The RHEINTACHO “Black box” Or: Measuring infinite light

In the final assembly of stroboscopes at RHEINTACHO, there is probably a measuring unit which is unique worldwide. With this system, the light intensity of RHEINTACHO stroboscopes is measured and shown graphically.

From the outside, it looks like an inconspicuous, built-to-purpose square “box”. However, it is full of complicated and intelligent technology. We are dealing with the measurement of light intensity of extremely short flashes of light. These light flashes can be as short as 5µs. In this short time, the special xenon light units reach a brightness of mega-lux level.

Mobius Institute Launches Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) Category I-III Training and Accredited Certification Worldwide

Mobius Institute launches plant reliability and performance improvement training and certification to 50 countries that is ISO 17024 accredited, following ISO 18436 and mapped to ISO 55000.

Mobius Institute, the premier provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and vibration analysis training & certification today announced the launch of its new Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) training and certification program for industrial professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and recognition in plant reliability and performance improvement. The program provides training and certification for the Reliability Program Leader (Category III), the Reliability Engineer (Category II) and the Reliability Advocate (Category I).

Putting the Pawā in your hands

Under the strain of daily working life, Pawā gloves are designed to take on more, day after day. With quality in mind they are built to last and designed to perform around you. In environments where safety is critical our new range of gloves are made to withstand everything that can be thrown at them. Suitable for a variety of applications, there’s guaranteed to be a series just for you.

Introducing Croft Filter’s Quick Release Filter

Improving filtration standards can be a challenge for many companies, especially those with fixed operating systems with little room to insert new filter housings to help meet improved filtration standards. Inserting a housing may intrude on the operating system, requiring a new operating layout that comes at cost in downtime.

Water Quality – Critically Important to Countless Industries

To say that the world of water quality is diverse is an understatement of some magnitude. It’s much more than simply diverse.  It’s down right complex. Whether your application is pool management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintenance of boilers or cooling towers, food production, brewing, printing, desalination, agriculture, aquaculture, waste water management, or any one of a vast number of other industries, the quality of the water is a make-or-break, critical characteristic that determines success or failure.  The kind of instrumentation needed to meet the needs of this exacting and varied array of applications must be reliable and accurate. It must be simple to use.  It also must be very flexible.

Cost effective Pneumatic Systems available from Zapp Automation Ltd

Complimenting our range of electrical and mechanical product is our continually expanding line of pneumatic products.  This includes a large range of pneumatic fittings that we consider to be the most competitively priced fittings in the UK.
All of our products are listed online where you can compare prices and purchase online.   With prices and stock availability listed online, we are confident that users of pneumatic products will be impressed with our range of competitively priced Pneumatic systems.    

MTM Products

MTM is one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of self-adhesive labels, aluminium nameplates, stainless steel nameplates, graphic overlays, engraved products including tactile/braille, vinyl cut decals and emergency lighting signage to original equipment manufacturers in the UK and Mainland Europe.

Davall DSG now supply FOOD BLUE gears

Davall DSG is a leading UK manufacturer of gears. In recent years we have teamed up with Italian technical moulding specialist Stagnoli srl.

Stagnoli have their history rooted in the production of components used on outdoor equipment [door opening etc], concentrating on coarse pitch racks and sprockets. In recent years they have focused their production towards the high quality market of spur and bevel gearing, either as standard catalogue parts [grey glass filled nylon] or custom designs.

Saving costs means more profit

Why do so many people ignore or resist possibilities to save costs, make more profit, and reduce emissions?. Sometimes company buyers reject saving possibilities because the cost could be more than what is already being paid, totally ignoring the value of the possible solution. Cost-effectiveness should however be assessed. Why object to making more profit ?  It makes  wages-rises possible.

Avoiding the high risk of alarm floods

Too often an alarm is an afterthought – its existence driven by the realisation that somewhere in a process there is something that can go horribly wrong. As more points of possible failure come to light extra alarms are added. The system grows ‘like Topsy’. Soon the point is reached where the volume of alarms that may be generated in adverse conditions is itself a cause of failures – due to control room operator overload, known to be a frequent factor in industrial disasters.

