Myron L Company has been manufacturing accurate, reliable, and simple-to-use, water quality management instrumentation for over 60 years

If you work with water, then work with us. Myron L Company has been manufacturing accurate, reliable, and simple-to-use, water quality management instrumentation for over 60 years. Our products are built to last. Some of our original water quality meters have been in constant use for over 50 years. You also get exceptional customer service and technical support from live people for the life of the product.

Our top-of-the-line, flagship instruments include the 900 Series Monitor/Controller, the Ultrameter II and III lines, and our ULTRAPEN series of instruments.

900 Series Monitor/Controllers include everything you need to simplify water quality management in industrial operations in one compact (1/4 DIN) user-intuitive instrument.

Monitor 7 critical water quality parameters simultaneously from easily configured inputs: 2 Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity; 1 pre-amplified pH/ORP; 1 BNC pH/ORP; 1 0-20/4-20 mA; 1 RTD Temperature; and 1 Flow/Pulse. % Rejection is available as a derived value.

Outputs include up to 3 relays; 2 remote alarms; 1 0-20/4-20 mA; 1 0-5/0-10 VDC; and 1 RS-485 ASCII Serial Output.

Flow Switch input can disable all relay outputs when triggered by loss of flow.

0-20/4-20 mA input allows user-defined 0 to full scale values and units of measure for a wide array of sensor types.

Relays output to any user-supplied control equipment requiring up to 250V each and can trigger on any input parameter.

0-20/4-20 mA output can transmit a signal for any input parameter and can be set to power any instrument receiving the signal if desired.

0-5/0-10 VDC can be scaled to optimize resolution and can output to a recorder, PLC, SCADA system, etc. 0-1 VDC is also possible with an optional resistor.

User-specified hysteresis values prevent chatter, or let the 900 Series automatically determine them for you.

Administrator and Operator password protection levels prevent unwanted tampering.

Electronic or wet calibrations are easy to perform.

Brightly colored red, yellow, or blue LCD background instantly alerts user to process status.

Configuration is simple with easy-to-follow on-screen prompts and touchscreen input.

Our Ultrameter II and III line of instruments provide a comprehensive suite of in-situ water quality analysis tools that can replace more costly and less convenient laboratory equipment.

A true, one-handed instrument, the Ultrameter II 4P is designed to replace up to four different pieces of laboratory equipment, delivering measurements instantly with the press of a button. You get Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, and Temperature with autoranging capabilities that provide increased reading resolution across a broad range of applications. Unlike other similar meters, the 4P features the ability to select from one of three preprogrammed solution models, KCl, NaCl, or Myron L’s own 442 Natural Water™ Standard, or to program a User solution mode based on a known solution yourself. The result is benchtop accuracy of plus or minus one percent of reading in a handheld instrument. Calibration is simple to perform using up and down arrow keys and a digital interface. And the 4P is IP67 dust-tight and waterproof, NEMA 6 submersible, and buoyant.

The Ultrameter II 6PFCE includes all the features of the 4P but adds the ability to measure pH, ORP, and Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE™). pH readings are temperature compensated, and you can choose to perform a 1-, 2-, or 3-point calibration depending on the range of samples measured to achieve plus or minus .01 pH accuracy. The pH sensor is of a proprietary construction and includes a large potassium chloride solution reservoir for long life. Myron L pH sensors are also user replaceable. ORP measurements utilize a 99.9 percent pure platinum electrode and a reference junction that is shared with the pH sensor resulting in an accuracy of plus or minus one millivolt. In addition, the 6PFCE features a groundbreaking new way to determine Free Available Chlorine based on a predictive ORP value. Get empirical measurements of the chemical activity of a solution without the hassle and subjectivity of colorimetric and test-strip methods. The groundbreaking FCE measurement is the fast accurate way to determine the killing power of free chlorine species in water. It employs a proprietary predictive ORP algorithm to determine free available chlorine levels at the actual pH of water, so you know your chlorine treatment is effective. Following colorimetric measurement requirements may increase chlorine usage unnecessarily or give a false impression of clean and safe water.

The most comprehensive of all our digital water quality instruments, the Ultrameter III 9P features all the measurement capabilities of the 4P and 6PFCE with the ability to perform in-cell alkalinity and hardness titrations either as stand-alone measurements or as part of an LSI calculation. Alkalinity, hardness, pH and temperature values can be manipulated in the LSI calculator to predict the effect of changes on water balance. Measurements are extremely accurate. And the 9P is simple to operate and maintain.

Myron L Company’s ULTRAPEN™ PT™ and PTBT™ water quality testers deliver benchtop lab accuracy in easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, wireless, handheld instruments designed for diverse, demanding, water quality testing applications. Select from a variety of pocket testers, each featuring simultaneous measurement of Temperature and one critical parameter: PT1 and PTBT1 measure COND, TDS, and Salinity; PT2 and PTBT2 measure pH; PT3 and PTBT3 measure ORP; PT4 and PTBT4 measure Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE™); PT5 and PTBT5 measure Dissolved Oxygen (DO) as concentration and percent saturation; PT6 and PTBT6 measure Nitrate (displayed as Nitrate, Nitrogen, or mV).

Original PT Series instruments feature one-button programmability, measurements, and calibration while the new PTBT Series pairs with your Android™ or iPhone® Bluetooth®-enabled device allowing you to control settings, measurements, calibrations, and data reporting tools from the PTBTX2™ mobile application. Email export data as .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or Myron L® Company’s proprietary encrypted format, .mlcx, compatible with Guardian2™ software.

All ULTRAPENS are compact, lightweight, and waterproof with fully encapsulated electronics and bodies of rugged aircraft aluminum. pH, ORP, FCE, DO, and Nitrate sensors are user replaceable. SSome special features of individual pens include proprietary conversion algorithms, autoranging capabilities, automatic temperature compensation, proprietary sensor design, multiple easy calibration methods, EPA standard-method compatibility, and innovative new measurement methods.

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