Isotech’s New 4000 Range

The company has updated nine of its most popular calibrators to bring new styling and updated features. Each model is available in three different versions from a cost effective heat source to fully featured devices which include a three channel temperature indicator, temperature logging and Ethernet interface.

This new “4000 Range” spans -45 to 1200°C with models that can be used as Dry Blocks or Stirred Liquid Baths with options for infrared thermometers, surface sensors and even to operate ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells.

“Our customers, who range from the worlds’ leading National Laboratories to site engineers have long valued the accuracy and quality of our equipment. This new range is a response from customers demanding modern styling and  more features such as more input channels, advanced logging and an Ethernet interface. We are proud to meet this demand in a new lighter and stronger rugged case.”

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