Rheintacho UK celebrating 100 years of existence in Leeds

On 23rd August 1919 Rheintacho UK was founded in Leeds. Is was founded as Foundrometers Ltd and after a turbulent century of takeovers, sales, mergers, spin-offs, management buy-outs and name changes, Rheintacho UK Ltd, as it is now called similarly to other companies in the Rheintacho Group, is more successful than ever in an ever changing market.

Rheintacho UK is not only the specialist in the Group for all mechanical and electrical instruments and many devices, but also is the competence center for intrinsically safe applications and devices. Since 2015, Rheintacho has had a handheld mechanical tachometer called HTM which is ATEX certified. Last year, we added the complete family of eddy-current tachometers and corresponding gearboxes and we are now working on a device which presently is not available anywhere in the world, something printers and paper/pulp manufacturers have been waiting for.

In addition to its own manufacturing unit in Micklefield, Leeds, Rheintacho UK also trades the products of the Rheintacho group. This includes a hugh portfolio of speed sensors, second to none in the world of rotational speed monitoring, measuring and control. And the newest generation does even more than measure speed. They also detect direction and position, opening a new world of possible applications to customers. The newest addition, also integrates temperature measurement into  a very small sensor offering not only a space saving solution but also offers less intrusion into a gearbox, for example.

NEW: ATEX certification of our eddy-current tachometer family

After an intensive period of 12 months, the RHEINTACHO family of eddy current tachometers including an optional gearbox, has now been approved according to Annex II of the Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU for all EU countries and the UK.

The project was initiated by market requests of potential customers requiring an intrinsically safe tachometer for special applications. And as the portfolio is quite extensive, we decided to have them all certified.

After successful testing and modified redocumentation the product range was certified, including the optional gearboxes, i.e. 12 different models in 4 different product type categories.

These mechanical tachometers are used in various industries including refuelling of aircraft, paint production as well as paper and pulp production.

Growth continues strongly into 2019

After 2 strong years in 2017 and even double-digit growth in 2018, 2019 started with a bang despite the uncertainty in connection with a possible Brexit scenario. Rheintacho UK is confident that this growth will continue and are not only recruiting again but are also engaging its first apprentices in more than 40 years.

Rheintacho UK

William Buhler
Enterprise Court, Pit Lane, Micklefield
Leeds, LS254BU
Tel: 0113 287 4411

Email: sales@rheintacho.co.uk

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