Bobst Boosts Customer Service and Safety with Mobile Apps from BigChange

LEEDS, 11 April 2018 – Bobst, the global packaging equipment and services company, has introduced the latest mobile workforce management technology from BigChange to improve its customer service offer.  The app-based system has eliminated traditional paper timesheets and Bobst Technicians and product specialists now manage all work activities and travelling time on their smartphones. The workforce app links in real-time to the BigChange cloud-based back-office management software that handles everything from work scheduling and routing, to fleet tracking and machinery safety alerts

Zimmer Group: Automation Specialists

Zimmer Group Ltd was established in 1980 in Rheinau-Freistett by brothers, Martin and Günther Zimmer. With the company’s HQ based in Germany, Zimmer Group specialize in the manufacturing of automation products. Their industry sector is quite expansive, as they provide services in automation, placing them in a bigger spectrum.  Zimmer Group Ltd offers bespoke and dedicated application engineering solutions; they merged and consolidated their company in 2013. This has benefitted the company greatly, as they now have one common ground and are now able to gain further access to products for clients and customers. The company’s customers range from those at BMW, Tesla, AMRC and many others.

Pem Automation Ltd

Operating from a manufacturing facility in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Pem Automation has been designing and manufacturing capital equipment for 40 years. Originally founded in 1978, the company has grown from being a small engineering workshop to its current status as a leading source of automation in Ireland. Pem Automation Ltd was formed in 2005 during an MBO of the original company. The company now employs 24 people with a broad range of technical skills and experience.

Fulfilment Distribution Centre Solution

Engineers at modern fulfilment centres are required to maintain material handling equipment, conveyors and packaging machinery to ensure their smooth running and full-time operation. Awkward and restricted access areas present additional hazards when working at height and maintenance tasks must routinely be performed where access is extremely difficult.

Achieve a Masters and work towards Chartered Engineer status.

As well as demonstrating your expertise within the sector, Chartership may also increase your earning potential and career opportunities.

Become a Chartered Engineer
Through the combination of our master degrees and work based learning, you can achieve the academic qualifications and professional development required to apply for registration as a Chartered Engineer.


Designed for the Engineer who needs to take quick, accurate thickness measurements, the ‘Cygnus 4+’ is a highly reliable, extremely rugged and simple to use ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Almatec® MM Series Pumps Ideal for Food & Beverage Transfer

New Almatec® MM Series AODD pumps are ideal for food and beverage applications because they feature food-grade wetted materials and a construction that enables CIP and SIP capabilities. The design of MM Series pumps incorporates soft redirections without rotating parts and shaft seals in the product chamber, a critical consideration for hygienic operations.

New Waste Water metering solution from Micronics

Micronics announce the launch of a new Waste Water meter solution to the issue of the challenge of non-return to sewer allowances! The new meter provides a cost effective and reliable solution for measuring the flow in waste water pipes to facilitate billing by metered as opposed to estimated or assumed waste water outflow.

More efficiency with clear maintenance visuals

Plant maintenance operations are a necessity to maintain and secure production capacity. They usually imply a temporary reduction in production output which makes maintenance efficiency an important factor in many industries. With reliable signs and labels, and on-site design and printing capabilities, Brady Corporation offers a solution that can significantly increase the efficiency of maintenance operations.

Pulsar® Model R86 The smarter Non-Contact Radar transmitter for level control

We never stop thinking about your needs. Here’s the result.The company that changed the game with Guided Wave Radar is about to change the way you think about Non-Contact Radar. That’s because the PULSAR Model R86 is here, and it puts over 13 years of Magnetrol® radar expertise to work for you.

Multiple fans in parallel: the benefits over conventional technology in ventilation systems

In many cases, it is advantageous to use multiple fans running in parallel when compared to a large single fan in a ventilation system. Each key benefit for both retrofit and new installations is discussed below.

IDEM Safety Switches

SKORPION – Trapped Key Interlocking with Key Exchange

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Skorpion, IDEM’s Trapped Key System has been developed to provide extremely robust mechanical coded key safeguarding and interlocking for hazardous machinery.

Lamonde Automation Ltd

Integrating miscellaneous factory automation equipment is rarely an easy task since often each machine uses a different controller. When integrating with other IT systems, the variety of protocols often presents a challenge. In 1995, the OPC standard was released to address this issue, in 2006, OPC UA (Unified Architecture) made it possible to get the same information from machines regardless of operating system.

