemetry systems.

Asset Management – How IIot gets you crucial data for insightful analytics.

The movement towards and development of Internet of things technology has already considerably improved many organisations ability to manage their assets better. As organisations continue to develop themselves in their given field their ability to monitor their assets needs to remain agile to meet ongoing change.

Hart’s first order for Oman

Hart Door Systems has recently begun work on its first order from Oman for four highly specialist ‘ATEX’ shutters for compliance with regulations relating to environments with a risk of explosion.

GEA MaxiFormer: the best technology for better products

The drum forming of chicken, pork and meat replacement products is not new; it’s been a standard technique in food processing for many years now. But perfecting it? … that really is different. The new GEA MaxiFormer has been designed by GEA to solve many of the problems traditionally associated with drum forming. By fully understanding the whole process, including the critical grinding, chilling and filling operations, GEA has made detailed but important changes to the technology, that have a big effect on the final product.

How to get the best out of your high pressure homogeniser

Fluid processing requirements are becoming ever more stringent, and so high pressure homogenisation is increasingly surfacing as a solution to meeting these needs.

mk’s Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System used by Leading German Appliance Manufacturer

The accumulating pallet recirculation system SPU 2040 enables cost-effective and dynamic feeding, buffering, positioning and separating of workpiece pallets (WT). In this application the SPU provided the perfect solution for transporting the housing of dishwashers for a leading German white goods manufacturer.

Fischer Connectors demonstrates its long-term vision for connectivity with breakthrough technological partnerships and cross-market customer applications at Electronica

Electronica, Munich, 13 November 2018 – Fischer Connectors, the global provider of ultra-reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions, continues to push the boundaries of innovation in rugged miniaturization, high-speed data transmission, sealing, wearability and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the biennial tradeshow Electronica (Munich, 13-16 Nov. 2018), the company showcases on booth no. 219 (hall B2) how it is reimagining connectivity with its customers thanks to breakthrough and forward-looking technological partnerships with Wearable Technologies Ltd. and SolarStratos, as well as cross-market customer applications in the medical, security, industrial, unmanned vehicles, marine and miniature computing fields.