We are now Shell approved Lubricant distributors

At Oilfast, we have been supporting manufacturers for many years with the supply of bulk fuels, lubricants, and tanks. We understand that the Manufacturing industry needs to work at optimal levels to ensure high-quality production. If a piece of machinery breaks down the downtime can be extremely costly for the business. That is why we’re delighted to announce that we are now Shell approved Lubricant distributors. This means we sell premium lubricants to help maximise efficiency, boost performance and reduce downtime to limit the total cost of ownership. It’s never been more important to choose premium, fully OEM approved lubricants.

What are the benefits of using Shell Lubricants?

Shell’s wide range of lubricants holds OEM approvals, meet industry standards, and have the added benefits of some of Shell’s cutting-edge knowledge and processes such as Gas-to-liquid technology.

The benefits of Shell Lubricants combined with well-maintained commercial vehicles and equipment can lead to maximised opportunities for reliable and continued output, which can lead to improved profits.

Wide Range of Shell Lubricants Available for Manufacturing Use

Shell offers a wide range of high-quality lubricants that can help benefit the manufacturing industry. These products can help support increasing your performance, increasing machinery lifespan, and improving your system’s efficiency.

Breakdown of Shell products that can be used:

Shell Tellus – Shell Tellus has an extensive range of hydraulic fluids designed to make your hydraulic systems last longer and perform efficiently.

Shell Gadus Greases – The Shell Gadus range has been developed to deliver the best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency.

Spirax Oils – Shell Spirax oils are designed to help keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently.

Oilfast has a wider range of lubricants available. For more info visit our lubricants webpage.

Our experts can help you find the best solution for your requirements, find your local expert here

Oilfast is now offering a Greener Diesel Replacement

Here at Oilfast, we understand that with the rising concerns of climate change, it’s never been more important for all of us, including those involved in manufacturing to do their part in reducing their emissions.

That is why we have invested in our Green D + HVO product. This allows us to offer our customers HVO, a greener diesel replacement fuel, without affecting their performance.

Green D + HVO is a renewable diesel replacement made to EN15940 standard. It is the lowest emission diesel replacement fuel available. GD+ is made entirely from waste and is defined as renewable and sustainable (RED11), whilst being highly refined. You can use GreenD+ in any diesel engine without requiring any changes to the engine. Manufacturers have approved GD+ and identified there is no degradation in performance.

GD+ contains a specifically designed performance additive, which includes deposit control compounds, lubricity improvements and other surface-active agents to ensure cleanliness and optimum combustion throughout the fuel system.

Benefits of Green D+ HVO

There are whole hosts of benefits of using a renewable diesel replacement:

Reduces maintenance cost

Reduces noise levels

Local air quality improved immediately through switching

Can remove fossil fuels from construction sites

Fuel efficiency improvement – The fuel burns more cleanly and more thoroughly

For more information? Contact your local expert who can answer any queries you may have.

Red Diesel Changes

As you may know, the Government has removed the duty rebate from the 1st of April 2022. This is to help the UK achieve its target of “net-zero” carbon target. This will affect a lot of industries, including certain manufacturing companies. Companies will need to switch to alternative fuel and our Green D + product or a white diesel.

Oilfast is here to help with the switchover. We can deliver quickly and efficiently to help keep your business running.

Contact your local depot to organise a delivery time to suit your schedule.


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