Lower Cost Pressure Scanning Achieves a Stunning 0.04% Absolute

For over 40 years, Chell have supplied electronic pressure scanners developed in NASA wind tunnels and have packaged them for motorsport and flight data acquisition systems, providing the highest integrity aerodynamic data.

nanoDAQ was the 32 channel culmination of these developments, being smaller per channel and having higher performance than any commercially available equivalent. 3D printed in titanium, it is used in some of the highest integrity measurement scenarios in ground-based installations, in vehicles and in the air.

Selco’s ECAP

Selco’s ECAP series electronic temperature controller uses NTC thermistors, J- or K- type thermocouples, and/or RTD sensors to control up to 2 relay outputs. The controller is supplied in an environmentally sealed plastic enclosure and is rated for pollution levels up to Level 3 for harsh environments. Because the ECAP is electronic, it can be programmed to open or close on rise. It can also be made adjustable to your specified temperature range, and is supplied with a potentiometer for user temperature adjustment. Fixed temperature versions that prevent user tampering are also available. Several add-on accessories are coming soon, including PC desktop software, USB key/dongle, optional external digital readout, and the Selco app for smartphones.

Over 30 years worth of experience to deliver the ultimate filtration solutions.

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 31 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors that including: Chemical, Oil, Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Waste Water Management and Aerospace.

Monmouth Scientific introduce Cleanroom Kits

Cleanroom Kits is the new, cost effective Modular Cleanroom concept from Monmouth Scientific, designed to save customers time and money. Entirely designed & manufactured by our experienced design and production team, Cleanroom Kits come with detailed instructions and are easily constructed by anyone with basic DIY skills.

Saving with more performance

Dealing with the tower they were rejecting our offer because the cost of our grease was about $700 more than what they had been using, which lasted only 3 years.


Simply modernize your high-performance computing, enterprise, and cloud applications for faster, scalable, and portable parallel code.

ExVeritas Wins Prestigious ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise’

‘Ex’ Certification Body receives the highest business accolade that can be awarded to companies in the United Kingdom.

Her Majesty The Queen has selected the ExVeritas as winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade. The Queen’s Awards is regarded as the most prestigious business awards in the country and recognises ExVeritas as one of the very best business within its field.

Martindale simplifies industrial socket testing

Socket testers provide a fast and effective solution to identify potentially unsafe installations and wiring faults.  Martindale industrial socket testers include 400V, 230V and 110V models and are now available with 16A, 32A or 63A plug types.

The IGAsorp DVS analyzer from Hiden Isochema

The IGAsorp is a fully automated compact benchtop dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements using the dynamic flow technique for water and organic vapors.

The measured vapor uptake and kinetics are used to characterize and understand materials in precisely defined environmental conditions.

Intelligent leak handling with the LeakExpert app – the software for successful energy management

The SONAPHONE digital ultrasonic testing device from SONOTEC makes it possible to detect leaks on compressed air and gas systems and on gas lines with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to a new, intuitive app, leaks can now also be evaluated automatically with the ultrasonic testing device. Additionally, the LeakExpert app makes it easier to generate a report as a decision-making tool for follow-up actions and as evidence of successful energy management in accordance with EN ISO 50001. This means that SONOTEC measuring technology helps pave the way for Maintenance 4.0.

Buehler Showcases Family of High Efficiency Sample Preparation and Hardness Testing Equipment at Control 2018

Lake Bluff, IL  Buehler, An ITW Company will be presenting at the Control 2018 trade show to be held in Stuttgart, Germany from April 24 – 27, at booth 5135 in Hall 5. The company will be demonstrating current developments from its extensive portfolio of products for metallography and hardness testing, ranging from manual to automated systems, and from sample preparation to measurement systems. Highlights at the show will be for products for quality control in manufacturing: the user-friendly EcoMet 30 grinder-polishers, which will be shown for the first time at Control 2018, the IsoMet™ High Speed Pro precision cutter, the Wilson® VH1102/1202 micro hardness testers and many new consumables.

Design as a Service for Electromechanical Actuator Applications

How do you source specialist expertise? Where do you turn for support with technically-challenging aspects of engineering development projects? For designers of products that include electromechanical functions, help is at hand. Surrey-based Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) offers a unique design service resulting from 40 years of experience in solenoid actuator technology.

Bifold’s Circuit Designer – Modular solutions with drag and drop system

The Bifold Circuit Designer allows you to design a bespoke modular solution or tubed valve circuit comprising a series of valves in any order or orientation (where applicable) using a schematic drag and drop system. The completed system can then be bought as a modular solution or as a list of separate valves from Bifold.