Smart Touch Displays in a compact format

The extremely affordable uniTFTs displays employing high contrast IPS technology and have a capacitive touch screen for direct and intuitive interaction. The smallest one provides a diagonal of 2” only. More sizes in 2.8″, 3.5″ and 4.3″ and larger are available. Boasting a luminance of 1,000 cd/m2 and more, they offer brilliant and high-contrast images even in bright sunlight. This screen technology permits viewing angles of almost 360°. All touch and display functions as well as animations can be freely programmed using the supplied Windows tool.

The miniature touch panels are therefore eminently suited to replace physical switches and controllers in home automation, for use as control panels in caravans or for integration into kitchen appliances as well as wellness and fitness equipment. Alongside a USB interface, they come with all customary interfaces, such as RS232, SPI and I2C. Digital in- and outputs, 4 analogue inputs and a PWM output make it possible to use them as intelligent controllers for the calculation and management of data and signals. Perfect for any IOT application or to replace a PLC.

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